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Incest Stories | Lust and Love Under Palm Trees

Again on board the water taxi, Nina and incest stories Martin did not speak a single word. Mother and son were simply overwhelmed by the events of the afternoon. They thought silently of what they were experiencing and how they would influence their future. Their journey through the Caribbean was not even half past and what had happened today on the beach of this small island had to be processed in some way and as soon as possible. The fact that mother and son shared a cabin on the cruise ship … so far with the necessary decency forced them to make immediate decisions.

Nina could hardly believe the things she had done. After incest stories almost two decades in self-imposed celibacy, the thirty-five-year-old had once again catapulted back into erotic-sexual life with full body use. Having had sex with three wild men and their girlfriends was almost a negligible incident, considering that she had performed oral anal sex with her own son.

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Of course she could come up with an excuse. She incest stories could tell herself the lie that it was Martin’s fault that initiated the incestuous act, while his mother, distracted by strange cocks in mouth and pussy, had had no other choice. But this defense immediately dissolved in good pleasure. For when Nina realized that it was her own child, that had penetrated into the back entrance until she had struck her, she had not done anything to stop him.

Theoretically she could justify herself that she wanted him out of a group of strangers not as incesting perverse ‘outs’. But even this excuse did not stand. After her initial shock was over, Nina had willingly and fully aware that Martin is her son to have him fucked by him. A prosecutor could convincingly argue that it would be very difficult to get an ‘innocent’ person to beg for an intercourse with a relative if she did not really want it.

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A deflection would be possible: the defense could argue that the assfuck, after possibly starting unintentionally, was never under any ninja control. The incest stories loss of judgment and a temporary insanity would be nothing but the logical consequences of the first real sex in almost eighteen years. Such an unexpected excess of long-held gratitude, of course, had to overwhelm the moral concerns and the sense of responsibility of a good mother, right?

But this argument would be quickly dismantled by the prosecution, if it turned out that even after all participants in the orgy had learned of the relationship between the two, half an hour was more than enough time for a sexually starved woman to return Nina had sucked the tail of her son voluntarily and enthusiastically before all the incest stories witnesses (the question of whether these witnesses were also impartial would perhaps be discussed later in the process).

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Out of sheer despair Nina could emphasize that her son and his huge, hard cock had not penetrated into her pussy. Had not there been this former American president who had made it clear that oral and anal intercourse would be no real sex? But the truth looked different and Nina was fully aware of this. She was guilty as the sin herself … and she did not regret it.

Lost in thought, she leaned back and nestled against the broad chest of her son, while the Wassertaxi slid through the waves and Martin put incest stories his arms around her. Never before had she felt so safe and relaxed.

Looking at the social standarts, Nina would have to feel guilt … and regret, for what she had done was morally reprehensible and false. Yet she did not feel either of them. Instead, she thought Martin might be the man she had been waiting for all these years … With her eyes closed, she enjoyed his protective arms. It gave meaning. She loved him more than any other person in the world and the sex between them was just another way to express that love.

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While Nina was subjected to an imaginary trial in her mind, her son was plagued by guilt feelings that were merely kept in check by the fact that he had had real, genuine sex with his dream woman (his mother). He felt guilty because he had taken her at first without her consent. Had she willingly allowed herself to fuck her ass, if she had known it was her son? Martin assumed that the answer would be incest stories rather negative. On the other hand … she had not stopped him when she found out. On the contrary,

his mother was shielded from the cool breeze by his arms, he wondered what was up before them. Because they could simply go back to a ‘normal’ parent and child relationship ‘was no longer an option. He could not undo the events. Even if it was in his power, Martin was not sure if he had done it. What was before them? What would happen if the imagination in which they were now staying collided with the reality of the ship or the home?

But when Nina snuggled closer to him to enjoy his tender embrace, he rejected all doubts. He lived alone for the moment, the images and memories of the most exciting afternoon of his young life before the eyes and the most beautiful woman incest stories in the world in his arms.

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Martin chose his words with caution. Somehow he had to separate the fact of their true relationship from each other, their unorthodox longing and lust for her. Their relationship was no longer within the traditional boundaries that the mother and son normally shared. “I love you too, Nina.” That he used her first name sounded strange to Nina. But the reason for this came quickly to her mind. Martin did not want to divulge their little secret before the local people.

Five minutes later, they reached the main island and could see the big cruise ship that had moored at a long pier that stretched into the bay. Discarding and continuing the journey, they would not until the next morning, which meant that they would have the whole evening time, to the nightlife and the inevitable tourist trap.

When they had solid ground under their feet again, Nina made a decision. That evening she would not be his mother, and Martin would not be her son. They would be a man and a woman who went out together.

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For the trip through the warm climate of the Caribbean, Nina had not packed any sexy underwear. Who could have expected things to develop as they did and keep their eyes open to see a boutique or something like that? Finally, it would be her first, real date (appointments at school times did not really count) and since Martin had already her weakness for Nylons had, she wanted to sprout as sexy for him as it went.

Martin watched as his mother rose and ended the touch of her body. Inside, the boy sighed: ‘Well, this afternoon is probably over.’ But when they were both on shore, she stretched out her arm without hesitation and put her hand in his. The forbidden fairy tale went on …

Nina just drew her lipstick and looked into the mirror. She had to stand up, that she looked really great. It had taken an eternity until she found a suitable dress that put her legs, breasts, and buttocks in the right place, and instead of showing small flaws, her merits highlighted. In the end, Nina had chosen a red, which was both sexy and elegant at the same time. As a nice side effect, it was short enough to reveal the hem of the nylon stockings and the clips of the suspender belt that Nina wore. Martin would be delighted!

She shook her head, thinking that she was so sexy to free incest stories seduce her son, and-when her memory brought Nina back to the beach, where they had both been naked-she recalled the sight of her best. .. and feeling him between her lips and deep inside her. Damn it! She wanted to have him absolutely … Again … Did the orgy not yet enough? How could she be cool again?

Martin had chosen a white silk t-shirt that showed his sporty figure well. He wore a black blazer and matching pants. His budget was not enough for more. Instead of having a new pair of shoes, he had no choice but to wear sandals to the outfit. At least they were also black, and in the warm climate, most people were wearing similar shoes.

Nina slipped into her new high heels. They were also free incest stories red, open at the front and terribly impractical. The twelve centimeter heels were reason enough that she would probably wear them only once. They fit perfectly into the dress. If a night full of indecent, forbidden things with her eighteen-year-old son lay before her, she incest sex stories could just as exaggeratedly exaggerate, thought Nina.

Martin’s cock was already in the process of getting up with anticipation. His mother came back from shopping almost an hour later, when he had expected, and announced with a smile: “I’ve found the perfect outfit to make my big boy happy,” Martin naturally interpreted as her best piece ,

“If you’re ready,” her voice sounded from the bathroom, she was unsure to present herself to her son, so she’d never dressed so sexy before, so free incest stories if incest sex stories he did not like it, what if he was not impressed “Martin was eighteen, the girls of his age who swarmed him like moths, all dressed like cheap flicks … Suddenly, their nervousness jumped in.” Damn it! ” She’d had sex with several strangers while he watched … Worse … She had fucked him in the ass while the said strangers were watching … and worst of all: Three men had taken her at the same time and her son was “I’m twice as old as the young chickens,

“Yes, Nina,” he shouted back, this time free incest stories determined incest sex stories to keep the camouflage if anyone was to listen, and as for her appearance, no one would consider her mother and son anyway In the mid-thirties, most of them were holding for a maximum of twenty-eight

Nina sighed She remembered having the exact same uncertainty during her school days, as she was now aware that she was pretty and had a great body that spoke to men. Nevertheless … Your past, which included a friend who had turned away from her when she got wind of the wind, caused Nina to develop an irrational uncertainty.

But tonight there was no room for self-doubt, or for questioning. All her fears were swept aside, and only the moment counted. She had incest sex stories become chic for him. All day long, he had been the most attentive lover she could imagine. Nina would give him the perfect date. She would try to rediscover her lost youth (as on the beach) and after a deep breath she turned around, ready to grab the bull by the horns.

“Oh … Boah, ey,” was all that Martin got at her sight, his incest sex stories semi-hard erection did not need three heartbeats to turn into a launching rocket, his mother saw … What would it be? the perfect word … … It just looked breathtaking, a mixture of pure beauty and elegance that let Martin go through a whole range of emotions, from lust, to love …

“I hope , this is a positive ‘Boah, ey’, “she smiled at him. After incest sex stories seeing what reaction he showed to her appearance, Nina’s self-confidence was suddenly restored. Especially after she had seen the huge bump that the thin fabric of his pants could not even hide.

“It’s definitely,” he said, as his eyes wandered over her body and stuck in places that sons usually did not look at with their mothers, and she had incest sex stories a beautiful woman somewhere in the world , who was able to keep up with her perfect tits, and from here it was impossible to see her butt, but the rest, WOW her mother was not just a MILF, she was a babe, a fleshy pin-up. It took several seconds for the thought to close his mouth again.