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Rob Sommers just sailed around the free sex stories docks as his boat sank, and the sun was already in front of one and the blue water was as smooth as a Dorfteich, while seagulls flew over his head in search of a morning snack.

Rob had never seen anything more strange. There was free sex stories no reason for it. It was as if an invisible hole had opened in front of him in the water, and his little sailboat was going straight on. Like the dragon boat of the Vikings at the end of the world rushed over the edge of the waterfall. Only the sea here was just as smooth as anywhere else in the bay.

Apart from his hectic efforts to stay on the surface, the free sex stories sea was completely quiet. It was one of those days when the water was so clear that you could easily see the six or seven meters to the bottom. He watched as his little sailboat drove down with the bow below him as an anchor. He could see no sign of damage to the trunk. His poor Cali-Mari sank as if she had been torpedoed and he could not make a scratch on her.

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That could not be. He was young, fit and healthy. He was born on the coast and had spent his whole life here. The sea was like a second home for him. He was free sex stories a good swimmer …

No matter how vigorously his arms and legs moved, the ground was approaching menacingly as the surface moved away. He went under and could not understand why. He was not caught in a whirlpool and he had no weights in his pockets. All he had on was shaved shorts, damn it! It was as if the water was no longer able to carry its free sex stories weight. He moved his arms and legs forcefully back and forth and sank further.

Gas. The seabed had drained a large gas bubble. He had heard of this phenomenon. Gas deposits under the sea were sometimes released and bubbled free sex stories up in such amounts that the water lost its tension. Things that should actually swim went under. This was one of the theories on the Bermuda triangle, he had seen it on TV.

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The Cali-Mari reached the seabed below him and twirled free gay sex stories a small mud cloud. Not far away he saw the body of a naked girl lying on the ground. A real eye-catcher. She sat between the corals and her long red hair drifted in a cloud behind her through the water. She seemed calm. Like a mermaid from the stories. She had had to go to the nude swim early in the morning and had encountered the same phenomenon. That was a shame.

He frowned. Something was wrong. These were not corals. They free gay sex stories moved, gently rolling back and forth like tentacles in the gentle current. Like a sea anemone, he thought. But that could not be true. Sea anemones were tiny heaps with tentacles, on which children intercepted the rocks with sticks. This was man-sized and with orange and pink tentacles, which were up to a meter long.

Her eyes were black like coal marbles. Black as the eyes of a free gay sex stories shark. Blacker. She looked up and stared at him with naked hunger. Her full lips, which fit more into a bikini model, rippled to a smile that robed the blood in the veins. A ghost. A spirit of the drowned dead who wanted to take someone to the bottom of the sea.

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As he drifted deeper, he realized that it was impossible to free gay sex stories say exactly where the girl stopped and the giant sea anemone began. She put her head back in her neck and trembled like a woman who was driving a powerful orgasm through the body. Her cunt spread wide, wide, incredibly wide, a brilliant pink throat that opened where the vagina of a woman should be. A huge silvery bubble burst from it and rushed toward him.

The girl slapped her hand over her mouth, her shoulders free gay sex stories shaking as if giggling. The fleshy opening between her legs contracted and pulled down as if she were ready to shoot a big bubble. Rob knew what she was. Bottin had told him, though he had not been. Stephen Bottin was Rob’s older cousin. He was the cool guy who had grown old and had become a starting point for all the other teenagers when they wanted alcohol or cigarettes. He even smuggled them into the ” T & A Club, ” as long as they were back in the shade and did not look too obvious at the naked girls like the gazing virgins they were.

Bottin was the largest woman’s hero in the area. When he free gay sex stories was not ripped girls in the ” T & A Club ” and put sexy strippers dollar bills in her bra or between the buttocks. Until he came home again … since Bottin showed no more interest in nudity. Everyone said it would be the When he was out in Iraq or some other hell hole, it would have been too close to him, and now Bottin was serious about the wind, Bottin did not tell them, but later, after drinking too much, he said Rob a different story.

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Bottin told a big-looking Rob the craziest shit he’d free xxx sex stories ever heard. Interdimensional Portals … The Hell Room … creatures directly from the worst nightmares that looked like sex goddesses crossed with unimaginable abominations and used sex as a weapon to kill the men.

“I saw one. Had tits, on the cover of ” Hustler“Damn hot until free xxx sex stories you looked down and saw that she had the body of a giant naked snail or maggot I saw how she sucked a guy into a cunt as big as a door The skin was transparent, I could see through the way, and watched as she sucked the guy like a drinking bag … sucked until he was quite crumpled, and he was moaning all the time like a porn star on high rides Charlie’s Angels had a blown-out, all three at the same time! Has groaned until his skin stretched over his skull and his eyes have fallen in.

But not now, not with one of those monsters Bottin had described free xxx sex stories that waited under him with arms and tentacles spread out. This was not a story from a far-off dimension. It was in the bay. Men like Bottin had returned home and brought their nightmares home. Rob continued to swim. He had big lungs and he had filled them full of air, but it was getting tight. He felt a tickling in his chest and throat, one that would go on and on until he broke his mouth and swallowed a lung full of salty death.

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Something soft and slimy strokes against his foot. He reflexed, but the unpleasantly yieldingSomething had already wrapped around his ankle. While he was struggling to free himself, another twisting tentacle wounded around his waist. Another of them wriggled around his wrist, and even more hung up and grabbed his limbs. In free xxx sex stories the middle of this nest of twisting tentacles lay the outstretched girl with arms outstretched, as if to embrace him.

Wild panic seized him. His lungs burned. His feet were caught in tentacles. He would die here – caught and drowned by a thing that should not exist on this planet. He looked up at the blue surface as far over him. Uncle Bob, Sheriff Kamen, the Coast Guard … please let someone up there look down. He knew there would be no one there. It free online sex stories was too early. At this time nobody was on the road. That was the reason why he had left with the boat.

Rubber-like tentacles squirmed around his ankles and tied them together. Others wriggled behind his back and tied his wrists together. His feet landed on a soft, compliant surface, which was somewhat asunder as a trampoline. She opened under him, and Rob felt something soft, fleshy around his feet and ankle close like a muscle. This muscle tightened with a jerk and he slid deeper into it.

The fleshy lips below him opened wide. He felt the inner membranes vibrate on his calves. She pushed another big bubble. He felt her stroke over his hair on his chest and tickle as she rose to him. Removed, he still perceived how the bladder ran over free online sex stories his neck. His consciousness faded. His mouth opened …

He gasped and coughed seawater. Then he realized he could breathe normally, although a strange smell hung in the air. He looked around and saw that he free online sex stories was in a big air bubble. This time, the sea anemone girl had caught the bladder with their tentacles instead of letting them rise to the surface, forming a silvery dome over them.

Rob lowered his gaze and saw the girl lolling on a bed framed by free online sex stories her tentacles. She was beautiful, with breasts that were at least as good as those he had seen on the rare and fleeting occasions at the T & A Club , but she also had something bad about herself – like a vicious seductress film, waiting to strike its claws into unsuspecting prey. Dangerous sexy.

Even more so if one took into account that she was not human, and it free online sex stories seemed that he knee-deep in her pussy was. Or her mouth. “I could not drown you, not before we did not have the chance to have some fun. ” He was surprised that she spoke to him in his own language. Rob wondered if he was drowned and these were the last signals of stifling and slowly dying neurons in his brain. How did you call that – deep sleep? “Hmmm, but you’ll only breathe the air I’ll allow you to breathe.”

She was lolling on the soft orange-pink flesh like a cat in the sun, she free online sex stories sniffed comfortably and felt a tremor through the flesh around his legs run He felt more gas bubbles come around him started small, slender tentacles mouths at their ends to open and hissing He was enveloped in a dense mixture of scents -…. cheap perfume and the heavy musky smell of excited woman

What he smelled reminded Rob of the ” T & A Club, ” but much, much more powerful, overwhelming, it was as if one of the women had sat on the bar free online sex stories with her sweaty ass on his face and his nose with the heavy aroma of her cunt, rubbing her against him, the fragrance filled the dome until Rob could not breathe anything else, but despite his awkward position he could feel his cock filling his shorts with blood, the

Her fleshy opening-mouth, vagina-twitched sex stories free around his legs and held him tight. Her fingers gently opened the button to open his shorts. He could not stop her with his hands tied behind his back. Without the hold of the button, his dripping sex stories free shorts slid down his legs. The girl saw his growing free sex stories tail and muttered approvingly.

Lips leaned forward and pressed her against the tip of his cock, feeling her soft pressure and then giving in as she opened her mouth slightly, not enough to take him in, just so much that he felt her warmth on the glans,

and then a strange tingling sensation, like small needles, but lighter, gentler, more like a slight electrical tension on his naked Acorn, followed by a comic feeling as if some substance penetrated his skin, he thought she wanted to sex stories free blow him, and part of him was disappointed when she removed her soft lips from him after she had pressed a gentle kiss on his cock tip ,