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Julia was looking for important documents lesbian sex and had been toying around her mother’s wardrobe for a while. Somewhere this stupid family tree book had to be! “Why was Mama not there when you needed her?”, Julia went through her head, not wanting to wait for her mother Dagmar to come home late in the evening, she had to make a copy of the mother’s book tomorrow and did not want it but she’d lesbian sex gif be sober, and she would not be aware that her daughter’s cabinets had been stockpiled.

Ancient, already dilapidated insurance policies, purchase lesbian sex contracts for equipment and pieces of furniture that were no longer in the household, and a seemingly endless number of photo albums with partly yellowed photos from earlier times, fell into Julia’s hands. Her mother obviously could not discard anything. A photo album attracted her attention. ‘Our wild years’ someone had written on the label with a clean handwriting. Although Julia had still not found the required family bib, she took a short time, sat down on the carpet in the tailoring seat and opened the photo album. She recognized lesbian sex gif a familiar face.

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Her mother must have been about her age. Around lesbian sex the 18 around, maybe older, possibly younger. She was not alone in the picture. Next to her was Gudrun, her friend of the same age, with whom Dagmar had been an intimate and friendly relationship since the school days. Julia amused herself about the haircuts of the two girlfriends that fit into that time and now appeared as unfashionable as possible. Dagmar and Gudrun sat on a Hollywood swing and grinned with joy at the camera. God, her mother was young and slender. The resemblance to her daughter was unmistakable. OK, with her mother’s hairstyle, Julia would shoot herself on the spot, but there were many similarities.

Like her mother, Julia had long brown hair, a slender lesbian sex figure, a tight bosom that could fill man’s hands well, and a knackarsch, who had forced many passers-by to turn after him. Gudrun had changed only slightly since lesbian sex gif then. She too was of slender stature. The hair was not so terrible today as in the photo. She pointed to the louder outline of her friend. Today, after two pregnancies and over the years, she had a few extra pounds, and they had benefited from her bosom. Julia smiled at the squeaky clothes that both girlfriends wore and looked as terrible as the upholstery on the Hollywood swing.

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She had never held the album in her hands before, and took lesbian sex a moment to immerse herself in the time when her mother mutated from the teenager to the adult. What was the title on the album? Wild years? Full of curiosity Julia turned side by side in the photo album, and with each new photograph her eyes widened. She opened her mouth and stared at the pictures of earlier days, shaking her head lesbian sex gif imperceptibly. The 50 photos had been glued. Everyone had made Julia doubt whether her eyes did not lesbian sex gif prank her.

Each additional picture met her unprepared, and when Julia lesbian sex arrived at the end of the album, she knew why her mother had never shown her these pictures from earlier times. Julia stayed on the floor for a long time, staring at the album in her hands. What should she do? Going back and pretending she did not find it? Accept the pictures, check out the topic and look for the family book? Or … or what? After an eternity, Julia decided to address her mother to the photo album.

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Dagmar returned from work after six, and at once began to lesbian sex prepare dinner together. She whispered in the kitchen, and while the food cooked on the stove, she jumped into the shower and returned to the kitchen wearing panties and a comfortable T-shirt. Her daughter was already waiting for her.

“I’m so glad to see you, ” she said, ” I’m not going to be able to help you.” Daughter, curiously, Julia put the album between them on the table and waited. Her mother frowned and looked into her daughter’s face, where she could see the icy gaze of the young woman. Then Dagmar met the realization of the contents of hot lesbian sex the photo album and said, “Oh … You certainly expect an explanation, do not you?”

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Julia did not reply, Dagmar sighed, and said, “I should be mad be on you because you’ve been messing around in my
lesbian sex stories stuff without my knowledge … But well, now you’ve seen the photos. ”
Julia kicked the sweat on her forehead. She was nervous and doubted her decision to confuse her mother with the pictures. Dagmar opened the album and looked at the first picture. A smile lay on her face and she peered through the prints. Then she looked at Julia sharply and said, “It will surprise you … Gudrun and I have been intimate with each other since that time.”

Julia looked at her with great eyes in hot lesbian sex amazement. “But … you married … You both had husbands and have children. How can you have something with each other? “Dagmar gave her daughter a thoughtful look. “I’m sorry you had to learn it this way. And believe me … I loved your father and I do not regret the marriage and certainly not your birth … That with Gudrun and me is special. ” Then tell me, “Julia asked urgently. “As you can see in the pictures, we were much more than just good friends … Gudrun and I,” Dagmar began. “We were and still are best friends today, but you know that for sure.”

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“Sure … What I did not know was that you hot lesbian sex made nude pictures of yourselves and apparently did not have any problems getting your pornographic poses photographed,” Julia said, “Honey, do not exaggerate.”I’m not lesbian sex stories exaggerating,” Dagmar said, tearing the photo album out of her hand as she peered through it, took the photo she had been looking for, and pushed her mother’s album across the table Legs …? “She turned two pages farther, and asked, “And is not that Gudrun’s tongue, which gives you an impression of joy?”

Dagmar smiled embarrassed and looked at both pictures alternately. She had been sitting on the first swinging photo on the Hollywood lesbian sex stories swing. She had been naked and had put her feet on the seat. Whoever had also used the camera could not miss the mighty dark bush between Dagmar’s thighs. Not even the fingers, which had dived into the woodland and explored the hidden realm behind it. Dagmar had smiled mischievously at the camera and stroked the pussy. On the other trigger, it looked as if hot lesbian sex Dagmar had held the camera and directed the lens from above to lesbian sex stories her lap, into which her friend Gudrun had dived. One could clearly see the tongue of her friend,

Dagmar looked at her daughter, and said, “OK … The photos are very special … We were a bit upset at the time, and it just happened with us.”Julia shook her head imperceptibly, and said, “I am so basically nothing to what you used to do so before … You have to know if you make such photos of you and if you keep them … I wonder what secrets you still in front of me for many years I thought we were talking about everything and were honest with each other. ”

“Listen, Julia,” Dagmar began, and put her daughter’s hand on the forearm with a soothing gesture, “There are no other secrets hot lesbian sex between us, but this one … Perhaps I should have trusted you earlier so that you it was not so in this way … Gudrun and I, we at that time have tried something.It had grown out of a whim and we have first gegebertbert.Gudrun got a camera for a birthday present and we have photographed each other Then we came back to each other and suddenly we were in an exhilarating mood and what happened then, you could see in the pictures . ”

“And afterwards,” Julia asked curiously, “I felt a bit strange afterwards,” Dagmar confessed. “We talked about it and Gudrun said that she had fallen, what had happened. This also applied to me, and we agreed not to condemn our photoshooting. On the contrary. Shortly afterwards it came to a repetition and suddenly we have done it again and again. ”

” What done? “You know … loved us.”But you’re not lesbian, are you?” Julia asked. “I mean … you met Papa and you married. Then you became pregnant … Now do not say I was an accident! “Dagmar looked for her daughter and pressed her hand. “You were not an accident, my darling. We wanted you and we got you … That with Gudrun and me ran for a while until our parents drew suspicion. Previously, it was not self-evident that one could live out his homosexual tendencies. We could not pull lesbian sex videos hands through the streets and show what we feel for each other. We had to meet each other secretly and somehow your grandpa caught us and you can imagine what happened. ”

” Real? “Julia was curious. “What did he do?”When he saw us lying naked in my bed, he went first,” Dagmar said, “I think he did not know what to say at that moment, and Gudrun then dove away, and after all, was a discussion with my parents inevitable. “”What did they say?”
“You’ve made it clear to me that what Gudrun and I am about is not going to be, and have insisted that it end. “Did it?” Julia asked.

“Gudrun and I have not seen each other for a while. We talked to each other secretly, but I had two weeks of housekeeping, and since lesbian sex videos we had not attended the same school, we could not see each other. Whether it was coincidence or planned, I do not know, but shortly afterwards, Gudrun’s parents moved away and they had to go with them. ”

“She was still young and could not stand on lesbian sex videos her own. She had no money, had not finished the school, and where had she gone? “Dagmar told her daughter,” I could not help it, and I was, of course, infinitely sad to have lost my best friend I wounded the loss and oriented myself in other ways.I met with guys and later met your father. ”

“If you do not have the need to meet with women anymore,” Julia asked curiously, “I played with the idea, but I thought it would not be like Gudrun, and I had realized that it can be quite nice with men. “But you and Gudrun have been best friends ever since I remember,” Julia replied, “That’s right … Gudrun came back to her hometown years ago when I was already married to your father, you were three or four, and of course we have crossed the road and our friendship was alive again.

“And though you were married and had a daughter, you lesbian sex videos secretly glee with Gudrun?”I’m not proud of the fact that I betrayed Papa,” Dagmar said, “did he know it?”No. I never gave up the courage to tell him, “her mother replied,” when I was ready, it was too late, and I did not want to confide this dark secret to his deathbed. “I understand,” Julia said sympathetically. “And after Papa’s death … I’ve always believed that you did not let any new man into your life because of him … Actually you did not do it because you’re with Gudrun secret love affair. ”

She went around the table and bent down to Dagmar. They embraced and pressed. At Dagmar, tears flowed. They held long in their arms, and after the emotions had settled, they took another place and smiled at each other. “Now you’ve come to know of my dark secret,” Dagmar said, “now you’re going to tell me something mysterious about you.”

The next evening, Julia stood with her best friend Kim on the mat. They had known each other since the 5th grade and spent as much time lesbian sex videos as possible. Kim was a whirlwind. Always happy, always wanted to party and offered regularly as a trustworthy listener for Julia. Kim was 19 and moved from home. In their small cozy two-room apartment, the girlfriends on the folding couch made themselves comfortable and chatted about everything. Then Julia directed the conversation to her mother. “My mom is a lesbian.”