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My name is Kira, 26 years old, 162 cm tall, 52 Kg, dark lush stories long hair. It started with that I had already with 16 dreams with which I got real fear. There I was kidnapped by men, beaten, imprisoned in dark rooms until they could then also use me for their wishes. I had to do everything for the gentlemen. Every time, just before they might rape me, I woke up, sweaty.

At 17 I had my first friend, he made me a woman and it lush stories was not the intoxicating experience but it was already cool, I got no orgasm but it was quite OK. Now I knew how it was with a man. I had often done it with my fingers, so I knew what a finish was. But so it was something else, but the relationship did not last long, I was missing something.

I wrote my already hard dreams, my longings, all in my lush stories PC diary. I was able to write it all down without being ashamed of my desires and fears. When I once again had one of those dreams which became ever more detailed, I trusted everything to my PC.

At 24, I had my worst dream I had seen so far, I was in lush stories the night on my way home from the work of an accident. As it turned out later, he was tuned. I climbed out to help and was taken by the three men involved, they tied and gagged me. I was totally in her power. Screaming was futile, for no one would hear me, and a gag that they had pressed into my mouth with compulsion prevented this. Panic fear rose in my heart, my heart throbbing wildly, my whole body sweating as if I had bathed.

It took about 10 minutes, then they turned off the main road. They dragged me into an old shed away from the street. There I was dragged and just as I lush stories was thrown into the hay. The three were hooded, so had motorcycle hoods that I could not recognize any. I shrieked, and she was afraid of death. She looked at me with imploring eyes, but they stood beside me and let their eyes glide over my body.

One said loudly that they had made a great catch and they would surely have a lot of fun with me. What did they want from me? I had never done anything lush stories to them. One of them, perhaps their leader, came to me and pulled me up by the hair. He then whispered in my ear that I should enjoy it and should not scream, otherwise it would be my last day in life. Endless fear rose up inside me and I looked at her with wide-eyed eyes.

Then one of them screamed that they would fuck me now. I shrieked like a castle dog and immediately got a firm ear. They tore my clothes from my body, and were delighted at my sight. I stood almost naked there, trying to cover something as far as I could, but it did not help. One came up to me and kneaded my chest, the other my butt, and the third cut my panties with a knife the last of my body.

Completely intimidated, I stood before them. The one who cut me off my last piece of clothing came close to me and whispered in my ear that I would look totally horny, I suddenly felt like his hand pushed between my thighs. In vain I pressed them together, I could feel clearly how he shared my labia and then pushed a finger between them.

This guy then called his buddies that I would be a horny carrion that I was already very wet in the step and they could use me now. Then someone shouted, “this horny bitch we will now make to our Dreilochstute,” and this guy came next to me and grabbed my legs and rubbed my shame. With the other hand he pulled my nipples long and pinched. I felt the tears in my eyes because it was very painful. Then he laughed loudly and rammed with my other hand 2 fingers into my still dry column.

I wanted to tear myself from him, tried with all his lush spanking stories might to free myself, and I was awake, sweated, almost fallen out of bed. This was my worst nightmare, but it was so concrete and genuine that I had to cry. I had heartbreaks when I woke up, I was afraid, but what I could not understand, I was somehow cool. When I wanted to feel with one hand between my thighs if I still had my panties, I felt that it was totally wet. I did not understand the world anymore. I wiped a few tears from my eyes with my hands.

Slowly I came back to myself, feeling this tingling in me, this excitement and let a hand slide over my body. Next, my nipples fell on my knees and stiff as small towers. My whole body was wet-sweat from the feeling of fear, but also totally aroused. What had happened to me. I let my hand glide forward and came between my thighs. What I felt there made me start again, my panties totally wet, I still ran out, this nightmare had probably so excited me that my Geilsaft even ran into the Poritze.

I thought and wanted to give me at least what I needed lush spanking stories now, yes I was cool now needed the redemption. I now imagined to go where I woke up, quickly took my dildo and other utensils I might need. Then quickly to bed, everything nicely placed next to me and then I spread my thighs and fingered me as wild, rubbed my still swollen clitoris like a wild and let the film run as they fucked me. All three had their stiff cocks in their hands and I could imagine that they would immediately stuck in me, one in the pussy, one in my butt and the last I would surely blow the tail.

It was not even 2 minutes when I was nearly as far, I lush sex stories squeezed my dildo in my butt, fucked this, but without neglect my column. Faster and faster my fingers in my glowing pussy and the dildo was deep inside me and vibrated as wild. As I rolled over I bit into my pillow, screaming my totally horny departure in there. So what I had not experienced, that was so cool, I howled, so this idea had taken me. To experience something like this would have been my dream, but I knew exactly what would not happen and it would be also absurd.

Well it went back 4 weeks, without such a dream, but I fingered me almost every evening. It was like I was waiting for it to happen, I had this dream lush spanking stories again and this time he went on. They tied my hands on my back and then I started. I was untied in the middle of the room and immediately my arms were tied together with a rope lush sex stories which hung from the ceiling and pulled up so I could not defend myself. I was blindfolded and then started.

In the dream they took me all three in a row standing until my will was broken. They screamed every time they changed and I just felt the pain. Then I should ride one, so I was untied and one led me to his buddy, who was already on a blanket and waited for me. Under the Augentuch I could see however so much that he lay there and his cock stood straight to the top.

“Get bitch, ride him otherwise there’s something on your mouth.”For fear I did as I was told. I stood over his legs, leaning down on his cock, feeling lush sex stories my lips with his glans and then gliding into me. Yes I was pitschnass again, lush spanking stories he glided without any problems into me. Then I should bend forward, I already knew what it meant. The next wanted to take me from behind and fuck my ass with me. It hurt very much as he pushed me his bulging cock into the rosette, which was well lubricated by my geilsaft but was still not ready for such a thing. Finally, I got my mouth stuffed in the dream. It was probably the thickest tail of the three, which was now forced into my reluctant mouth.

Then it went off, they fucked me in the same measure, when the pulled back in my column pulled my Poficker deep inside me and the other way. My lush sex stories mouthfucker grabbed my head and held him tight, pushed me his thick, long cock up into the throat. All three fucked me, screaming, drifting towards other acts, until they were slower and would surely flow into me.

When my mouthfucker held my head by the hair and lush sex stories pushed me ever more firmly in the throat, I had to rinse off, got almost no more air and was again torn from my sleep. My nightmare had come to an end. I sobbed, was glad that it was once again only a dream, but immediately felt again to my chest, again rock-hard nipples and when I felt between my thighs it was even wetter than the last time. My bedlaken lush sex stories was totally wet and when my fingers gently stroked my lush spanking stories clit I was instantly hot.

I had to do it, I bought the motorized dildo (20×5), bought a week ago, from the bedside table drawer and put this device with my swing lush sex stories into my fickspalte, I jubelt myself this Prachtriemen ever more firmly in my abbot, let him buzz inside me and bump, then I came across explosions. It took me almost the senses, I thought it ripped me. Completely finished I lay there, my breathing raced, my heart almost surged.

The dildo was still inside me and he did his job. I enjoyed it, let him work, kneaded my small tits and squeezed me the nipples ever tighter. I closed lush sex stories my eyes and let myself drift, saw again how they fucked me, how I came with it. Yes, I came at this violent number. More and more hard I worked my tits and the dildo did the rest. Again, my pleasure rose to the limits, the thing in me left me no choice. I took my pillow and pressed it on my face and then I went screaming like a rocket. With one hand I grabbed the dildo and fucked me through it hard.