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My First Erotic Young Incest Stories

When my daughter Amanda went out of high young incest stories school was her body very well developed, especially if you only looked at her breasts. In the last 3 years, they were just grown and grown and the rest of her young body had trouble keeping up with. When she turned 18, she was certainly the most beautiful teenager for the big party. One could not help but see her breasts in the beautiful dress her mother had chosen for the big day.

The breasts had grown from a modest B-cup to young incest stories a very rich F-cup in just 3 years. When her body still looked like a little girl of maybe 15 years it was visible to everyone that this girl had something others had not. In addition, it was as if her butt was the first place her body developed. To make matters worse, she had a look of a movie star glamour. Do not ask me where she gets it from, it can not be from her mother.

Not that my wife is ugly or anything. Get me right. My daughter’s development was obviously not gone past my nose. Or should I be honest to say my dick past? Again and again, I young incest sex stories was young incest stories trapped by my own fantasy about her body. But I did not look or discomfort at the thought because I loved my daughter, and I just wish one day I could show her how much.

When I stood in the shower or sat sked ended often with that I had an erection. So it was that my little fantasy about Amanda again got the new impetus. While I stood there, or for that matter sitting, I played with my cock; I could not help myself. In my head, there is nothing better than seeing a couple of large breasts squeezed together young incest stories on a horny cock. I fuck also my lovely wife on the way; her breasts are not as rich as our daughter. And here I would like to young incest sex stories mention that we do not have problems concerning sex. My wife and I have sex in time and especially premature and nothing is sacred.

Daddy’s Young Incest Stories Of Daughter

My wife and I have always had a relaxed attitude towards wearing clothes at home. Not that we run around naked all the time, but I do not go around with suits all the time. It was, of course, another young incest sex stories matter before we had a child. As we walked around in next to nothing and had sex the most incredible places. But mostly we just went around in underwear and felt relaxed. It gave me also some problems when Amanda went around in shirts so thin that you could see her dark rings on nipples. These were usually too hard and bristled through the fabric. Often young incest stories I wondered if she did this on purpose. Why my wife never said anything, I can only rejoice.

It gave me more often worse stiff cock and a pair of pants could not hide the fact. So I went often to the bathroom and used the cold shower directly on the rigid case. I had stopped taking pressure for my wife had to “weigh” my balls when she licked cock in me. It was young incest sex stories as if she kept an eye on how much sperm I had the balls from one day to the next. I love fucking my wife, I do, but checking how much my balls weighing every time she licks dick is damn too much.

Although we had a relaxed attitude to clothes when we were home, we had virtually banned our daughter from going with the bikini when we were at the beach. There was no reason to all boys and men for that matter, should be exposed to the temptation of seeing her ample bosom. We knew how horny so no beach visitors can stay. To begin with, it young incest sex stories went Amanda that she free young incest stories could or might have the same at which her other girlfriends. She looked like a plump seal in her swimsuit, but slowly it dawned on her that she still got a lot of attention.

young incest stories
young incest stories

Although we all prefer to go to the beach to swim, we have also fun when we get home and use our pool. It is not the largest of its kind and maybe a bit unoriginal, but in return, we determine even who we invite to use it. A week after her 18th birthday, she had been in the city along with a few good friends to buy a bikini. Her mother and I had given her to buy one, but only for use at home.
I stood in the kitchen and was about to cut a large watermelon in both when I heard my daughter plop down the stairs from her room. Out by the pool, her two friends Anja and Tine. They both had their swimsuits on and was a sight for the gods. Anja is a chubby girl with great tits and very abundant hair. Tine is a little low stature with a nice butt. Both have a good mood as we highly value in our family. When I turned around to greet my daughter I was about to cut my one finger.

It would then be the smallest bikini in the world, I was quite convinced. My throat constricted completely and everything saliva disappeared. The top was no more than a small string that could barely hide her round rings on the breasts. And the base was almost just a line that should cover her sex. One could immediately see that she was shaved and the thought that she had been sitting out on the toilet with foam and razor was almost too much for my primitive brain. Imagine if it was with my razor?

Amanda smiled at me and I could see her lips form words, but my ears could hear nothing. She was already well brown and smeared with cream and glistened wonderfully. Her cleavage free young incest stories was just so incredibly beautiful. It was as if she was not aware that I was standing there with a huge knife and was totally speechless. My cock drew attention to himself and made a big bulge in my pants. The word embarrassment is not in its vocabulary. She smiled at me and I got stammer that I probably would not come out to them in a minute. Then she slipped out, but only after having looked at my bulge. It was also mighty hard to save.

I looked out the window and saw how she facilitate the springs ran to her friends, who almost squealed with delight over the small bikini. Her ample bosom jumped and danced and made a valiant attempt to escape. I wonder what her friends thought when they saw my daughter with the very plump breasts and the nice ass? They bustled around her to look the new bikini out. When Valentine put his hand on the side of my daughter’s chest I was about to go to. My warped brain played “film” on and I “saw” Tine use both hands on one breast and heave it over to suck on the stiff nipple. Suddenly flickered “movie” and I was breathing jerkily into the lungs.

They jumped all three in the pool and the sound of free young incest stories the big splashy called me back to Earth. I got to cut the last watermelon and put it all into the refrigerator and let my mess to be in the kitchen sink. In full gallop, I ran upstairs to switch to swimming trunks. As parents, we have always insisted that Amanda and her friends not to be alone at the pool. Although they sure everyone could swim now, I kept the tradition up to date. While I got naked grew my cock all the 20 cm and as I was pulling my trunks up my wife came into the room. She said something, but I was elsewhere and did not hear a word. She did not notice that I had an erection and before she was finished talking, though, it was nothing but a soft penis.

That she was trying to say was that she had one of her days. It was something she had fought with the past few years and especially when the sun was most in the sky, she could not stand it. So she had to sneak a nap a few hours. Exactly the day did not affect me because I would just relax down by the pool with my new book. It was free young incest stories certainly what I said to her and she smiled at me. She gave me a kiss on the mouth and when I went, she lay on our bed after having drawn the curtains.

For good measure, I asked if I should get the girls to go so she could sleep in peace. Already when I said it I was a bit sad. I had looked forward to a little smooching in the air, but I’m also worried about my wife’s health. But to my great relief, she smiled and said it was not so bad. She just needed to sleep a few hours. She had taken a pill and would be “away” at least three hours. I just had to let the girls enjoy themselves as best they could.

young incest stories
young incest stories

I went out to the pool and threw me in one of the chairs free young incest stories while Amanda and the girls splashed with water. I wondered if I should say to the girls they should be a little quieter, but let them fool. I took my book with the intention to read some more. I had come to a very exciting place where history completely discovered that his twin brother had not died in a traffic accident in Austria. But the girls’ game took me so much. Anja had a very contagious laugh and when her bikini top suddenly gave up, it was right that I lost the book. The girls giggled to hell and enjoyed on.

A small hour later both girls now go. They said something to my daughter, but I did not listen. Now I finally had some time with my daughter before my wife again stood up. Amanda followed her friends to the blue garden door and came back with a big smile. She young incest porn stories was apparently not so upset that they had to go. While the girls gathered their things I looked carefully at Tines’ buttocks. The stuffed so much fabric and was a gift sent by a particularly happy god. When they were ready went my daughter at the back and it was as if she cradled a bit more than usual as she went. As she turned to go back to me, I sensed a little smile when she saw that I looked at her. Her ample bosom rocked all the way. She knew I looked up and let me do it.

She sat in the chair opposite mine and bent down to take the solo lien. I had a clear view of her admirable breasts, showing an impressive cleavage. My relax penis was suddenly very busy with standing legislation. She said nothing as she opened the bottle and began to smear his flat stomach. In the light of the sun, it was a beautiful sight. She young incest porn stories took a splash more and began to lubricate the top of her ample bosom. I let the book be the book and did not care whether I remembered to put my bookmark the right place. This was much more fun.

The sound of her hand that smeared her body with oil went right into the dick. It was just as stiff now and I was fucking care if she saw it. My thoughts flew straight to her breasts and the idea of letting a cock disappear between them was irresistible, and preferably it should be my cock. I kept seeing images of my inner eye and perceived not to Amanda asked me about anything.


“Are you okay, Dad? You staring at my breasts.”

“Sore, the uh – ie tax – uh, that you must apologise,” I stammer.

“It’s okay, Dad. I know guys are looking at them. In fact, I like it,” she said.

“Well, I’m your father, damn it. I should not do that kind, it is wrong.”

“I do not think it’s wrong. I like looking at me. I’ve young incest porn stories seen you running around with a Stivers pants from time to time. Just like now,” she said, pointing at my bulge. “Do you often fantasise about me, Dad? Will not you tell me? I do not think it is wrong or ugly.”

“Well, I often think about your breasts. They are the nicest I’ve ever seen.”

“Do you really? Thanks, Dad, it means a lot to me. Would you like to see more of them?”

“We’d better leave it. Your mother is up upstairs and maybe she sees us.”

But it did not seem to stop Amanda. With a big smile, she young incest porn stories pulled both of his big globes back and sat and showed off her large breasts. They were even more amazing than I had imagined. Although I actually had seen 98% of them it was to see them 100% so much better! The density was incredible and their resilience was so lovely youthful. She lifted up under them and let the sun shine in during the big pillows. My cock shafted as hell and a small wet spot in front were made larger.

“What are you thinking when you’re looking at my boobs?” she wanted to know.

“I think at most to fuck them from the rooftops and slap them with sperm!”

young incest stories
young incest stories

Think that I had just said it. Thinking it inside his head had perhaps been bad, but to say it out loud was perhaps too silly. But it was her own fault. She had both hands full of their own huge chest and with a sweet smile, she had called them for tests. I love that word. Patter. Patter. Patter.

“So you would like to fuck me in Spanish?” She smiled. Before I could get a word out of her mouth she told me that she also knew that Greek was the asshole that Sweden was a lovely hand-troll and that Danish was an ordinary intercourse. Now did it damn seriously hurt in the dick? I wanted to know if she had tried Greek and I could not decipher the look she sent me. had my daughter tried anal or did not she? goddamn it!

“I would really like to do it in Spanish with you, my girl! “to hope to make it in Greek with her was probably too much to hope for, but the thoughts lay never. they kept popping up in impossible ways.

” Well, come on over here and put it between my tits. Do well! “The invitation was her, and you would be immensely foolish not to say yes. But I was still a bit reluctant.

” Honey, I do not think it’s a good idea. Although we both want. ”

Amanda smiled at me and squirted a little more oil on her breasts and as she rubbed them in, she said:

“Come on, Dad. I want so badly. I want to see your big cock and feel all your sperm on my tits.”

She put her face in her little-girl folds and so little pouting out. I could not resist. She almost begged and as the good parent you are well, we must make every child happy. I got up and came over to her with a dick first. It was just out of her face and she got better right and started to pull down my swimming trunks. When she did let it finally free and stiff as it was slapped on her directly on the cheek and left a wet mark. She grinned and I could look straight down her throat.

“Wow, Dad, your dick’s big and thick and your balls are just so great. Can not I lick dick on you?”

Before I could nod yes, she had almost half of my 20 cm in the mouth. There was so hot and wet in the mouth and it was great. I looked over towards the neighbour and thanked for that they were taken in the cottage. I would not be disturbed now. My daughter licked cock in me. It was obvious that she had tried it before and it was good. You get far with a good technique regarding pikliz. She made almost a vacuum around my cock head before she let it out of his mouth and began licking up and down the dick. Her tongue was crazy and I enjoyed it.

When she was happy with her performance she left again Pik hove DET disappear into the mouth. I sensed that she would try to swallow the entire cock, but could not be sure. It was not an admission test for a porn film. But it was exactly what she wanted and I let her do it. Her mother can barely make it, but only when she is extra keen or a bit drunk. It started tickling in my balls.

To keep just a bit longer, I took her head with both hands and almost forced his cock down her throat. I would do no harm her or anything, but damn I was horny. She began to make vomit sounds and pulled slightly away and let his horny tongue dance on his cock head. It was wild to see the long tongue do that it did and my balls were about to give her his charge. There was full bag because I had not had sex with his wife in a week’s time.

young incest stories
young incest stories

She pushed his cock against my stomach and started licking wildly at my balls. Soon, they were covered in saliva and saliva and in a way I was glad that I had taken the time to keep their hair down in the region. So she gave the underside of his cock a particularly wet ride. Fuck it was naughty. When she was sure that my cock was completely wet, she opened again his beautiful mouth and tried in earnest to go down. With big anxious eyes so I now all my 20 cm disappear down her throat. What a sight. Now I took again addressed her lovely head and began to fuck her throat and let her not until my balls began to overheat.

She released his cock out of his mouth and gasped for breath and looked up at me with tears in her blue eyes. When she smiled, I knew that everything was in order. So she placed her right hand on his cock and began to rub back and forth at a furious pace and it was just too wild. Again she pushed my cock up the stomach and began to lick my balls. I’ve always loved that kind if made wet if you know what I mean. She continued for quite a while before she left my heavy balls out of his mouth and said:

“How, Daddy. Now you fucking fuck my tits!”

She put a bit better in his chair while I got the subject in the lying position and I asked myself the way. Now I was really glad we chose this particular model of chairs. They could keep a bit of everything. Originally, they were intended as a chair we knew in-law could be because she is not of the slim. She weighs arguably 100 kg or so, and no, I just can not stand her, despite the fact that she has a pair of mega boobs. I love big boobs, I do and I admit that I have a few hundred times have wondered if we would be better off together, I was allowed to see them in free dressage. But all her charisma me so much against. Enough about that.

But before my cock were in action, I could not help but first lick and suck and bite the amazing nipples. They tasted of suntan oil, but I was fucking horny. My daughter sighed loudly and groaned me in the head by lust. My one hand went exploring down toward her lap, and when she felt my intention signs she willingly her thighs. My fingers found her opening and there was so wet and hot that it was a delight. With a practised finger, I found her clitoris and played around with it. While my tongue and mouth tasted her admirable boobs and my fingers played with her smooth pussy, she managed to get. She moaned glorious in my one ear and I moved a little on me and planted my mouth over her to dim slightly at her outburst.

It was actually the best kiss I have long had. My wife is even a good kiss, but this was almost indescribable. But now I just could not even more. I might have what I have. I let her wet mouth and out of her pussy got all my fingers and with both hands on her tits, I put the dick depends on ones. But Amanda got them pushed away and even took care of her soft globes. What a sight.

Initially had my back a little difficult at this position, but I was fucking care about the pain that would be the day after. Amanda smiled up at me and I started making back and forth movements and before long I had found a rhythm. Her breasts were so big that my dick barely appeared for each shot. And the were great smooth thanks to suntan oil and saliva and saliva from my dear daughter’s mouth. I fucked and groaned and moaned and fucked. I was in heaven.

So began Amanda sticking his eager tongue out and when she first hit my attacking dickhead I was about to come. I wanted to spray my sperm on the tongue. But I would just hold me a little longer. But the dear little girl felt differently.

“Fuck me, Dad. Fuck my tits, dammit, Dad. Come with sperm. Make your fat sperm. I want to see your sperm. I want to feel your sperm. I want to taste your sperm, father!”

I do not know about others and not give a fuck; I could not hold me anymore and to those with stopwatch, I can only say go to hell! They would even try it I was doing! Amanda turns to low pressure on her tits and pressed my cock went up and down. I put a final sprint in and held his breath in an attempt to set a new record. But my back dammit, it had not fucking good of all the exercise in the position. My wife would probably have to give me a little massage, but it kind of ended always with sex, so it was certainly a win-win situation.

Then came the. Then came the sperm. Holy shit that came sperm. I was hard on the root and the first three shots hit the spot on her eager tongue hanging out of his mouth like a stupid dog who played ball in the park. So she closed her mouth and did swallow everything while the next squirt hit across her mouth and nose. The subsequent spray directed me towards her big boobs and I had never shot so much sperm of. It was exactly right now I wish that there was a photographer who either took photos or filmed it all. I was so horny.

young incest stories
young incest stories

Some of the sperm ran down between the heavy teats and another down the sides of them. There was just so much and I was so proud of the seconds it lasted. I tried to get up, but my how my back gave out. It was easier when my daughter smiled up at me.

“Wow a lot of sperm, Dad! It tastes good too. Actually, it was the first time I try Spanish. I hope it was good for you. Can we try again another day?” “How about Greek, my girl?” I was about to say, but I was saturated in a way that made me a bit dull.

While my back found its natural I smiled back to my beautiful girl and assured her that we could easily do it again. And with that she got up and gave me a quick kiss and said she loved me. Before I could answer her back she jumped on his head in the pool. Perhaps to keep cool, but maybe also to get washed sperm away. Although I followed the best style.

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It was a hot summer and classroom temperature free xxx stories was approaching 30 degrees.All the windows were open, but it had not the slightest importance. We all sat and listened to our superintendent, as usual, began the day with unimportant information about the day’s events. Do not think that there were many who listened that day.

But let me start from the beginning: My friend and I were a month ago started at the local day high school as a springboard to get on the sports schools that we both wanted. She maybe a free xxx stories little more than me, because sport does not really tell me anything because. My overweight. We were opposites; She beautiful, thin and athletic. Where I more is the common type. The only thing we had in common was our age (20 years), and so we were both still virgins. But she had managed to persuade me to start on the sports team with her. And actually I liked it. Or rather, I liked our sports teacher Stig.

Stig was in the late 30s, tall, blond, thin and athletic. He looked pretty good his age in mind. But he was never married and had two children. But even though all of the school knew it, all the girls still little love him.

Whew heat was worse, and I could feel my eyes became heavier and heavier.

– Nåhhh what is it, have not you sleep last night? He asked.

I woke up with a start and realized that I was the only one left in the room. In front of me stood Stig in his small free xxx stories smart shorts and smiled.

– You have not done anything that I would not? he asked.

– No, I answered. Knew that I was red in the face. – I’m just not as good.

Stig sat down beside me and looked worried. I felt that my heart was beating faster now, I had never been alone with him before.

– We’re going to surf, but you have shown the best of being in the country, he said. You can borrow my room and get some rest on..

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– Thank you, I stammered.
Together we raised ourselves and left the room. In the corridor stood the rest of the team and waited.

– Do I just already down and find the clothing forward, I’ll come in free xxx stories a minute, he said to them.

free xxx stories
free xxx stories

He took me by the hand and walked towards the teachers’ room again. I saw the eyes of my friend sent me, they could have killed me. I knew she was completely shot in him, and if one day I got the chance, I would say no because our friendship.

I lay down on his bed, his pillow smelled to him. Stig was about to open all the windows.

– Think you can handle yourself, or I’ll get the nurse?

I nodded. – I just need to rest a little.

Stig bent over me, his mouth was a few centimeters from mine. – Get well soon. He did not pull back, but kissed me on the cheek – I’ll stop you later.

I thanked and closed his eyes, knowing free xxx stories he still stood and looked at me. After a moment the door handle and he left the room.
I dozed quickly up in the heat. Woke up by the water in the shower was turned on. The bathroom door was open and I could see him standing naked and wait for the water was hot. Where did he look good, there was not a kilo too much on him, everything was free xxx sex stories where it should. I devoured him with his eyes and stopped my gaze on his cock although it was flaccid was great. Could feel that my body began to betray me and my pussy got more and more wet and my nipples stiff.

‘Oh, you are woken. It gave the set in me, he stood naked in the doorway and looked at me.

– Yes, I’d better get to the other, they probably can not understand where I’m from.

– Are you sure? You are still very red cheeks.

– Yes, I said and looked away – Has it just too hot.

Stig smiled and went back to the bathroom and turned off the water.

I hurried to take my shoes and walked towards the door.

-Glemmer You nothing ???.

No, I thought not.

Stig stood with folded arms by the door with a small free xxx sex stories towel around the waist. – Yes I think you do, he said – What about the payment for the loan of my bed?

I could feel all the blood left my face. And when he started to get closer, I backed toward the front door. I stood up the door with my shoes clutched in his hands, he was a few centimeters away from me. His lips found mine and he kissed me gently. Would resist but stood paralyzed and let him kiss me. He took my shoes out of my hands and threw them on the floor, put his arms around me and his kisses become louder and more passionately while he shot his abdomen against mine.

I started to moan and pushed me closer to him. Never had I felt like that before. Had had boyfriends, but none of them had kissed free xxx sex stories me like that before.

free xxx stories
free xxx stories

The knock on the door, and he got me to open the door. I stood behind it, it was our office clerk. He had forgotten a meeting and she had been sent over for him. He promised her to come as soon as he had taken a shower and got dressed. When he had closed the door he free xxx sex stories turned to me.

-Jaahh Then we’ll defer payment for another day.

I hurried out the door. In order not to meet my friend, I took my bag and went home.

Later that day she called me.

– Where were you today Mille ???

I could not lie to her but was enjoyed it. I told her that I was poor and had been sent home.

-Yes, But Stig was looking for you, he did free xxx sex stories not know where you were.
Stig had been looking for me. I did not hear what she said then my thoughts went only Stig and our little meeting in his room.

– Are you coming tomorrow? she asked.

– Yes, I said quickly. -See you.

I closed my eyes and dreamed me back to earlier today. Due to the heat, I only had a small white T-shirt and panties on. My fingers went exploring on my body and ended quickly in my panties. I started rubbing on my knob, I imagined that it was Stig who did it, and a moment later I came in the biggest orgasm I so far had given myself.

The following days I avoided Stig as much as I could and do everything possible not to be alone with him. He was forbidden fruit, he was married and my teacher. I managed amazingly well.

It had been four days since Stig had kissed me. He had been to a meeting all day, and Peter had taken his hours. The weather was still warm and pleasant. We therefore took out and surfed the bay all day. In the evening we had to keep the summer and when the others wanted quickly in the shower and getting ready, I volunteered to clean up the boathouse.

The stench in there was horrible of old seaweed and salt water so I had left the door open. The door closed with a bang and before I reached the turn to me, stood Stig close up of me. I did not have to turn me to know it was him, his deodorant had revealed him.

free xxx stories
free xxx stories

– Do you avoid me ???

– No, I stammered. – But Stig, we can not.

– What can not we? he asked and kissed me on the neck.

– This, I replied.

His hands began to caress my breasts – What about this? he whispered.

– No, I groaned. He moved his hands down my stomach and caressed my lap on the outside of my little shorts. -Do We would rather not do this? he whispered.

– No, I answered. My body started to give in to his caresses and hands. He pushed himself up by my buttocks and I could feel his cock was already large and stiff. I shot my butt back against him and groaned aloud.

– Should I stop, he whispered teasingly.

– No, I answered.

It was as if it was just what he wanted to hear. Turned me, took my top of, pulled my shorts and small panties down and lifted me up on the table. His mouth found mine and kissed me greedily and hungrily. His hands kneaded my breasts and squeezed my warts free xxx wife stories hard. His mouth moved down over my body and found my pussy as he began licking while he with his fingers fucked me in absolute shock. I wincing me and gave a little scream. Suddenly I remembered the door and the others. Think he remembered about the same, for he left me free xxx adult stories went and put the hook on the door.

With a little smile he says. – So we have to just be free xxx adult stories quiet, right?

I nodded back.

– Suck my dick, he asked me.

– I do not know how to do it. I said, It’s my first time.

I could see from his expression that he did not know. When I was afraid he would not, fuck me I rushed by saying – But I want to learn it. I put my mouth around his cock and started milking it with my mouth. Drove his tongue around the shaft on it and sucked it as best I could.

Stig began to groan and fuck my mouth. He gathered my long wet hair in a ponytail and held it firmly while his cock went in and out of my mouth. With a firm grip on my hair he pulls me up, kiss my mouth, facing me and pushing me across the table. His cock quickly find my wet and willing hole, slowly pushing him into it, stop pushing again stops. I condemn myself by the pain of his cock in my tight hole.

– Are you ok, or should I stop? he asks.

free xxx stories
free xxx stories

– No, I’ll scream and 2 seconds after I come free xxx adult stories in my first orgasm and he fucks me harder and harder in the long shock and shortly afterwards he may even surrender and spray my pussy full of his hot cum.

After we have taken our clothes back on, he pulled me to him and I met his lips in a long kiss.

– Hope you’re not sorry I was your first.

– No, I answered, has long wanted it to be you. He kissed me again.

– Promise me that you do not take a bath, I want to taste you again later tonight. I promised it to him and left the boathouse as the first.

Throughout the evening, I could not help but look at him, did not care about the others found out about it. But he did not believe me. I had made plans to stay at the free xxx adult stories school, but decided to go home. Were heading out for my stuff when I was suddenly drawn into the meeting room.

– Are you going??? he asked. I free xxx adult stories nodded.

– Did you shower?

– No,

– I do not believe you.

– I have not been asked.

– Prove it.

– How ???

– Stick your finger in her pussy and let me taste it.

I did as he said. He closed his mouth around my finger while he pulled up my dress, my panties down and took me up the wall.

The next 4 months we met regularly and had sex in every room of the school.Even school canoe was used. 😉

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