Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories of Me and My Cousin

It was a beautifully beautiful Tuesday morning. I woke up and immediately grabbed my bag so I could run quickly to the station. I was on my way to my relatives. In the train I had already to my horny cousin think me, with her looks and her body totally horny. After I had stepped out of the train I had to continue by erotic short stories the bus to begin my erotic stories.

Then I stood before my aunt’s house and rang the bell. I immediately heard the door opener sound and I went inside. I had to walk eight stairs until I reached the dwelling. My cousin opened the door. When I had just entered the apartment, my cousin Julie also fell around my neck. She wore a pimped white trousers erotic short stories through which you could see her string thong and a white top. Her tits are just the right size, and were erotic stories well formed. After the afternoon was over, I sat nifty erotic stories with my cousin on the sofa and thinking about erotic stories. We looked away and suddenly she let herself fall aside into my arms. I was totally surprised but also excited because from my nifty erotic stories position I could look her full into the neckline. “Maybe there’s something going on tonight?”

Erotic Stories
I wondered. A short time later she went to her room and I decided to take a bath. The rest of the family was at a celebration and so we had the whole evening erotic short stories storm-free. I left the water and made it comfortable in the bathtub.

But then suddenly the door opened and my cousin stood in the door, I had forgotten her modest to say and conclude. She did not mind, and erotic short stories wanted to go again. But when she was standing in the doorway she turned around again and looked at my cock, which was visible in the clear water. I could clearly see their nipples and that made me so horny that my best piece quickly sought the way up. Julia asked if the water was hot enough and I said it would be even hotter with her in the water. She nifty erotic stories was really excited when she thought of fucking with her cousin. She fell the hairbrush from her hand and she knelt to pick it up again. The white tight tanga looked out of nifty erotic stories her pants and I could no longer master gay erotic stories myself. I grabbed her butt and she turned around in horror. But she liked it, so I quickly free erotic stories pulled her down. Her top had also pulled her out so she was standing in front of me in the bra and thong. I had always wanted it.

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My best piece was meanwhile so hard that I asked Julia if she wanted me a blowjob. She had probably waited for the question and knelt before me. She took him by the hand and slowly licked my glans like some erotic stories, kneading with gay erotic stories her one hand my balls and with her other hand her tits. I pulled her up and lifted gay erotic stories her into the free erotic stories bathtub. There she continued and pushed my hot cock into her mouth. She did it very well and shortly afterwards I squirted nifty erotic stories my juice into her mouth. She licked the last drop of my glans.

nifty erotic stories
Then she lay down and took off her thong and bra. She had horny tits and a round crunchy butt. I just wanted to spoil her between her legs, but she said, “Fick mich endliech”. That I did not let me say twice and put my cock on her pussy. I erotic short stories pushed slowly into it and then faster and faster like saw in erotic stories. She groaned loudly gay erotic stories and I always sucked on her breasts. I pushed faster and faster into her and her groan was free erotic stories getting louder. She screamed loudly, and shortly afterwards I dipped my sauce into her.

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But she was still totally horny and so it gay erotic stories was in round three. She wanted me to fuck her from behind and said, “Fuck me in the ass you horny sow”. I put my now again horny cock to her rear entrance and pushed him slowly into her ass. It hurt with both of us a little but that made it only more nifty erotic stories horny like in erotic stories. I grabbed her from behind the tits and popped from behind always into her. She screamed with excitement and shortly before it was time I pulled him out and turned her around to me. I jerked him again briefly and shot her my sperm in the face. “Hopefully it will continue gay erotic stories soon,” I said, getting free erotic stories out of the tub.

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