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Sex Story of Sex With Mom

Its a sex story and horny experiences with my mother. It sex story started about three years ago after the divorce of my mother. I had just turned 16, she was a mature woman of 35. Not exactly slender, but rather something to touch; round, soft and feminine with quite decent upper reach. At some point she had forgotten to close the bathroom before taking a shower. I came from the outside and burst into the middle of it, when Mama was standing in the middle of the mirror, shivering, with her legs spread apart. I caught a good look, especially on the narrow strip of short-shaved pubic hair and the naked labia between her thighs. Her breasts also drew my eyes briefly, then I murmured a “sorry”, turned around and left the bathroom.

Wow, that was a sight! Mom was a real sex story dream woman! Blank shaved pussy lips, smooth hairless legs – and these breasts! How splendid it must be to have the face in between and to ingest the perfume … I suddenly saw Mama with quite different eyes; does not look like a son his mother, but a man an attractive woman. When I imagined her legs in one of her black pantyhose or even in strapsies … I went to the guest toilet and finally released my cock from the pants. He almost hurt because he was so tight. He bounced out, and I immediately began to jerk off.

My thoughts were all about mom. I pictured it to myself: Naked, as just seen. With pantyhose. With suspenders. In front of me. Riding on me. My face between her titties, my fingers on her nipples, stroking, twirling, kneading. Her naked sex story pussy lips … and my cock in her cunt. Very deep in it, until quite far up. Her breasts. Your lips. Your kisses. Her legs wrapped around me. Her cunt, as she starts to pulsate, munching my rumble stick. Mom mom! – I inject, syringe, syringe, again, another shot. Mom …

sex story

Slowly I’m coming back to me. Crap, no toilet paper in his hand. Before me on the floor my cum is spread. So wipe it up.

It was clear to me that sex story would always be a dream. I can not finally fuck my own mother. Inzest is forbidden – if that someone rausbekäme … In addition belong two to it, and I do not know if mama … Well, she has since the divorce no sex story more guy, and even before was probably not long ago in any longer So that she could have a well-developed potential. She also makes herself quite often what I hear so – but sex with me: No, this is too fantastic.

So I consoled myself in a different way and satisfied myself with what I could get: Mama’s laundry. Briefs and bra’s. The worn out of the laundry basket for nibbling and licking. The best part is the panties she wears at night, after she has had a fuss in the evening: There is a lot of mousse juice in it – and Mamas juice juice tastes gay sex story so cool – especially when the panty is still moist in the morning … Or the bras. I buried my face in it sex story and imagined that Mama’s big pugs were in it.

Unused laundry from the closet I get for re-injecting and put it back again, a little further down, so that it still dries and Mom does not notice anything. And if I can then count or look and know, today she has my sperm on the pussy or on the sex story nipples, then I could kill her from the state and durchficken when she comes home. Unfortunately, I’m just wanking.

gay sex story

Then I started to take pictures of sex story on the computer. Fotomontagen aus Pornoberdern and Mamas face. Mom in Strapsies, Mom naked, Mom with fat Titties, Mom splattered, Mom fucking … there were more and more. Months went so far. I hurried at Mama’s laundry and the pictures, sprayed into her briefs and bra, peeked at the bathroom door through the keyhole, or listened to her bedroom door when she was gay sex story worried-and sex story obviously she did not notice it.

A hot summer day led to big changes. Mama was on holiday, and at noon we decided to go to the outdoor pool. I put on my bathing incest sex story suit, Mama also had a black swimsuit. Then, as usual, she asked me to apply a sunscreen to her back and shoulders, which I did. For me it was different than before, more than the actual purpose: it was now a new pleasure to feel Mama’s body under my hands. I could feel my swimsuit straightening and getting a bump in the front. “Hopefully Mom does not notice anything,” I thought. But it came differently.

The closure of the sun cream fell, and Mamma bent down. Then free sex story she stretched my ass against me, so that my stiff cock in the swimming incest sex story trunks pushed against. Instead of being frightened or outraged, and retreating quickly, Mamma pushed back again, as if to ascertain what was going on behind her. I was half crazy! Mom is pushing against my hard beating, and I can not … I turned gay sex story abruptly and said, “Well, that’s enough with cream, right?” — “Yes, thank you.” Nothing happened. Everyone pretended nothing had happened.

In the swimming pool I met a few friends and was so distracted most of the time. Nevertheless, the experience from before had gone through my head. Once, Mama pulled her shoes in the swimming pool, I went to the incest sex story bag, took out my bathrobe, and Mom’s panties, which she would wear afterwards. Then I went to the toilet. Pictures in my head … Mama. Mom naked. Mom in Strapsies. Mama’s bare cunt. Mamas Titties. The feeling before: My stiff cock pressed against her ass.

It took only a few jerks, until the juice rose to me. I kept Mom’s panties in front of the glans, so that my sperm hit my crotch – where Mommy’s Votzenlippen would lie afterwards! So on the way home she would have my cum on incest sex story her labia! And if she is surprised, that underwear in a bathing bag is sometimes wet, should be easy to explain. So, after washing my hands, I grabbed the wet hand again in the bag of my bathrobe, which was Mamas slip.

Back at our berth, I grabbed the gay sex story panties back into my pocket. Mom was still in the water, so would not have noticed anything – and afterwards my fresh sperm on the cunt carry home! Fresh sperm, that was the new thing, because so far it had always dried up for days in Mama’s laundry.

free sex story

I also went back into the water, and the rest of the afternoon went quietly and normally. On my way home, however, I had to take care not to get stiff or conceal him at all-for the stiffness was not to be had, since I knew that I was sitting incest sex story with my fresh sperm in my panties. Suddenly she asked, “Tell me, have you been rumbling with wet hands in your pocket?” I shot the blood in my head. “Can be …” I murmured as casually as possible, “why?” “Because my underwear is wet, and I was not.” “Yes, I’m sorry …” If she had known what her slip was wet … again I could have fucked her through the place!

When we arrived at home, we packed everything and hung the wet things to dry outside. Then Mama said, “You, I’m going to the city again, I have to get my watch and look for new shoes for the office.” “Yes, OK, I’ll stay gay sex story here.” Mom was barely gone, I had brought her bathing suit from outside as well as a fresh panty and a black pantyhose from her closet. In my room I pulled myself out naked, slipped into the pantyhose and laid myself back on the bed. Horny, the crackling and the feeling when strutted legs clash! I pull Mom’s swimsuit over my head so that I have the gusset before my mouth. Unfortunately, it smells more of chlorine than of mama, but at least it is the substance, who until recently touched her cunt – and now I have him in the mouth! My penis is steel hard; I wank him incest sex story briefly in the pantyhose and then get him out before there are spots. Mom’s panties I lay on my stomach and rub my legs together – if it were only mom’s legs in the free sex story stocking! Then I think that Mama still carries my sperm from before between my legs – and fresh sperm shoots from my cock, into Mom’s panties.

I get dressed again, put pantyhose and panties back in Mama’s closet (the slip on position “overmorning”) and hang her swimsuit out again. Just at that moment mom comes back. Pig had! She goes to the bedroom with a bag. Then we spend a little time in the garden and finally eat dinner. At about ten o’clock Mama withdraws, she wants to go to bed. I’m still rumdaddeln at the computer.

A few minutes later, the telephone gay sex story call rings. Mama’s turn (who else): “You, the light in the bedroom is not, can you look at this?” “Jo, I’ll come.” I walk up the stairs, open the door to Mama’s bedroom, and stand there speechless, while my belt is already ripping off my pants. The room is bathed in candlelight, filled with pleasant fragrances, and Mama is lying on the bed , In a black lacing corsage with suspenders free sex story and black stockings. A black, transparent panty with side gay sex story closures reveals her cunt more than conceal it. She is wearing black lace gloves. In short, the sight of my wetest dreams!

I am speechless in the doorway thought about sex story. Mom looks at me and whispers, “Come …” “How … what?” I stammer. “Come to me,” I hear her. “But … we can not do that, we can not …” I try. Mamma says, “Of course we can, and we both want it, do not you?” I said, “I did not notice anything for the whole month when you put on the cream … Do you think the lid was accidental? “” You had a real tube in your pants … And my panties in the bathing establishment – it was not just dampened by the water, too re-injected, as you often do with my laundry.Set her in the future please immediately upwards.It is horny.

incest sex story

I do not know what happens to me. Mom is horny on me? She has dressed so extra for me! This has probably bought her a while ago (because of shoes!), Because so far I have not found this corsage and the strapsies in her closet. And she likes the laundry that I sprayed and wants her to be as fresh as possible … “Come on,” she asks me. “And if … if what happened … it can not be!” I try to turn on reason, but in vain. “Nothing can happen, nothing,” replied Mama, “I am sterilized.” “Yes, but …” She gay sex story interrupts: “No! I can not get pregnant, had no guy, you have no girlfriend – right? Do not know what I’m doing? “I just shake my head, and Mama continues,” So no danger. And that we are healthy, we know of blood donation. And now come! ”

I close the door from the inside and step closer. “Come on, my darling …” Mama murmurs, “come to my bed, you’re horny, do not you want me to fuck?” “But …” She looks at me slightly punishably. “That’s all?” “But?” “Well, you’re right, tell me what you want!” I understand. I want you to push my stiff cock into the fucking free sex story tunnel, rubbing me against your strapsies, kneading your big tits and fucking my cum deep inside you! ” “That’s fine.” Mom gets up and starts to sneak my clothes. Quickly I stand naked before her, my cock is plump in the air. “You look cool, Mama,” I point out. “Let me stroke your legs …” I already have my hands on their knitted thighs, hack their panties. “Come, sweetheart, fuck me, blow me your hard cock in my wet cunt!” She lays gay sex story down, spreads her legs and pulls her hands apart the pussy lips – you are already running out of the wet. The mind turns off.

Mum mum mum! Mom only! My mother fuck! Where I got out, I’m going to put my cock straight in! Without rubber, without everything – right in Mama’s vagina, my flesh at her! I lay down on her, between her splayed thighs. Mom reaches for my penis, jerks him briefly and puts him on her palsy. “Come in, my darling,” she whispered, “very deep, up to the top. Put your cock in Mama’s body, fuck me!”

I can not. My penis slips into Mama’s vagina. I push on, farther, farther … Mama! Mum! My glans hit her mother’s mouth. “I’m all right, Mom,” I say, with a trembling voice, “it’s so cool in you, Mom, I love you!” “I love you too sweetheart.” She pulls her legs and brings herself into a position where she can put her calves on my shoulders. I have her black-thrown thighs in front of me, left and right beside my face. I stroke it up and down. “Mom, you’re horny …” I groan. She fingered her corsage and laid out the free sex story breasts. They lay big and bulging in front of me, the nipples erect. “Take them,” she whispered, “take my titties, knead them and take my nipples between my fingers …” I put both hands on her breasts. Her legs close behind my back, rubbing against me, giving a rhythm. “Fuck me, my darling, fuck me!” calls on them. I quickly push my beating into her. “Yes … yesaaa ….” she groans, “come, rub me the Clit!” I jerk her pleasure gay sex story button with one hand, with the other I knead alternately her Titties. “Yeah, it’s coming … sweetheart … yeah, yeah, yeah … ahhh … aaahhhhhh … Mama’s cunt is cramping around my cock, I’ve got to hold a moment, then a few more I’m going to pump my sperm into mums in long, violent bumps in a hitherto unknown number Body, deep into her twitching cunt. “Yes, my darling,” she moans, “horny, spray me, spray everything into me!” I’m in seventh heaven; hover, fly somewhere; colorful colors around me. Then I slowly come to my senses. Mom hooks the panties back around her hip and kneels. “It’s all here now – my nephew and your cum …” she muttered with a cool undertone.

gay sex

I am aware of what has just happened here. “Mama, do you free sex story know what we have just done?” I ask. “Yes, my darling, we had a great fuck, a wonderful fuck.” “Yes, but …” I say. “But nothing, was not it beautiful?” “Yes,” I reply. “‘Yes, it’s not,’ she said, ‘that was the first fuck of your life, and then with your mama, who makes you so sharp I want to fuck with you, I want you to get used to my laundry and re-inject, so I can carry it with me, I want to have sex with you, only with you, everything what there is. ” She begins to stroke my body, purposefully down. She slaps a leg over me so that the black nylon is rubbing against me. Your hand has landed between my legs. “Mama, you’re driving me crazy …” I groan.

Slowly she jerks my cock, then she rises gay sex story in the 69 position over me and has already my glans between the lips. I press my face into her crotch, kiss the soaked panties, suck, breathe the smell of Mama’s cunt. With the tongue I lick over the cloth, trying to get him into Mamas’ column, so I can get to her labia. But it does not work. “Mama, I want to lick your cunt,” I say. “Yes, my darling,” she replies, “that’s cool, slit your free sex story tongue in Mama’s cunt, slit the fick mucus from my column, lick me clean!” She straightens herself briefly and unhooks the panties again. I pull the piece aside, and I already feel Mom’s lips on the glans, one hand on the shaft and the other on the sack. Mamas smooth-shaved pussy lips are slimy-wet. I let my tongue run once from back to front. Mom groans. With the fingertips of both hands I spread their gaps. It is a wonderful sight: I look at my mother in her cunt, see her clit, her labia, her dripping juice – and my own sperm, which I just injected into this cunt: My sperm in Mama’s vagina!

I’m going crazy. I’m going insane. How wildly I start to lick Mama’s column. Mom groans rhythmically, jerks me faster. “Yeah, my darling, that’s cool … you’re doing the super … ooaaah … next, yeah, yeah, yeah … lick my clit!” I let my tongue play over Mama’s buddy as she approaches me. Her cunt is already pulsing again, and I see her juice leak: she goes off! Put a finger in her vagina, a second, then free sex story three. Fuck strokes with her fingers, the tongue at her clit. “Jaaa … sweetheart … horny … jaaah … ooaaahhhh … JAAA!” Mama is twitching, twitching, clutching me. The orgasm bursts through her body. She descends from me. And me?

Mama lays on her back and says, “Come up!” I lie down on them. “No, not so … higher. They like my titties?” I nod. “Then fuck her gay sex story and squirt her full!” I do not know where to go yet … Fuck, lick, blow – and now I can fuck Mom right between her breasts? That’s all right. I push myself higher, and Mama places my stiff beating in the furrow between her pugs. He is still slippery enough to glide back and forth well. Mom holds her titties sideways and squeezes them together. “Take my nipples,” she gasps. I take them between two fingers, press and twist them. They align themselves, become large and stiff. Is that cool? Is that supergeil! “Mama, it’s coming …” I groan. Mom takes her head on her chest and opens her mouth. I inject, exploding formally. From my acorn incest sex story opening whiteish mucus hurls into Mama’s mouth, on her tongue, on her lips, and the last drops free sex story into the furrow of her titties. Mom pushes me tenderly and spreads the sperm with her hands on her breasts.

sex story

Then she swings herself to me and gay sex story kisses me. She has not swallowed, because my sperm now runs out of her mouth over my tongue … “Mom, is that cool,” I bring out. My cock is already stiff again and rubs at its split. Mom remembers that, puts herself in position and spins herself, pushes with her cunt to my stake. on incest sex story her lips and the last drops in the furrow of her titties. Mom pushes me tenderly and spreads the sperm with her hands on her breasts. Then she swings herself to me and kisses me. She has not swallowed, because my sperm now runs out of her mouth over my tongue … “Mom, is that cool,” I bring out. My cock is already stiff again and rubs at its split. Mom free sex story remembers sex story that, puts herself in position and spins herself, pushes with her cunt to my stake. on her lips and the last drops in the furrow of her titties. Mom pushes me tenderly and spreads the sperm with her hands on her breasts.

Then she swings herself to me and kisses me. She has not swallowed, because my sperm now runs from her mouth over my tongue … “Mama, is that cool,” I bring out. My cock is already stiff again and rubs at its split. Mom remembers that, puts herself in wife sex story spins herself, pushes with her cunt to my stake. I point out. My cock is already stiff again and rubs at its split. Mom remembers that, puts herself in position and spins herself, pushes with her cunt to my stake. I point out. My cock is already gay sex story stiff again and rubs at its split. Mom remembers that, puts herself in wife sex story spins herself, pushes with her cunt to my stake.

Again, my cock is inside her. She moves over me, riding me slowly. “I want you now completely naked,” I whisper to her, “and I want to be in front of the mirror”. “Before the mirror?” ask her. “Yes, I want to see you fucking between the legs, riding is the most horny wife sex story to watch a woman fucking, as free sex story she has the legs apart, the ass is stretched up and her column shows, and incest sex story then the cock that is inside. I love such pictures! ” Mom kisses me and says, “I know …” Then she descends from me and starts to undress. “How do you know?” I ask, puzzled. “Oh, honey, you have hundreds of pictures on your computer …” “What do you know, how do you get there?” “You forgot, your safe drive to close when I wanted to print a table briefly. And as a password you should take another, not the same forever … “. this is my sex story.