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Hottest Sex Story of My mother ‘s Girlfriend

What I had not yet known was that through the first horny fucking experience of Hottest Sex Story with Klara should change my whole previous sexual behavior. I had the desire to want to dominate women and with Klara offered me the possibility to find myself and to live out my fantasies. Already the next day I wanted to begin their training. The Norbert I man night shift had come very close to my plans. Right from work I drove to Klara. I had called her before and told her that she should wear her hottest clothes she owns. I rang the bell again and jumped open the stairs to the upper floor. The door to her apartment was only ajar. I stepped in and closed the door. There was no one in the kitchen. I went on to the living room. Klara stood in front of the couch table. She looked absolutely cool. She was all dressed in black. High pumps, stockings without stockings, lace cuffs and lace bra as quarter cup. Her huge tits were absolutely cool forward. Her nipples were already hard and long. I could see her that she was nervous but also animal horny.

“Just so I wanted you have you horny cunt” I greeted them. I approached her and grabbed her tits, which I immediately kneaded hard. Clara shrugged and groaned loudly.

hottest sex story

The blood shot me in the tail. Yes, I had to use Klara as a lustfotze. Here I had the before me what a man can only wish. Hottest Sex Story marriage cunt who wanted to be fucked horny. I took out my right hand and slapped her on the tits without warning. 3 to 4 times I dragged her strongly. Klara groaned with pleasure and pain. Her thick fat tits turned red and the already large nipples were still longer, while the atria became even more crowded. A handle with my left between her legs confirmed my guess. This perverse little pussy was dripping wet. Instantly she spread her legs and I could go her right to the pussy. I pulled her top bodys aside and then took her voluptuously to the crack.

hottest sex story

“Oh, Udo, fuck me, I did not get an eye all night so horny I was after yesterday, I run out and the end without.” “That I notice you perverse sow,” I answered on it and pushed one finger after another into her Fickloch. When I had 4 fingers sunk and the fucking amplified Clara began to tremble. Her first orgasm was on the run. “Not so fast Udo,” I said to myself inside. “Let the sow squirm until she begs you for salvation.” I pulled back my fingers jerkily, which left Klara with a disappointing sigh. “Well, you do not like this horny bitch?” “On my knees and get my cock and the balls out”.

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Clare looked at me briefly and went to the knees without any answers. She opened my pants, grabbed me and freed my belt and the eggs from her too tight prison. “Put your hands on your back and then you push the bolt to the stop in the mouth”. Clara opened her mouth and pushed her lips over my red-spouted nipple. It was all too slow and too timid for me. I grabbed her in the hair and forced her my pipe in the neck. “You’re supposed to pull him to the stop, did I say, or do I talk so unclear?”.

With these words I grabbed her brutally with his right hand to the left nipple and turned it around. Klara groaned with pain. I had just waited for it and pushed my beating even deeper into her neck. When she started to choke I released her briefly from the pipe in her neck. “No one has fucked so deep in the neck, please Udo not so deeply I get no air anymore”. “Then stop the air or pull it through the nose wings, but stop chattering and blow on.” Immediately she returned to work. And lo and behold, my cock disappeared deeper in her throat. When I felt my eggs tightened, I tore back her head.

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“Slowly you horny whore piece, I’ll spray later, turn around and go on all fours, I want to see your ass and your pussy”. Klara obeyed immediately and presented me her next page. A really great sight was the one that made my cock twitch. This little horny chick with the wet pussy, which was slightly opened. Her powerful tight tits almost touched the ground. “Real first cream the sow” I thought. With pleasure I hit her first really strong on the ass. “Jjjjaaaaaaa beat me, I need that now”. “Can you have you devote sow, I’ll hit you your ass after thread”.

In Hottest Sex Story i never thought a woman could be struck by sex. But Klara showed me with her wiggling ass that she loved it. “So why not and keep on it” I thought. After her ass cheeks were now really red I pushed her again a few fingers into the Fotzenloch. God was wet the wet. Klara grunted briefly and stammered something into the “beard”, which I however did not understand. Warned by her last two orgasms from the previous day, I knelt to the left next to her and intensified the fucking movements with my fingers. Klara now turned completely to the wheel.

hottest pussy eating story

“Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaa I come” she cried suddenly. “Let me squirt, fuck me firmer, put my fist in the hole, do what you want with me, so no one has ever used me, I koooooommmmmmmmmmme.” And that probably meant literally. Her cunt muscles tightened like their whole abdomen, and my fingers were pressed out of the hole. The next moment, the juice shot from her pussy. Just great to see that a woman can cum so. Her legs and whole body trembled like Espenlaub, and only words of words could be heard from her mouth. Only slowly did she calm down. “I’m going crazy, what are you doing with me?” she asked.

“I will train you to my slave, to my personal submissive lustfotze, which will satisfy me every wish”. At these words I rubbed her with the thumb over the swollen clit. Instantly the sow wanked again with her ass. I put her thumb briefly in the pussy and with Hottest Sex Story, made him wet, then to attach him to her little asshole. “Not in the ass, I do not like it,” she told me. “Get out and push up your ass, who asked you?”

hottest pussy eating story sex

So she realized that I was serious, I hit her hard on the ass and then pulled the ass cheeks wide apart. I spat at her back hole and put my thumb on. Slowly I pressed ever more firmly against the sphincter, until the latter gave in to the pressure and slowly opened. Klara groaned. With the middle finger I also worked her pussy. Super tight was this ass and I knew that I would get a lot of pleasure. Now it was time, however, that I should think of myself. My cock ached already and demanded salvation. I got up and took off my clothes. Then I went to the couch and sat down.

“Come over you sow and sit on my beating, I want you to ride on my cock,” I told Klara, who was still kneeling before the table. Immediately she came over to go up to me. She grabbed my cock, put it on her pussy, to the next moment to fall on it. Up to the root I was now in her. “Finally, I’ve been waiting for that, fucking my brain out of my head Udo. I hit Klara with both hands firmly on the ass. Then I grabbed her tits and pressed them together. What horny solid things the sow had but. I pulled her close to the tits closer to me and bit her tightly into a wart. Clara shrugged. I held the nipple with my teeth sex story and let my hands clap on their ass again.

hottest sex story

“Yeah, I’m going to take you out of my house, I want you to enjoy every second you are with me,” said Klara. Her ride on me was getting wilder. The Fotzensaft ran out of the hole, so my cock and my balls were totally wet. Her tits bounced up and down in front of me. But as I am animally on anal standing I again took a finger and pushed this deep in her still virgin asshole. Klara groaned coolly. I can not stand my juice any longer, I pushed Klara down from me. “Suck me the cream up you suck and when I spray you in the mouth will you catch everything beautifully in your mouth cunt and only swallow if I allow you, clear? “.

Immediately Klara was on the spot and pushed herself sex story into the mouth smeared by her Fotzensaft into the mouth. Just ingenious as the bitch sucked. My eggs pulled together and the next moment it shot out of me in huge blows. Clare held tightly with her lips my twitching cock until she had taken the last drop. I grabbed her head with my hands and turned him towards me. “Let me look into your full-injected mouth,” I said to her. “Play beautiful with my fick mangle”. Klara smiled at me and opened her mouth. This was amply filled with the hot sauce. She ran the soup over her tongue again and again. “So now swallow it down you sow, deserve it”.

hottest pussy eating story

As soon as I had said that, she let the stuff in the sex story mouth run and swallowed everything down. “Afterwards I can become addicted, I love the cream of you horny sacks,” she smiled. “I’ll get so much of the stuff in your mouth and squirt that you’ll run out of the nostrils, but now again on the knees you sow, that was not all for today education. ” “What are you doing?” She asked cautiously. “Let you surprise you pussy, I still infinitely many horny perverse thoughts through the skull, and all I will try on you”.

Klara went back to the knees before the couch. She leaned on her elbow and pushed her ass up. “So right my master?”

she asked. “Perfect whore, now I will spoil your little horny asshole. Do you have a cream in the house?” “Yes in the bathroom on the shelf stands which” answered Klara. “Wank you your clit until I’m back and get some fingers in the hole, I want your pussy run over”. I went to the bathroom and took the tube with the cream. Suddenly I felt an animal pressure on my bladder and gave me relief on the toilet. “That would be the right amount for the mouth cunt” it went through my head.

hottest pussy eating story sex

“You’ll swallow the stuff,” I thought. When I sex story finished, I went hottest pussy eating story sex back to the living room. Clare had 4 fingers in her cunt and moaned like crazy. “Where do you stay for so long as Master, I run out like jeck” I was received. I opened the tube with the cream and pressed her a little of it on her asshole. “Now it’s going to be my little bitch, now I’ll show you how elastic your asshole is”. With the pointing finger I smeared the cream beautifully around and on her hole and then pressed him slowly but steadily in the ass. Klara was quite calm, and only when I did not move my finger did she begin to wiggle her ass and press him more firmly against the finger.

“Norbert wants to try with me always times, but I have always forbidden him so far,” she said. “It will stay like that, you cunt, your ass will belong to me all alone until I allow you or others to fuck him.”

hottest sex story

To the background, which I first thought I sex story struck her violently on the ass cheeks. Again she strengthened the pressure against my finger and I took another one on it and sank this deeply into her. Her rosette got used to the intruders damn fast, and so finally put 4 fingers of my right hand in her ass. Klara groaned in her lust and hottest pussy eating story sex seemed to be completely lost to the world. My cock stood in the meantime as ne one. I pulled my fingers out of her ass, crouched behind her and pushed her my pipe slowly in. Klara groaned. “You tear me, please listen to Udo,” she complained. “Keep your mouth open and stay relaxed, you’ll survive,” was my only comment.

I penetrated deeper and deeper into her and when he put halfway into her I began to fuck her ass. It was a wonderful feeling to take this tight unused ass first. I climbed the pace and Klara began to return my shocks. As sex story a result, my latte kept pushing in her ass. I wanted to fuck her so long until the cum shot me out of the tube. When it came to me, I sprayed her then also deep in the ass. “So you Arschfotze, now you will lick my cock clean and tomorrow tomorrow it will continue with you. I already figured out what I am going to do with you tomorrow”. Klara did not seem to get any more with and pushed up my stand, which ploppte immediately from her ass deeply in the neck.

Finally, I wanted to see her spray again hottest pussy eating story sex and ordered her to lie on her back and wank until she came to her. Klara needed only seconds until another powerful splash from her cunt shot. I dressed, kissed Klara briefly and said good-bye. Tomorrow was another day, and I had to continue to educate myself before Klara. More of that??