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First phoned my mother and later that free adult stories day phoned my father. It was in itself not uncommon. However, I will say that we did not have the habit to call each other. We were in our own end of the country and I had promised myself to make something out of my studies at university. The last year was my parents and I drifted apart. We were not enemies or anything, but we had each our lives. It was given a new meaning now.

Both my parents called to say the same thing; namely that they should be separated. I went to a complete halt. I had not seen coming. I was aware there was some tension between them, but no more. Mom would like that I came home as soon as possible, but I was reading up for another exam and for once it was a subject I really could. My dad tried to get me to laugh while we talked. I think it was his way to get better. But I did not think there was so much to laugh at. They were separated and so it was.

Two weeks later I was sitting in the bus 888 on the way through the country. I had called my mom and she was happy to hear from me. She would meet me at Valby Station when we rolled in. When I stepped off the bus practically assaulted her and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. She held me close and whispered she was glad I had come home. She released me and looked at me as if I had been away a lifetime. She had been crying, that I could see. Her eyes were red and so was her nostrils.

We sat in her small pill box of a car and rolled through the city. Mother talked in an away. She had missed me. As soon as we were at home in the house she started to sort my clothes and threw anyway it all in the washing machine. Although I went into my old room was as I remembered it. Mother had already put new fresh towels ready. It lay neatly folded at the foot. I took my clothes to change to something that is not smelled the bus ride. Button I was naked before being knocked on the door. Mother wanted to know if she could get into. I pulled a blanket around me and sat the edge of my bed. Wow I had missed the bed.

She had been crying again. She came in and sniffed as she sat on the bed and told me what had happened. The reason for their divorce. It turned out that the father had found a younger model. Why settle for one in 44 years when you can have two of 22 years? A bit like that. He came home one day and asked for a divorce. Just like that. He had changed much since he was 50 years. As if he would catch up. A bad case of midlife, one can certainly say. While the mother said she put her hand on my thigh high. She began to fondle my thigh while she talked.

That I wish she had not. My cock started to get stiff and when that happens, there is not much I can do. I looked down and I could see the tent bulged forward. I tried to cover my hands. Mother just kept talking. She heeded not actually that I just had a sheet on me. When she saw I again looked down she did the same. She had a strange look on his face. I was in no doubt that she could see I was sitting with stiff cock. Her hand lay over and I could hardly breathe. Hair on my neck stood up and yet I was seated.

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With a snap pulled her sheet away and my penis was exposed. For a moment she saw me in the eye and handed then out for dick. Gradually easily drove up and down and his cock head appeared. I knew neither in or out. Mother sighed and just wanted to know what the hell I had eaten, for it was a very great dick I ran around with. Just to hear her mother say that word went right into the dick. Then she slid down in front of me and before I could think she grabbed my cock in your mouth! I stared incredulously at her lips that encircled my big dick. I had such a desire to kiss her directly in the mouth.

free adult stories
free adult stories

I had not had sex for a few weeks and was mighty horny. Mother’s head drove back and forth. The only sound in my room was her smasklyde. She was deeply and was choking, but my cock was also more large and rigid than it had been a long time. She finished with looking up at me while her mouth kissed my dick. Then she got up and began to undress. Soon she was completely naked. I had never seen her naked.

She had large breasts for the hell they were great. They hung well in it, but one could easily see how rich they might have been sometime. I played with the idea that the girl my father had been guaranteed not had such large breasts. Mother’s pussy was covered by a large bush of hair and it filled me with heath want. She crawled into bed with me and we were face to face. She pulled me to her and my cock pressed on her round belly. I felt drawn to kiss her mouth and the first kiss was wonderful. Her mouth tasted of my cock and the taste I can not get enough of.

She held my face with both hands and looked at me. Then she whispered that she needed me. I was completely gone. I wanted to comfort her, that it was to be with my big cock was unimportant. I was too far away. I lay on top of her body. She spread her legs wide to the side so I had the right access. She grabbed my cock and muttered that the cock was so damn great. Whether it was to please me or her I do not know. As the cock head touched her pubic hair I let go of all inhibitions. I pressed on and slid up in my mother’s waiting pussy. Mother moaned. She had probably not had sex for a while. Sin and shame. But she was nonetheless become wet in record time. Slowly I slid to the bottom and she put her legs on the lower back at me and pushed me really depressed. She sighed. Then I began to fuck her.

I pulled halfway out and slid to the floor with my long cock. Mother lay with eyes closed while I drove slowly back and forth. Almost out and completely. Half out and looked down. Her long nails bit into my hips and it felt wonderful. Our bodies flapped against each other. My heavy balls slapping against her and I got more speed. She moaned that I should give her everything I could. There was hot in my bed and we sweated both. I looked at the mother’s face and could not believe I was lying and had sex with her.

She moaned a lot about my big cock and I picked up speed. But it sparked sperm. It was too early, I agreed. I struggled a bit with it. I could not really bring myself to get my mother’s pussy? Would that be okay? Should I have had rubber on? But the discussion was previously lost. I knocked dick up as high as I could and mother winced. When I came I shouted my cum and mother made big eyes. I could feel she was doing pelvic movements and it felt wonderfully naughty. As if her pussy milked the last sperm out.

After I had filled the mother’s home, I was up in her. Then came her own orgasm and her nails bit into my buttocks. It was on the edge of a little too much, but I let her make up done. Unfortunately, I quickly escaped to be in her pussy and slipped out. I got to see some of the sperm I had shot up in her. She let a finger catch some of it and tasted it. She smiled as she did. She took just a taste more and pursed. I gave her again a big wet kiss.

We lay together while we got us. We just lay there and was together. Together we fell asleep.

When I woke up, Mother was already up. She was still naked, and the sight of the heavy breasts swung back and forth as she stood now bent was wonderful. How should you wake up. She smiled and said she knew we had done something stupid. But she thanked me anyway. So she sat on the bed and wanted to know if it had hurt. With the thought she obviously my dick. It was happy for the attention and was big and naughty in a few seconds. She kissed her good morning. Now it was me who sifree adult storiesghed.

This time put the mother on top of me. She led my cock into her wet pussy and slid to the floor with a deep sigh. I lay and looked at her sagging breasts. I just had to touch them. I put both hands under them and their weight was incredible. They must have loved my hands nipples were hard and stepped forward. Mother lay down a bit and I got a breast in his mouth and was gone. My face was covered to one breast. Her abdomen writhing on my cock and her whole body swayed. She would have I fucked her. Deeply and sincerely.

free adult stories
free adult stories

The morning I gave her everything I knew I could. At the same time, I knew that our relationship was different from now on. I could look forward to having sex with my mother for quite some time now. That’s what I hoped, as I lay there. I was right. I grabbed her ass and managed to let my finger slide up along her asshole. Again she sighed. I got us turned around and now she lay and accepted my deep shock. Again and again she sighed that my cock was wonderful great. I gave her everything I had.

She got the rough treatment for nearly an hour. We were in different positions and came constantly new. Mother moaned his orgasm out and so nice peaceful out while she recovered. Although I did not come that morning and it was okay. I found her mouth and we kissed deeply and long. So she held my head and smiled at me. She told me that my father had never made her feel that way. I was not sure I wanted to hear that stuff. But I was okay with. Just she was happy.

I had only the weekend and was going back to school. Most of Saturday and Sunday we lay in bed. When I again sat in the bus was my cock mighty sore. Mother would be all the positions we could find out. She also gave me permission to come into her face and it was great. She lay there and smiled as she licked the sperm in it. Sunday before I had to leave I would do something I had never done before. She saw I got a pink condom on my dick right in front of her. She also saw I greased with lubricant. But she did not say a word. Without asking permission I forced my cock into her asshole and what she screamed. But it was ten minutes before she was sighing.

It was not because her mouth and pussy was not enough, but damn. It was an asshole! I said again and again as she winced. I know I took advantage of her. But she let me do it and it was sexy. It looked incredibly sexy out to see his cock pave the way into a tight asshole. Soon we had found a rhythm and I loved taking her tight asshole. It could not be compared with her pussy. She moaned I had to do it slowly. She would not let me do it, but slowly to begin with.

It took only a few minutes before I came. It hurt in the dick. It had also been the extremely hard work that weekend. I pulled myself out of breath out of her asshole and showed her the filled condom. The cock was still mighty stiff, but I could not. Together we went bad and was fondling each other. As we sat in the car at the station she gave me a kiss. A deep tongue kiss and thanked me sincerely. I promised Mom to come home again as soon as possible.

It took more than four weeks before I was back home. My study could not understand me, but they had to do without me. About a week it was still summer vacation. Mother waited at the station and I got a deep kiss as I climbed into the car. Oddly enough, I was a little uneasy by kissing her on the mouth while we were out in the community. But the mother was not ashamed, so why should I. I took the opportunity to clip on one of her large breasts. We were barely got home before we both got naked.

I had missed her big breasts. When Mom undressed she smiled cheerfully at me and walked around naked. She showed me that she had trimmed its dusk and wanted to know if I liked it. I did that. I undressed in a hurry and together we lay on the bed. She whispered that she had nearly forgotten how big my cock was. I got spread her legs and laid. It was as if she was coming as soon as I went inside her. I slid into the base right away. She was mighty wet. She said she had been looking forward to, I came back home.

We wasted no time to talk. We were both temmelige keen and mother threw her legs around me and pulled me closer. She whispered that my cock was glorious thick and asked me fuck from the rooftops. Her ability with his pelvic came to the test. It felt as if her pussy was trying to squeeze the life out of my dick. It may well be she’s older than I, but she knew exactly what she needed to do that I felt good. Her hands had a good grip on my buttocks. She wanted all the cock I could give her.

We continued for a long time. Mother left off his inhibitions and started groaning and grunting loudly. Again and again she told all who could hear that my cock was wonderful big for her horny pussy. It was as if she could not get enough of me. While I fucked her fed me one breast. I loved the body and the rigid nipple got as they pleased. Shortly after she gave me the other breast and it was the same place. I was sucking chest while my abdomen drove back and forth.

free adult stories
free adult stories

I did my best, but even that is not good enough. When she noticed I was close to coming, pulled her hands on my face and kissed me on the mouth. I moaned in her open mouth that I filled her pussy with cum. I came like never before. Was almost dizzy and was close to nosebleeds. I overcrowded mother’s home with my sperm. I had been abstinent in the four weeks had passed. I was filled with sperm. Even after I was done, I lay and drove back and forth. Exhausted, I lay her plump breasts and blew out.

We were a little upstairs with me. When I was “thrown” by her pussy looked mother down and smiled at the sight of all the sperm. So she lay by my side and hugged me. Shortly after we slipped out of the bath and washed. While I soaped her sagging breasts she free adult short stories know if I still wanted anal with her. I looked at her. I thought she had been sorry I had sinned in her. But she seemed to want it again. I nodded and she understood. Tomorrow, she promised me. My cock was stiff in seconds. She laughed and washed it carefully.

So we started with dinner and I had barely cut the two leek for the penne gratin we did together before my phone rang. The study group, I thought. But it turned out to be my father. I had not expected.

He asked if I soon came to town again. Before I got going on, I told that I already was. He was a little quiet. He had figured out I was with my mother. He wanted to meet with me as soon as I have time. I looked at the mother while I told dad I was slightly used. Mom smiled mischievously. We could meet the following day. Mother so not too happy when I hung up. Did I really need to meet with him, she would know. It meant I now enough. Without his contribution I could not pay the rent at the college. Mother understood it well. I promised her not to stay there for long. We ate our food and shared a bottle of good wine. We talked late into the evening.

The next day I borrowed Mom’s car and drove home to my father. I parked in front of his house. I had never been in the house before. He had moved in with her new boyfriend. Or bimbo, as the mother called her. Along the road stood a Porsche 911 or something. If it was Dad’s new car, he had to be damn bad more affected than I thought. I had not imagined would surpass my father. Not that we had never had anything together. He had never been involved in a single football game. Now I was not good at it. Yet.

When the door opened, I got a surprise. A woman in her late twenties opened the door. She was blond, tall with incredible breasts. It took only a maximum of three seconds to see something had to be wrong. Her big smile was absolutely incredible. Scarcely had free adult short stories my eyes gone on an expedition up and down her incredible body before my father came thundering down the stairs. He smiled all over his head and gave me a hug that took my breath away. Then he introduced the blonde as Sandra, his girlfriend.

He almost pulled me into his room and made me put down. Then he slipped out for something to drink. I just sat and stared. What the woman saw in my father, I can only guess. I had not seen him in almost half a year. He was more than twenty years older than her. He had pot belly and was clearly out of shape. His hair was more disheveled than I had remembered. It may be several days since he had last shaved. His self-discipline had always been low, but more now than when he was with my mother. I could not greje it.

Money. It had to be his money. Enough, he looks a bit disheveled, but his brain earn much money. Not that he understands how they should be spent on clothes and stuff. Mother had abandoned for years ago. You’d think his new girlfriend would set custom at him, but he saw albeit more disheveled than I remembered him.

Sandra other hand, was anything but ordinary. Her blonde hair went down over the sunburned shoulders. Her eyes as green as a forest lake. Lange lacquered nails and what tits! It was obvious she had no bra on. They were not anything as big as my mother’s, but oh boy they sat like the kind to sit. The brightly colored tights she wore had to be smeared on. Her lips were pulled up with a fire-red lipstick and she looked at me. A hungry look. Father did not notice it. But I did.

free adult stories
free adult stories

I saw something in the glance she sent me. A kind of “if we were alone” look. Her eyes were on my lap. I was a bit uncomfortable. You’d probably be there to understand what I mean. Father came with some canned sodas. No glass. I hate the taste of cold cola from a can. Father kept talking about all the good things that had happened in his life since the divorce. Man never could accuse him of being considerate. Sandra had contributed, that I looked like my father. Just a younger version and more sweet than the law allowed. Father snapped laughing. I free adult short stories was sorry to see he was so fucking in love. Suddenly father agree with himself that we should have something special to eat. I tried to beg to be excused, but he would not listen.

He threw himself up and found his car keys. He juggled with them and I saw the famous Porsche logo dangle. God damn. Then it was his car. He asked if I was old enough to drink beer, but before I could answer he laughed. Sandra said she would keep me company and learn to know me better. It seemed father was an incredibly good idea. She smiled at him, but I could see the smile did not reach her eyes. Against my will, I thought about the eyes. They were beautiful. Together we heard he started the car. Gassed up and with the wheel the first twenty meters he was gone. Klaphat.

Scarcely had he gone before she sat down beside me. She was so close that she almost sat in my lap. Her perfume was overwhelming. Not bad but pretty numbing. I tried to pull me a little off, but she came with me. I asked how they had met. What she said came as a surprise. They had met at a bar out by the airport. The place she worked. Maybe it was just me who misunderstood.

But the way she described her work, could only be the kind of men paid for. She was a prostitute! Was she a whore? I could not decide. Sandra said it was only temporary. Whether it was the job she was talking about, or the relationship with my father, I do not know. I was speechless. My dad was fucking an old fool. I did not like the idea that my parents were divorced on the grounds. Was she a fucking whore? I was not allowed to think about finished. She put her mouth up to my ear and whispered that we had plenty of time before father came back. Her scent went right brain at me and I was a bit tumultuous.

Certainly she took my hand and led me into free adult short stories his bedroom. As a blind gets tripped me with. What an ass she ran around with. In addition, I had visible erection in his pants. When it comes to women must be damn never rely on his cock! Before I got to see me she had thrown clothes. She had nothing to be ashamed of. Like something out of a catalog of delicious herring. Her breasts hanging in any way. Her pussy was smooth as a billiard ball. With a smile, she helped me with clothes. I just stood there.

free adult stories
free adult stories

When she saw my cock she gasped. So step she danced on the spot while she clapped her hands. It should be fun, she smiled. So she lay down on his knees and took his cock in the mouth. It felt wonderful. She kept looking up at me and it felt sexy. She took the dick out of her mouth and told me that my father’s cock was only fucking 16 cm long and did not do much for her happiness when they had sex. The information I was just allowed to sink before she threw me onto the bed. She was also strong. A beautiful, strong and extremely delicious blonde. With beautiful breasts!

Within the bed had stopped moving, she had sat on top of me. With a grip exerted on the root she got up in the up and sinking down over it. I loved the feeling immediately. Mother’s pussy was delicious to feel, but this pussy was incredible. She put her long hands on my chest and jumped up and down on my dick with his eyes closed. Her breasts so truly delicious out. I just lay there and enjoyed the sight of her slim body fucking my cock. She rode me hard. She rode me deeply. She had better control over his pussy than anyone else I’ve been with.

I reached up and started playing with her free adult short stories beautiful breasts. I lay there and wondered what would happen if Dad came home right now. It was as if Sandra sensed my unease. She stopped her ride and looked down at me. She free adult short stories if I still wanted. If I could still keep my big cock stiff. So she jumped me. My cock slapped down on my stomach and I saw she opened a drawer. The bottom drawer. Her ass was standing right next to me and I had to swallow my tongue.

free adult stories
free adult stories

Out came a tube and before I knew it, she hadfree adult sex stories smeared my dick. Again she sat upstairs and pulled resolutely hold of my cock. But this time she would bring it up the ass. It slid effortlessly and thought I was not the first struck me. The act she had done often and often. For the money, I thought. But now I was not too upset. Her asshole was tight, hot and it was incredibly sexy. And for the first time without a condom! As taken out of a fucking porn! Again she stopped and smiled down at me. Her asshole squeezed on his cock. Held since up!

Then she leaned forward and in my eagerness I thought it was her breasts that had to have a game. Kind of like when mom save me. But it never was. She took a long cigarette and lit it. She pulled the smoke deeply into the lungs and exhaled. She nearest sighed. Then she lifted her buttocks and started to ride my dick. She gave so it certainly could be heard throughout the house. So there she rode my big cock in her smeared asshole while she smoked a long cigarette. Red nails, flame red lipstick and a fucking cigarette. As taken out of porn. I was completely gone.

free adult stories
free adult stories

She rode me as long as she was about to smoke. So she jumped me and wanted me to come in her face. Shefree adult sex stories wanted to taste my sperm was better than my father. I had dried my proud cock cream and røvsafter while she lay at my feet. But first she pulled her lips up in red and put my balls under the boil. I stood and played cock mouth of her. When I arrived, I was surprised at how much there was. The first squirt hit directly in her mouth and she did what she could to catch the rest. She was covered in it.

Before I could take me away she took the dick in your mouth to lick it clean. But she was a little too eager and Ifree adult sex stories wincing me. With a wry smile she praised me for my amount. It was clearly more than the father could in a week. So she tripped in the bath and I got used a few wipes and made me a bit clean. We had barely put us in the couch when Dad came home again. We could hear him at least a hundred meters before he flew into the driveway. He smiled over the head. I wonder if it funny smile would hold if he knew what his girlfriend and I had done together. I tried not to think about it.

We had eaten the food he had brought. We free adult sex stories got the beer he had promised. It was good he was not particularly attentive. As he had seen the glances she sent me. Now I was not slow to answer the glances. Barely an hour later excused myself and left. When Sandra gave me a hug, she whispered that we should be seen soon. It was not enough for dining she meant. Rather, in the bed again. That I was convinced. Like for me. Quiet, I drove home to mother. What could I tell her? The father’s girlfriend was half as old as she is? That she possibly was a hooker on a airport bar? I had røvpulet her?

Quite correctly, the mother a lot she free adult sex stories free adult short stories. I answered them I could and skated easily and elegantly past them I would not talk about. Actually, I just wanted to sleep. I was smashed. Mother was not very happy when I dmy face and kissed me my face and kissed me id not want to fuck her, but just sleep. But she lay down beside me and fell asleep not long after. Even were I thought about the summer that lay the door. I would have enough to do to fuck two women almost at the same time. Could I do it? Just you had my problems, what?

free adult stories
free adult stories

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