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Growing up i was raised by a single mom. She mother seduces son did her best to raise me being single. Im not sure when my feelings began to grow for her. I guess it all started when i was about 13 when she tried to give me the birds and bees talk agian which i already knew about. She came in my room one day and caught me jacking off. I was concealed under covers but she knew what was going on. I yelled for her to go away and later that night she came back to my room knocking this time. She told me she wanted to talk to me and give me the bird and bees talk. The conversation quickly ended when she knew i was embarassed because she had just caught me spanking it.

Little did she know i was spanking it to her when i walked by the bathroom and seen her naked in the shower. She usually left the door cracked open halfway to vent the hot air. There she was. I slowly crept up to the door and peeked in the mirror. Off of the mirror i could see her body outline fuzzy. It was a clear glass shower but had bubble like indentations so that you couldnt completely see the person mother seduces son showering ect. However i could see her which to me was perfectly clear. She stood there washing her hair so i know she didnt see me. My mom at the time was 5Ə 140pds and black hair with blue eyes. Her shape was a nice sight to see. Hour glass figure with 34d tits and unshaved untrimmed full black dense bush. I was instantly hard and went to my room and tried to rub one out when she interupted me. My guess is thats when it all started..

As the years past my mom remained a single mom and a very good one at that. However she did go out and drink often and come home drunk which was usually funny. But also a great advantage to me. I remember one time when i just turned 16 and i drove her to the bar. She later called asking me to come get her and i could tell she was sloshed by this time. You could just tell by her voice. So i went down the street picked her up and started to drive home. It was about a 10min ride. As soon as she got in she pulled her money out of her bra and threw it on the dash and then like it was on cue she put her head on my lap crotch arean and slid her hand up my shorts…She continued to reach up and grab my cock which instantly got hard when she was take her money out of her huge breast.

Mother Seduces Son And Loves Him, But Unwillingly

I quickly stopped her after she about squeezed the head of my cock of when i pried her hand off of it. She then put the seat all the way back in her seat and fell back in the seat and started to pass out. Her stomach was revealed which wasnt tight nor fat almost perfect in my eyes. I couldnt make of what just happend but knew it must have been the liqour. We pulled up and i tried to wake her up. She was in a half drunken sleeply state. We together with my arm around her stumbled into the house and straight to her bedroom. She fell back on the bed and passed out i think before her head even hit the pillow. I took off her shoes and socks. That day was a rainy day so i tried to pull off her jeans. I finally pulled them off all the way and then her top. There she layed mother seduces son in white “grandma” panties as i call them, and black bra. I was hard but knew looking at her like this was wrong. I covered her up and walked out the door. After about and hr i checked on her and there she layed with her legs spread wide open exposing her panty line. I notice her bush hairs peeking out of the sides as if there was no more room for her thick matt. I was instantly hard and curious. I slipped my fingers inside the top of her panty line and pulled her panties down just enough so i could see her full bush and lips . I started to rub on it but she quickly mother seduces son awoken and i walked out the room. That was my next encounter.

mother seduces son
mother seduces son

This one was good too. My mom came home drunk went to the bathroom and came out in only her panties with her clothes in a bunch cover her tits as she quickly made her way to her room. I could still see her untouch unshaved bush hairs poking out and i mother seduces son grew instantly hard. We lived in and appartment at the time which was great. Usually after shed fall asleep id open her blinds and turn on her closet light giving out just enough light i could see her lay naked most of the time …others just panties. Then id walk out on the balcony and peek in on her. I could see her toss and turn…But she couldnt ever have noticed i was watching her. The angle and the way it was setup was perfect. That night i got daring..

I usually would just jerk one off outside under the cover of a blanket.This timeI crept in very slowly as to check in on her…I whispered to her “Mom you awake? I was just gonna……””” She was out like a light so i just left her bedroom door open an walked out as if to mistakenly leave the door open. Then id go and turn all the lights off in the house. Id grab my army flashlight and put on the red lens. I was going to go get a closeup this time. My heart raced. Pounding about to explode out of my chest. I grabbed the digital cam and proceeded with plan a…I got to the door and turned around. Time for plan B i thought. I grabbed a big comforter and put it around be and began to army style crawl up to her door….I made there paused listen nothing….just her slight snoor. I army crawled under the blanket more up to the foot of her bed….Stop listened..Still a slight snoor. I started to peek up at the foot of the bed. My heart was pounding. I lifted up her blanket and put mine over it. So son seduces mother if she was to awake she would notice anything going on..Hopefully it would be good enough cover.

I turned on the redlens army flashlight and pointed mother seduces young son it straight at her huge unshaved bush. I grew hard…I grab the digi cam took some pics and rushed away to go jerk off to my new porn. I downloaded them ect..Clicked opened…There all white. I guess the flash of the cam and the light of the flashlight was to much. I was doomed. This time i had to get it right. So once agian i crept up army style crawl under a blanket. Lifted up her blanket put mine over it and all i could see was pitch dark. I turned on the flashlight turned off the flash on the cam. Then i just snap shotted away at my moms big beautiful bush. She layed there snooring. I got more daring and started to touch her pubic hair that ran all the way from her hairy ass crack to her thick matt shaped in a triangle. I was prejizzing in my pants. I knew what i was doing was wrong but i couldnt help myself. I knew she was out like a light. My mom suffered from depression from time to time and usually had a good setup of drugs to knock her out when she didnt wanna do much but sleep. I began to slowly jerk off while snapshotting her bush. That night i jerked off a whole lot. I decided to delete the pics just in case she caught me with them..Id be in deep crap.

mother seduces son
mother seduces son

About a yr ago i went over to my moms house. Im son seduces mother not much older mid 20s..Shes in her late 40s..But still hot as ever..She really hasnt aged much to be honest. I rang the door bell and she answered in a towel. She invited me in and she put on a robe and we talked out in the living room for a hr or two.I really havent had any desire for my mom anymore i guess it was a teenage boy thing or perhaps im just really wierd. But as she sat there with her legs propped up on the couch i noticed she hadnt shaved her legs in 2or 3 days. The began to grown 1/4 dark black hairs. I instantly grew hard thinking about her thick black unshaved bush. Ever sense i see her bush ive always loved a good bush. My gf grows hers out and keeps it trimmed ect. Hers is nice but nothing like my moms. I tried to bring up the subject of love and how i wanted to tell her something but not have her get mad at me. As i mother seduces young son sat there trThis page ( is currently offline. However, because the site uses Cloudflare’s Always Online™ technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare |

Hide this Alerting to explain this emotion i couldnt help but notice her ass and bush hairs and beautiful legs exposed as she layed there as if nothing was wrong.She quickly reassured me whatever i told her was safe with her. She really doesnt like my gf much but she loves to hear my complain specially about her.. She didnt realize where i was going with this.. I got up and sat next to her on the other couch where she was.. “Mom” I Said . She replied “yes” I said ” ok here it goes,”i love you alot and i know we dont spend much time anymore together but you do alot for me and my gf and im not sure how to thankyou, i also son seduces mother have this desire that you dont know about” she kind of gave me the eye…looking at me in confusement. i then grabbed her legs and placed them over my lap and started to rub her legs. She as a natural reaction began to slightly spread her legs. But them quickly closed them.

I continued to rub them and then stating ” I love you and i dont know how to express my love anymore but by ” then i slowly stood above her spreading her legs apart forcefully. ” I love you mom i just wanna make love to you” i was instantly hard just by the sight mother seduces young son of her bush when i forced her legs open she tried to close her legs but i just pushed all my weight on her. I then with my emother seduces sonlbow and forarm holding her shoulders down undid my pants with my other hand. She began to scream get off her but by that time i had it pulled out in my hand and slowly pushing the head of my cock agianst her hairy bush lips. She tried to squirm and push me off. ” I love you mom i just want you so bad ive always wanted you” i told her softly in her ear. She then suddenly just went limp but with her legs still tring to close. I slowly pushed in deeper and i looked into her eyes i could see a tear run down her face.

I began to slowly pull the half of the cock out son seduces mother that i could get into her. Then i forced it back in her bush all the way. This time she yelped almost like a dog that had been hurt. She squeezed her eyes shut im guessing from the pain and reality of what was happending. I slowly began to pump her thick bushy pussy. I could feel her pussy lips tighten around my cock every pump. Im 8inch hard so i knew she felt me inside her.After about 3 mins of pumping her very very dry pussy i started the 1st squirt as i was pulling out. I pushed in all the way and filled her tight dry hairy unshaved pussy full of my cum. Which in a way was hers too.. As i filled her up i kept it inside her as deep as i could go feeling her walls try to expand for my shaft. I felt my cum ooz out run down my hairy balls. I pulled out and slapped my dick on her hairy bush as to clean it. Then i zipped up my pants. She laid there with her legs still half open oozing my cum out of her bushy pussy. I walked over to her as she starred off into space as in dismay of what just happend and kissed her on the lips and went home. About 2 weeks went by when she finally called me asking me to come over. We sat up that night just us alone talking…Her mostly asking questions which i later revealed to her….About spying on her spanking off to her ect. That night she gave me a blowjob and swallowed me dry and sent me home. To this day about once a month or so we have some kind of sexual encounter.

mother seduces son
mother seduces son

Based on a true story.

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My Mom Sex Stories Exposed Live on Cam

I drink. Not much and not often. But since my mom sex stories husband divorced me for almost six years ago, I occasionally drank more than I should.

More than I should have for me not much, since alcohol has a slightly different effect on me than so many others. I’m not loud, I will not be filled with black humor, I will not be incoherent to hear. I just disappears. In the sense that I almost pass out. A few step mom sex stories (read: 4-5) glass of white wine and I may be dead to the world for hours.

Let me give you an example. When I was 18-19 years I was at a party with some friends. I had drunk more than I should and certainly more than I had promised myself. Scarcely had I got into the back of the car one of my friends would drive me home before I was completely gone. The guy had filled up the car with others who are going the same way and at some time he had driven too fast into a turn and we ended up mom sex stories far out in the field. All but I got bruises. My friends pulled me out and tried to wake me to live, but it was in vain. When the ambulance came, they told me that I was dead. Dødfuld!

Everything they told me the following day. I do not remember anything from the accident, I just had a bad headache. But after that night I put consumption is strongly down.

Anyway, it still happens that I get a bit too much. Three to four glasses of white wine and I fall asleep. Quite harmless. I just make only drink at home and I always wake up without some unknown beside me. Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV, but the past year or so has my son Jannick, who is 19 years old, helped me to bed when it happens. It is, I tend to know the following day.

Since the divorce he has been my best support, the only person I can really rely on. And he knows he can trust me. We are very close and I’m very proud of him. He is tall, handsome and comfortable, not mom sex stories at all like his father, I usually say, but now sounds I might as worse witch. He is doing well at university but even he’s smart enough to be mom sex stories maybe a doctor or lawyer, he has thrown his heart on photography. He works part time at a local fashion photographer now soon three years, where he teaches the course in the evening and a few weekends a month.

Which brings us to our little problem.

My Son’s Hobby Reading About Mom Sex Stories

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

I work at home. Before I was married I had work in an advertising firm, I wrote ads. While Jannick was still small, I started to work a little freelance here at home. Nothing big, just a little brochure and whatever else came with it. After the divorce, leaflets my full time job and I’ve been able to live from it. Enough that we can stay in the house after the divorce.

One day I had problems with my PC. I do most of my work via e-mail and when my computer froze, (for you who have a Scumbag, mom sex stories I know what I’m talking about!) I was in danger of miss my deadline. It was my own fault but that there is so much. Luckily Jannick a computer in his room, so I took my USB key with and had it put in the PC. I managed to save my deadline.

So I was curious. I had seen a file on his desk called Photo, so I dared me to a little look. It was wonderful pictures. Old people in the park, children playing ball a few beautiful pictures of a sunset at the lake a little further down the road. Bottom of the page with these great pictures there was another file. The I clicked on but it was protected with a password. It was odd, I thought. Therefore (I know it was stupid of me) I tried a few random loose north. After four or five attempts I tried with Jannicks father’s name – John – and voila, I was inside.

This is where the surprises began. First there was some great pictures of Sophie, Jannicks girlfriend. They were, shall we say, very artistic. As in the nude! It was, I admit, very stylish nude photos, but a couple of them were very graphic for my taste. I saw quite a lot of the beautiful girl, more than I had expected to see. Her youthful breasts were really beautiful and they had yet to meet the real gravity. At least I knew now that she should not worry about her bikini line. Yes, she was quite slippery!

I was beginning to feel guilty when I came across yet another unnamed file, which in turn was protected. The temptation was too great, I admit, I took up the challenge. This time it was a bit difficult, in fact I was about to give up when I tried a wild guess. If my ex-husband’s name had been the previous password, what about my middle name? I dialed Sarah and I was immediately inside.

I should soon come to regret! But not completely. For if I had regretted this story would be over.

The first photo was – me! A very nice one, but not one I remember he took. I had my Japanese pajamas and lay in my bed. Then I noticed that my eyes were closed. He had taken a picture of me while I slept. I clicked on the next and it was again one of me sleeping in my bed. I began to feel a little strange at ease. Skip to the next photo which was a lot bigger than the previous one. There I was about to fall off the chair. My heart pounded wildly. It was of me again. Naked. And not just naked. My legs were separated and my hairy pussy was right in the middle of.

I began to shake. I was about to throw up. But I steeled myself and walked on. One by one, I opened all the images in the file, there must have been about one hundred of them, and one shock followed the other. At any I lay on my back, on the other, I lay on my stomach, and others on the page. Sometimes it was my knees lifted, other times it was my legs spread. The baddest of them were close up photos. Close up of my breasts, close up of my pussy (I’m really so hairy?), A few of my open pussy held by a pair of fingers (his?), Although some of my asshole! They were all very nice to look at, so in quality, but they were obviously pornographic !!

It was obvious that I know more than one occasion had drunk too much and that my son had used the opportunity to photograph me naked. But why? He had a very handsome boyfriend like, obviously, would be happy to pose for him. Why waste time on a 42-year-old woman? Even his own mother! Granted, I’m still in good shape and that the photo appeared to me younger than I am, but it all gave just does not make sense. Not to me.

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

If it were me who had taken the photo of him, I could perhaps understand it. As I said, he is young and beautiful and frankly, I have caught myself several times to look at him and thought that he was not my son, I might, you know. But what could he see in me?

How should I deal with this? I had no idea. I would put our relationship jeopardized by ascend. He meant too much for me. And if I confronted him with it here, it would surely break. I had to think through the situation. I looked around to make sure I was still alone. I was gripped now hands down in the cookie jar, it would be difficult to untangle. I felt like a cold cola to calm me.

Artists paint not just beautiful women. More than anything, preferring the older, richer women. The lines and wrinkles, even the different layers of fat, allowing them to capture light and add character to their work. It was Jannick had done. I was only a model. Just like his girlfriend Sophie had been, although she had been awake and quite willingly object for him to pursue his art. Although I had been a convenient and unconscious object with the same purpose.

But, I had to ask him about it? Should I pretend nothing? If I did, he might be tempted again, that I did not. Not at all. But what could I do?

When I got an idea. What if I pretended I was drunk one night, just to see what would happen! And if he tried, I wake up. Not to catch him with his hand in the cookie jar, it would certainly destroy some of our relationship. What I want that, get him to think that I might someday catch him. Get him to think that I might suddenly would wake up. If I could carry this mask game a few times, he might believe that alcohol no longer had the same effect on me and did not try again.

It was my plan. And I wound it up that same evening. I found an empty bottle of Chardonnay and poured some apple juice on the bottle with a little white wine to cover apple scent. But I was not sure how much wine I had to leave behind in the bottle so I made a mixture of seven parts wine and the rest apple juice. It might be enough to cover it.

Early that evening, right after dinner, I took a bath and changed to pajamas and dressing gown. Then I picked up my wine in the fridge and sat on the sofa where Jannick already sat. I was not quite sure, but I could hear him say something when I came into the room and I’m sure it was the word: “Yes!”

We sat for a few hours and saw an innocent little film and I had emptied my bottle. It was nearly half past ten and I pretended I dozed a bit. He started talking to me.

“Mother? Are you sleeping? Wake up, the movie is really exciting right now! ”

I said nothing. In fact, I sank just more together on the couch and pressed me well into the large pillow. I wondered briefly on whether I was now as it used to look like and when my son laughed, I knew that it was as it should. Again I heard him try to wake me but I did not answer. he said I should stop drinking when I now could not tolerate it. Then he said it was bedtime and turned off the television.

So he picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to my bedroom. as he bore me I could feel the wine and I wondered if my mixture was as it should be. But I would not spend time on it for a moment I had the according to the “plan” wake up and so was the game over.

think that was so far from the living room to the bedroom, it thinks it’s not over when you are awake. He put my head gently on the pillow and went. Just for a second I was a little confused, but when I heard he rydd ed up in the living room I did not think something would happen that night. I sighed with relief. So it had all just been a single time he had tried. Relief gave me peace and I relaxed and enjoyed the pad clean scent before I dozed off in the wine mist.

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

But then the door opened.

“Mom? Are you asleep? Mother?”

I kept my eyes closed. How much time had passed? Definitely not enough to wine mists had relieved itself from my body. A moment later I felt that my robe be removed. Quietly he did it and I thought that maybe he would put me. Button had I entertained the thought before I felt hands unbuttoning my pajamas open. My breasts fell out.

“Well mom, you have such some beautiful breasts. I love the tits!”

I struggled with control of my breathing. I did everything to be calm. In my original plan I should start waking up now to scare him a little, but for some reason I did not. Maybe it was the wine’s fault? I wanted to see what he would do. I did not have to wait long. As soon as my top were I could feel his hands on my breasts. It seemed not very artistic at me. What was he doing?

He groaned. Moaned! I had not expected!

Now pulled his hands in my pajama pants, quietly, they were pulled down. I did not move. I let him do it and now I was completely naked. I should wake up now, I told myself before this run of the track. But. If I woke up now, naked, would not it be natural for me to be curious? Would you not ask the question: “Jannick, how come I was naked when I wake up?” What could he say? No no. It would never go. That would put him in a worse pickle. Our relationship would suffer, perhaps forever. I could lose my son. It may never happen.

But there I lay, naked. And it was my son who had dressed me.

What now? I felt his hands pushing me sideways then back on the back. Then my legs spread and my knees raised. A few fingers separated my labia apart. Would he take more pictures of my pussy? Suddenly – oh! A finger ran up and down my dune. By pure reflex I tried to close my legs but Jannick kept them scattered. A split second later – SHIT – he licked at my clit! I was almost panicky. This did not happen though. It made it just does not. This was incorrect. I had to stop it now.

But I could not. I was terrified of what could happen. Before I knew it, and I do not know where it came from, I began to groan. Regular sex was not a regular part of my life so it now happened was just so wonderful, though wrong on so many levels. Jannicks wet heavy had hit the horny spot quite right. So while my brain was trying to find a way out saw my body a completely different more nice feeling. I moaned again and I heard my son laugh.

“This has always liked, not mom? Do not worry, I’ll go on. You know I love it!”

Always? How many times had this happened? And I reacted “always” in this way? How would I know? But I had to admit it was good. Wonderful. I could not stop moaning, could not keep up with rolling hips, almost pushed my pussy into his head. But it was all wrong. it was my son, my own son is licking pussy on me. I had to stop him. Now!

But I did not. instead, I opened one eye, just enough to see, but not so much so he could see I was awake. and I got the biggest shock of the evening: I was not the only one who was naked!

Jannick had risen. his young body was filled with muscles and the largest all of them sat between his legs. I have not seen him naked since he was 13 years and what he had grown. he had a mighty stiff cock of about 25 cm or so and it was undoubtedly the biggest cock I had ever seen . And it came straight to me. Can I get goose bumps when you sleep? I do not know, but d one I got when I saw his huge cock nearest to dancing to me as he walked around the bed.

“Now it’s my turn, Mom.” And the signs he my lips apart and pressed his cock into my mouth. “Come on mom, suck my big cock like you always do!”

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

There was that word again – always. Apparently I had done it before. He would know something was wrong if I did not do as he said? If I always licked his cock I had better do it. So I did.

It was wonderful. The taste of his cock on my lips was heavenly. I’ve always liked to lick cock and this cock was wonderful to have in your mouth. I let his tongue slide up and down and back and forth while I was sucking hard and he pushed more and more cock into my mouth. Then it dawned on me that the big cock began to find its way down his throat. I’ve never had a dick so far down before and certainly not one as large as now. Or had I? Because of all my drool slid it does further down and half made I expected that would choked it. But I did not. Instead, I took more and more of his cock until the whole dick was down my throat and it slid back and forth. What a feeling!

It seemed Jannick apparently for now it was him moaning. He held my head and pressed his cock down so his heavy balls hit my chin. Then he came! Sperm directly into my throat!

“How the fuck mother, you horny bitch! Slug my sperm for satan. I know you love it, damn you love sperm, you love my fucking sperm. Drink it, mother, dammit, you horny bitch! ”

And I did. Until then I was sure I had never tasted sperm, but now I lay like a pro and swallowed it climbed to climb. I could feel that his suppleness in the dick was small, but I continued to lick and suck on his big cock. I wanted every drop of sperm he had to offer me. Even when he pulled out of the neck, I continued to lick his dick. to my great gladly kept it its grand erection.

“Yes mom, I know you love my big cock. Do not worry, you’ll get more of it! ”

More? It is terrible, maybe I should say horrible, was that I was happy when he said it. I had come far past my attempt to scare him to stop this game . I could not wake up now and let him know I loved what he did to me. in fact, I felt a bit ashamed, but not enough to keep inside.

Slowly he pulled his dick, but I kept licking it huge dick and would actually like to mark it down in your neck again. With both hands I grabbed hold of his cock and was surprised it was so long. But my son just moved my hands in a way that seemed like it always happened. “Calm now. Now we come to what you like best! ”

Well, I thought that I probably knew what it was. And I hate to admit it, but I looked forward to it. Jannick turned around, pulled in my legs so they came beyond the edge of the bed and I lay on the bed itself. Although he crawled on the floor behind me and got geared up my buttocks by lifting slightly at me. I heard the sound of something and ventured to look. he rolled a condom on his big cock! Deep down I was happy and proud of his responsibility even if it we were in the process shown was not quite right.

it was then that I noticed his big cock bumping up against my pussy.

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

in three quick movements slipped dick piece piece up to me and slipped, I had all his wonderful 25 cm up in me! it was only now that I realized that my pussy was soaking wet! I’ve never been so filled out now. (at least not while awake mode) Now he began to knock the dick up into me hard knocks and put an incredible speed. Hvord an I could ever sleep through that? What should I do to pretend that I was not present? I tried to keep me from screaming with delight over his big cock but could not keep me. This experience was too much and I was coming and it would follow a scream.

It would then reveal to me ?! But no.

“To mom, scream, cry as much as you can while I fuck your pussy insane. Come for me, came out of the great cock you have always loved so much. You are fucking so beautiful. Screams while I fuck you! ”

I screamed. I have never come so much, so hard and so wonderful. (That is, as far as I know) Actually I screamed my enjoyment out so much that I did not notice what otherwise happened. Jannick had slipped a finger in my asshole! Before I had time to form a picture of it in my confused alcohol heavy brain, he had two fingers up in shake your booty on me. he used some of the wet streaming out of my blocked pussy. in response, I found out that I actually pushed myself backwards and met both his impressive cock in her pussy, but also his eager fingers up in the asshole. I was surprised myself.

but suddenly, without warning, he pulled his dick out of my demanding pussy and I felt completely empty. But even if I was sex with mom stories getting ready to mark it again knock me up, I was totally unprepared for how he’d shove it up. he chose – obviously – my asshole! That poor hole burned with pain as His massive dickhead almost knocked past the border patrol, who mom son sex stories were taken by surprise by the attack. Not unlike myself.

And let me just get one thing straight. I’ve never tried anal sex. Never. (That is – need I say it?) I have always felt disgust at the mere thought. I’ve never let a girlfriend or even my husband perform anal sex on me. But look at me now.

This was different. There was dried sperm on my chin. I had tasted sperm abundant and so I am now lie and sail around in my stomach. My pussy almost dripping with juices like never before. I was somewhere else entirely. I was a different woman. A person who would do anything, and I mean everything. And I loved it!

So when my son’s big drengepik began its journey into my asshole, bristled I do not mind. In fact, I reached around to pull mom son sex stories in my buttocks so he got more space! And he did not hold back. Slowly, gently but firmly, he pressed harder and harder, further and further into me. And I felt pain, a kind of sex with mom stories euphoric pain. The idea of having such a big cock up my asshole, thought that it was my son’s big cock who pulede me asshole was suddenly the most erotic I had ever experienced.

To my great surprise slipped easily back and forth. Yes but how? His cock was so great, so wonderful hard. And my asshole was so mom daughter sex stories small and tight? How many times had he exercised that wonderful act that made that my tiny hole was so sex with mom stories incredibly receptive? It had to have happened many times it dawned on me. Had I screamed in pain the first time? Had he still pushed his cock into me in spite of my tears? Or had I liked it from the beginning, this wonderful combination of pain and pleasure?

But these thoughts soon became blurred, the pain had given way forward for the enjoyment of his intrusion. And what a pleasure! He sex with mom stories fucked me with a nice youthful vigor, pounded his cock completely. Extended mom son sex stories my asshole as I never thought it could be extended. And I screamed again. This time louder than before. I reached down under me and found his balls and took immense pleasure when I felt how big and rich they were. I let his balls and drilled four fingers into my pussy and completely filled with emotion I did not know you could accommodate.

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

My son fucked me in the ass hole, my very private place, and I came out of my fingers like never before.

When he was coming, I was not in doubt. His mom daughter sex stories grip on my hips were tighter and his sex with mom stories cock was almost pushed so far up in me that I was about to faint from the pain. Then sex with mom stories he pulled out and pulled the condom and the sex with mom stories first step mom sex stories blobs sperm hit my sore asshole that probably was still a bit open. For some reason he knocked just three fingers up the ass at me before he made his big cock press my lips step mom sex stories apart. His cock was now back in my mouth and came in a steady stream of wonderful sperm. I found myself incredibly horny for the taste and sucked eagerly and greedily his sperm down her throat.

I was now almost sobbing with joy as he got ready.

And then it was over. He pulled his soft cock out of my mouth, put me up on the bed and walked out of my bedroom. The taste of sperm filled my universe while both my pussy and especially mom son sex stories my asshole sent signals for processing in step mom sex stories the brain. My son came back and I felt a warm, damp washcloth as he caring washed myself with. He washed my face for sperm, mom daughter sex stories his washed me during my breasts and he washed as the final my asshole. Then he wiped me with a large bath towel.

Thus, all traces of our step mom sex stories magical 40 minutes together washed away. Gently and carefully he gave me again pajamas at all while he was naked. At times his large, soft, wonderful penis unless a hand’s breadth from my face and I saw a little sweet drop of sperm hang a little cheeky and wait for gravity to the commandment. Just for a second I was very tempted to reach out and grab sex with mom stories hold of this wonderful case and start over.

Then he put the covers over me, turned mom daughter sex stories off the light and went. A little later I heard the shower running.

Now I knew at least why I so often wake up with a hoarse throat and sore asshole! I had always given white wine blame, which of course was also true. I could give the wine blame, but it also had mom daughter sex stories given my son a chance to live out a fantasy he had. But what should I do now?

mom sex stories
mom sex stories

My plan to “wake” up and stop my son from carrying out their deeds were the failure, one can certainly safe to say. What mom son sex stories should I do now? I knew that what we mom daughter sex stories had done was terrible but it happened. It could not be undone. my step mom sex stories original plan had not changed anything, I had to put a stop to it.

I loved my son and would not do anything to lose him. But what could I do? I let the emotions of my pussy and asshole take the decision and I was not surprised. I had to buy some more apple juice and pour into an empty wine bottle.

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Best Mom Son Incest Full Conversation After Sex

My large breasts often have gotten me into trouble. All mom son incest men of all ages are looking at them. Not only looks but rather stares. For they are without a doubt the largest they have seen and must just look once more to see for yourself. It was also the predominant cause of my divorce. He could not cope with the attention my breasts had by all. There has over the years also been some women who have sighed over real mom son incest my large, heavy breasts. For individuals out there who want to know how big they are; 90 H!

Therefore, I now live alone. I have not yet had the need to find me a new one to be with. Like so many other women with large breasts, I would like to be loved for my personality and not the size of my breasts. In this direction have men damn easier. You have to look closely to see if he runs around with a big cock. Unless you are on the beach, but I real mom son incest have not been for years. My husband could not cope with all the attention and my son was a transition very embarrassed when his father worked themselves up against one lad after another. They should all just go by once more to get it all.

My son dropping by from time to time. Just to see if I need some help with something. Paw just turned 30 years and is a bit of an everything man is good to have on hand should something be broken. I can easily take care of myself, but now puts nevertheless appreciated his help. He has his own life, but he would like to make an effort to keep my home at right.

Last week things changed. The fact we had had up to then was turned upside down. I would like to tell you about. I had long wanted real mom son incest a new kitchen and had been lucky enough to find a so-called exhibition kitchen with an 80% discount. It was an offer I could not refuse. Therefore I had a little week worked to tear the old kitchen down. I had deliberately not called my son when I knew he had just started a new company. But I had come to the heavy parts and had to admit my shortcomings. It is by standing on a ladder with my knees is not something I would be able to withstand for long. When he passed, he was at first a little angry because I had dragged as much as I had, but he began to take hold while I picked up a cold cola.

While we stood there and pouring neck told me eagerly about the offers I had received and was quite excited. It was a very hot summer and I had thrown my work shirt and stood in a sweaty sleeveless T-shirt. Although I am a few years past the magic 50 I feel in good shape and think I keep me well. I had forgotten I had Bh on that day and did not notice that my large breasts swung back and forth while I eagerly told how what should stand. Moreover, it is just my son and not an alien craft. I so well he looked but did nothing in it.

In fact, it was only when he went past mom son incest porn me and tried secretly to look into my cleavage. I am 165 cm tall and he is 185 cm so he should not exert themselves very much to look down at my cleavage. When he began to lose tool because he was busy elsewhere, I began to notice it. I just smiled at him and he did a great show of looking at his hands. That was when I noticed the bulge in his pants. He tried to cover it by turning around, but I liked it. To begin with, I was a bit angry. I was his mother, damn. But on the other hand, I was flattered. I was his mother, damn.

Mom Son Incest called Mama’s boy

When he got his hand caught because he had to steal a look more I had had enough. We would never be finished if the show continued much longer. We had to clear the air. I thought we both needed a break and asked him to go into the living room. He was leaning against the fireplace when I came with more to drink. While we drank a little more cold cola I looked at him with a twinkle in his eye. He smiled back and wanted to know what I was thinking. Honesty is the best as they say and I have kept me for life.

“I thought of your cock!” I said bluntly, and he was red in the face and looked frantically down. The large bulge was not to be mistaken. Yes, I was flattered. “I’m accustomed to God and each man staring at my breasts but not my own son!” He was perfectly still and real mom son incest tried to figure out if I was angry or anything. At the same time, I felt he was trying to find an excuse. He did not dare turn around to hide the bulge, why should he? I had seen it and stood and looked at it. So I beat him to it. “So I think you once and for all should be allowed to look finished.”

mom son incest
mom son incest

Without waiting I pulled the sweaty T-shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. The fresh breeze coming through the window got my nipples to stiffen a bit. My son stood with his mouth open and was losing his cola. His eyes were fixed on my heavy breasts. I’m not shy in any way. I know I have a good pair of breasts. Some years ago while it went well with my husband, he compared them with a porn model named Kelly something. He showed me a few photos and the model had a beautiful, long body, a beautiful smile, a mouth that was created to be kissed and what eyes. But I am almost in the same league as her. I am not so real mom son incest tall and weighs enough the first 10 kg more, but I live well even by selling sex on film.

My left breast is slightly larger than the right. They hang a bit, but it’s mostly because of the weight. They have large oval pink areolas and nipples are always hard when they get attention and they did it in front of my own son. He stared hungrily at them and I was even a bit excited. In a good way.

“Mother! Damn it, then! “He protested and was choking in his cola. But it got him to look away for that reason. Like all boys and men have large breasts a special kind of attraction. Even if it’s your own mother showing them off. I stood there for a moment before I went to him. the breasts swung back and forth and I admit I cradled conscious hip to put them slightly off. before he knew it, I had taken hold of both his hands and put them on my breasts. the nipples pierced his palms and almost sighed for more.

“Could not you like to play with mom’s breasts?” egging I saw him. I kept my hands in his and let him not move them. he started to say something, but before he got too far I leant forward and kissed him right on the mouth. It was completely proven. he went to a halt. It was a quick kiss, but still a better kiss than all them I had given him over real mom son incest the years. I brought his warm hands beneath each breast and let him weigh them on his own. To my great joy, he let his hands be there and it felt sexy to hell. When he began to wheeze while his large hand’s gram stopped, I knew he was sold.

“Do you not taste the mother’s breasts?” I whispered in his ear. Before he could do anything I drew his face directly into the cleavage and pressed them against him. It loved my husband, but would not admit it. He grabbed one breast with both hands and when I felt his tongue was me who gasped for breath. I whispered that he just had to do as he liked. He was allowed. Paw sighed and his warm breath on my chest was wonderfully full. He grabbed hold of the nipple and rubbed it between his fingers and it was rock hard.

I kissed him on the neck and down the throat before I let a hand glide over the bulge in his pants. At first, I thought he had a hammer butt in the pants, but when I felt the cans had to be his cock. If it was as big as I imagined it would be a party. I pulled slightly away to look down, but Paws head was in the way. I’d really see how big bulge was. It had a certain attraction for me. He let some inner inhibitions and gave my breasts a glorious place. His wet tongue was everywhere. It was delicious and I felt my pussy getting wet.

Suddenly he pulled away from my breasts. He held still below them and gram stopped. He looked into my eyes and began to say a whole lot. He loved me, he did. He thought I was delicious. He’d actually like it here we were doing. But, and he said again and again, what we did was the incest. But I would not listen. We were both adults, also there real mom son incest were not others nearby. I looked back into his eyes and wanted to know whether he had thought of her mother’s breasts while he grew up. If only he had toyed with the idea of touching my big breasts? If he had, he would not be ashamed. The kind was very natural.

While his hands fondled my breasts, he admitted that he was in a few years had played with herself with me in mind. His school friends thought he had the most delicious mother of them all. With such great tits may be a fucking party to fuck me. The I laughed and gave him a little kiss more as he answered wonderful back on. It was a lovely kiss. As I looked into his eyes, I began to pull up in his belt. His mouth opened a little, but he said nothing. I let a hand slip into and let it dance a little outside of the underpants. It throbbed in his cock and it was great. Not just horny but great. Nice big. It was stiff as an oak!

I would feel more and pulled on his pants and almost forced his hand down. The first thing that struck me was his pubic hair. There was no! When I ran her fingers slide down the cock I could feel one thick vein after another. I just had to see it! His father had a dick about 20 cm and his son, my son, may have a dick on the other side of 20 cm! And mighty much thicker! I sighed and let go of his cock and began pulling on his clothes. He released my breasts and helped. I went to his knees in front of him and as soon as he pulled down his pants jumped his eager dick. It slapped right on my cheek, leaving a wet mark. I had expected his cock would be great, but that it should be so great, I had not just seen me.

Should I guess it had to be about 25 cm and thick as my wrist! During his cock hung the mighty balls and there was a pubic hair real mom son incest anywhere! The foreskin had pulled away and mom son incest porn exposed a huge dickhead! I imagined pikhovedet almost called me, but the second I was just blown away by its size. It required an inhuman strength to stand up. I looked at my son who looked back. We both agreed that we had reached the point where we either stopped or continued. We did not say a word but just stood there.

When he put his hands on my breasts again we both knew mom son incest stories the answer. We had this where we have to continue what we had started. He bent down and began to bite at one nipple and I was about to go to. I was total wet in the panty and sighed game. With a slow movement, I found his big cock and now it was he who sighed. Pikhovedet dripped and his cock throbbed violently in my hand. My son held on both breasts and put his head down between them and allowed himself to cover them. He was breathing heavily and I loved him.

mom son incest
mom son incest

I got him pushed slightly backwards and down on the sofa. So I sat on his thighs and for the first time in my life tongue kissed my son. I sat directly on top of his thick cock and my pussy was soaking wet. He responded by hugging me completely into her and we kissed for nearly five minutes before we came up for air. So was it a trip more and I almost swallowed his tongue! I could feel his hands on my ass and then he started pulling my pants, there was nothing I would rather. I would be naked with my son!

Paw was still slightly shocked by this development, but real mom son incest also quite upset by his mother’s thinly veiled desire for sex. He looked as if he loved our bare skin so close to each other. With swift movements, he got the garbage clothes off me and we lay naked together. He buried himself between my boobs and I was looking for his nice big cock. He did not hold back and we started to become very hot.

There was no longer any doubt that we would both this here. So I took his hand and led him into my bedroom where I threw myself on the bed and he was not slow to follow me. We kissed like lovers who have not been together for a week. His hand was between my legs and caressed my pussy while I rubbed his hard cock. But before he was allowed to fuck me in the pussy I asked him to sit down on top of me. He knew immediately what I wanted. He grabbed his cock while I jammed on my breasts and soon he fucked them. It was cheeky to see the beautiful dickhead appear between the teats.

“Come on, baby! Fuck mother’s teats! Fuck them with your big cock!”

His hands grabbed my boobs and me, therefore, let my hands find under his buttocks. He was somewhat hairy, I must say. But they were tight and I’m a big believer in tight buttocks. While he fucked my tits like it was a pussy and put a spit every now and then to run better, he said. I lay and looked up at his eyes and there were Christmas lights in both. This he damn dreamed of! But there was something else he had dreamed of, not necessarily me, but with a woman in particular.

He had gone with the desire to try a prostate orgasm! One of the kinds that really empties balls and puts things in place. Whether I’d like to help him? I was fairly clear on what he meant, but he was a bit apprehensive when he asked me to stick a finger up the ass on him! But I let you talk me and rubbed long man in my wet pussy and brought it up in his asshole. It was as if his dick got another kind of rigidity as I lay there, pressing your finger into him. I imagined I actually touched the small valnøddeagtige contraption and let your finger do a little dance on it.

He gave everything he had in himself and moaned the whole time that he loved my big boobs that he loved to fuck them as he did. I moaned back and asked him to do exactly what he wanted. The bare dick glistening with juices and I tried to catch some of it but were a bit of a stiff neck. He saw what I wanted and pushed further up and pounded his cock back and forth. Now I could reach and get licked his cock head just a real mom son incest bit every time it popped up. Love the kind juices! At the same time, I was damn excited at the thought of my finger in his asshole.

He released my breasts and let me suck cock at him for a little while before he almost crammed so much cock in my mouth that I was choking. Then he sat at the top of my stomach and grabbed his proud cock. Then he ran his hand back and forth at a furious pace and I knew he wanted to get in my face. I urged him to just getting beyond me, his own mother! As soon as I said the words, Mom, it went quickly. It was as if his cock swelled and when he struck the first blow only across my nose, up the nose back up in his forehead before the next blow hit directly into my mouth.

mom son incest
mom son incest

His hand was still milking his cock and the mom son incest stories mighty balls. I was forced to close both eyes and climbed after climbing hit my face, my lips and tongue. It was many years since I had last been so much smacked to the sperm. As he came he pulled back just slightly so that also teats got a game. I’ve always loved hot cum on my breasts, it feels wonderful every time landing a fat blob. Paw was quite excited as if he had not had a release for a long time. He gasped for breath and was red in the face.

A portion of the sperm were pooled and run down between the teats and down toward the navel. Some of it ran down the side of me and down the bedclothes. I started licking me on the mouth and he tried to smile down at me. He looked briefly like to be ashamed of, to have injected so much sperm in the minds of his own mother. But rest assured, this mom loves sperm so I smiled soothing back and fished a little more of the nose. I let him hear I sank it and he relaxed a little. So he crawled to me and lay down by my side. He was little and smeared sperm into the teats and it felt kinky and delicious.

Together we rested and was refreshed. We were mom son incest porn probably a small ten minutes before he said the girlfriend thing:

“I love you, Mom! Can not I fuck you?”

I looked down at his dick and stood at full mast. I had forgotten how young men just like to get an erection. But mom son incest stories I suspect it probably was prohibited to have sex with his mother. I nodded and did not say much. I spread my legs and in a jiffy, he lay on top of me. I helped his dick inside as he frantically fumbled with his cock. While I noticed how my pussy was filled out in a way I had never experienced, found his mouth my and we kissed the first several minutes while he fucked me. He could really move his mom son incest porn hips, I must say. It was not long before he was depressed and there he was while we kissed.

It was not long before I got the first orgasm. I twisted my legs around his abdomen and pushed her pussy against him and he went in earnest for gold. He had also been a good tripping over my face and tits and could hold a bit longer. I got the cock as it sang in bed, our bodies slapping together with loud noises, but we had no eyes for anything but the next orgasm. I got probably a couple more before he moaned completely underneath that he was about to come.

mom son incest
mom son incest

He was allowed to continue mom son incest stories mom son incest porn its deep shock in my mom son incest stories pussy and when he came he pushed his big cock so high up I was about to swoon! Again and again, he came to the bottom while he kissed me. Our tongues were almost numb at the time. He bit stuck in my lower lip and I knew it was now. He held his breath and I sensed that his cock grew while the emptied in my mind. I put the nails on his side and came with him and our moans filled the whole bedroom.

Long was we just found and returned to the real mom son incest stories world. He came first and was licking my tits for the salty taste of sperm, something he always did on his girlfriends, he said. When I bit by would soak up some of his cocks, I was not allowed for long. It was sore! But when we went to shower together was the little new life and I was licking cock but without sperm. When we again stood in the kitchen we gave up for the rest of the day and went to the good Indian restaurant on the corner and got eaten through. Sex with his son can really sharpen one’s appetite.

My son’s fascination with my big boobs has lasted. He comes over all the time and we help each other in every possible way. As a general rule, he emptied his balls every time with me, either in addition to my big boobs and like yesterday, directly into my mouth! So there is something special about a big mouthful of sperm!

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