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When I am here, more a week after thinking mature sex stories back, so I was slightly surprised that the phone rang. Not surprised that it as such called, but surprised to hear an unknown and tearful female voice in the tube. It was last Friday. It was just after seven in the evening.

“Yes,” I began short, because for me, it mature gay sex stories was an unknown number. “Hi, it’s me,” began a mushy voice low. I pressed the phone closer to your ear.

“Well then,” I replied map and perhaps mature sex stories a bit too obtuse. It sounded like a young woman. One who had been crying and I got it sound as if it all loomed me a stick.

Strange that your voice can make it sound like that, but I do not know any young women who would complain his mature gay sex stories distress to me.

I assumed it had to be someone else, she should have been called, but in her despair, she had just pressed the wrong.
There was no reason why I intervened in it. I waited nicely for she continued. It was, after all, she who had called.

“It’s just me,” she repeated low. I hesitated.
The voice I had heard before, but where? I mature sex stories could not place it.
While I held the phone close to your ear, began my brain cells working at high pressure. I had to gain time.

“I’m also pretty sure it is,” replied my vocal cords fast and automatic. The humorous part of my brain that controlled my vocal cords quickly and efficiently.

It used it to be good. Maybe not the best in this situation, but that’s part of my brain so insensitive.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed and for a moment I feared that she broke the connection. A little later I heard faintly a mature gay sex stories few sniffles and I swore my joke far away.

My Former Neighbor’s Daughter

“No, no, sorry. It was just me trying to be funny,” I explained and continued apologetically: “I’ve heard your voice before, but I can not remember from where.”

She sniffled a little and whispered quietly: “It’s too long ago. It is Mathilde …. unless you can remember me.”

“Mathilde,” I repeated surprised. Pictures of an intelligent and handsome young girl appeared on my mind. I felt a bit inside a diving bell, when she and her deep blue eyes looked searchingly at me.

I had palpitations every time she did it. I felt trapped by her eyes and of her being, and feeling split me in two.

The first part of me felt an urge to pull this mature girl to me. Quite careful, as if she were made of the finest porcelain.

I was thinking thoughts, a man who was more mature sex stories than 40 years older, should not think. The other part of me was so terrible about the first part, it sent me straight into purgatory mature gay sex stories.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

I did not know what to believe, or think about myself. I forced myself to pretend nothing. It had to be the best.

“Of course I remember you,” I said kindly. Mathilde and her parents had lived next door to me. Many times when I went and rummaged in the garden, she suddenly helped me.

She was always in a good mood and was not afraid to tackle. A few years ago, her parents had suddenly sold the house and moved. Back then, Mathilde been 16 years.

I had sometimes random met Mathilde inside the city. We had talked a few minutes before we went to separate again. Otherwise we had not had any contact.

“It sounds like you’re sorry,” I said welcoming and wondered that it was just me that she called when she felt that way.

Mathilde sniffled a little further. “It’s not as bad as it sounds.”, She replied, “I have a little trouble with guys.” “Well, for the” I replied and did not really know what else to say.

“It’s a little hard to explain,” continued Mathilde. Now mature gay sex stories she talked clearly enough. I took off the phone pressed against your ear.

“This is the kind of course”, I tried helpfully. The stack shown not particularly deep, that with the guy.

“I am doing a job and I should be finished by Monday. I have come to a standstill because of it,” she explained. “Yes, broken hearts can stop many things,” I replied understanding.

“No, I think you misunderstand me. It’s not because of a guy, but because of guys in general,” she answered quickly and before I could answer, continued her: “You once said that if I got use help, so I just had to tell. ”

The change of scenery really caught me. “Yes, I remember,” I replied, first and paused for a moment while I thought back. I had one of the times she had helped me, it offered.

“This obviously is still,” I hastened to say and regretted it the moment I’d said it.

I let resigned look around inside the room while I was thinking, “Idiot, why in the world you learn never to shut up.” My eyes stopped at a spot on the wall. I had a new thought: “Why had I never seen it before?”

I furrowed his eyebrows and stared. It did not help. It was still there. “Where the hell does it come from?”, I thought and shook his head. Typically, just as you get cleaned, so there was still ‘toil dirty.

“What then?” I put in as there was silence at the other end. I still staring at the stupid spot. It annoyed me.
“It’s sweet that you can remember it,” said Mathilde with a bright and happy voice. “Strange that you can change the mood so fast”, I thought and moved his eyes from the spot and down on my friend Friday.

My beloved cognac very beautiful lay in a shapely glass, I had bought at exorbitant several years ago.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

“Of course I remember,” I managed to say before she interrupted me:

“I see you are at home ….”. Gradually there was was heading toward my brandy glass, stopped in the middle of its movements.
“Fuck, shit”, I thought and stood up surprised. I looked quickly out the window. Sure enough, down the road kept a foreign car. A small turquoise one.

“Yes, I ….” I began, and paused for a moment when I saw a pair of large wings to fly away with my beloved night off.

“You’re not guests,” interjected her. I sat down again and looked over at my friend Friday, my cognac that stood on the coffee table. It was still half full.

The shimmering little for my eyes and I saw a few big guns show up. As in a mist, I saw the smoke from them as they shot at the wings that bore my night off.

Little by relieved smoke and all I could see was a small dark spot along the wall. “Damn it” reached a couple of my active brain cells to think. The rest had gone into a kind of shock.

I wanted to cry, but I straightened back. It probably was not a man who allowed himself to crack, just because there occurs a minor disaster.

I had to pull myself together. “No, I do not have guests,” I replied as neutral as I could.
“Can I come?” She asked questioningly. I made a few despairing glance off the living room. “How on earth can I allow myself to say no now”, I thought and replied: “Of course, you are always welcome.”

I just heard Mathilde say “okay” before she disconnected. I looked shame down on the phone before I put the still on the coffee table.
“Sorry, I have certainly not enjoyed you tonight,” I said resignedly to my cognac. It was like letting go of a dear friend. A friend you once a week was visiting. A friend was appreciated.

I sat for a few seconds before I with heavy legs raised me. Took a deep breath and tense dressing gown extra hard about life. I looked down myself.
It was perhaps not the right outfit to be in when you got guests. Certainly not if they showed that I was naked under my robe.

I saw certain strange out of it, but it was not fifteen minutes ago, I had come out of the bath. There was no shallow to pull in party clothes now, when the evening in a way was already destroyed.

It could not be different. Orkede it simply is not. After a few seconds of hesitation, I went supine into bygone and locked up.

When I opened the door, it was as if the world changed with one. Got a better place to be.
Up the stone-paved footpath came Mathilde with a small tablet under his arm. It was as if she pushed all the negative thoughts away.

I stood and looked at her. She was even more endearing than I remembered.

The semi-long hair that fluttered in the wind, slipped by and down over one of her eyes before the breeze again removed the hair.
The eyes that looked up at me, had the blue hue that had always been my heart to beat faster and stronger. I loved the color.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

I forced my gaze from the eyes and slowly let his gaze downward. Under the thin black blouse, I could see her bulging breasts that easily shaky gave every time she took a step.

Markings of her nipples seen through blouse and was like a few magical objects that dazzled the eyes that watched them. I had to force the gaze down, not to be trapped by their hypnotic attraction.

My eyes saw a pair of skintight jeans that sat molded onto her curvy body. Jeans accounted clear her waist. The hips dancing to the beat of her time, seemed incredibly provocative and sensual.

But it was her nature and especially her eyes, I mature anal sex stories felt trapped by.

“Hi,” she smiled, revealing a row of white teeth. Her voice woke me from the trance I had been in. “Hello,” I said, slightly dazed.

I had forgotten all about my ruined night off and stepped gracefully to side, as she entered. The scent of her perfume, hit my nostrils. It was discreet, but exotic.

Again I felt how she just by his presence, could turn the legs out from under me. Could get me completely under the floorboards. I took our age difference into account, so irritated that feeling me.

I, who somehow became a clown, in my own masquerade games, could not …. no, may not feel that way. It was just … Yes, and again I had to just pretend nothing.

“Welcome to,” I said smiling and friendly, although I felt how I had to fight not to reveal my imbalance.

“I do not have so much to offer,” but let’s go into the living room, “I continued, pointing with the index finger in the direction of the living room. I closed and locked the door before I followed.

Mathilde, who knew the road was gone a little in advance. I followed without saying anything while I looked at her dancing bales rocked from side to side.

I shook my head slightly above my thoughts and had, if I then had even self-respect back, start getting brain to function normally.

“Use your brain, your otter”, I thought, but it did mature anal sex stories not stick, I felt.

“Yes, yes”, I thought, “on the other hand, then you were probably not a piece of stag for nothing when his eyes saw a few swaying hips. Unimaginable that one’s compass becomes confused when Peck takes over “, I continued my thinking.

I was unhappy with my lack of active brain cells into the living room just after Mathilde.

” You drink still cognac on Friday, “said Mathilde with a smile and pointed at my cognac glass that stood on the coffee table.

“Yes, it is shown become somewhat of a tradition by now,” I replied with a wry smile and added: “Sit down finally. Want to Ha ‘one Cognac or would you rather let the piercing rum cola, or just a Coke? … .. Yes, I have nothing else, “I said regretfully and glanced at her.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

The short second was enough for our eyes met and again I felt how in a split second, lay and swam somewhere on it blue ocean. Inside I laughed a little about myself and the feelings I had when she looked at me.

“Just a Rome cola”, she replied and sat down on the couch. I nodded kindly and took quick cola in the fridge and rum in drinks cabinet.

“You’ll probably even mixture ratio”, I said and put it all in front of her. maybe it was rude, but I did not know about Rome in cola and certainly not to its proportions.

“of course,” replied Mathilde and immediately mature anal sex stories began screw the lid of the rum. “are you still single?” she asked as she poured rum into the jar.

A little wondering about the question, I looked over at her. “Yes, I am,” I replied, “I’m probably been a little strange with the time. “I hesitated for a moment and added dry,” Okay then remove it in time. ”

Mathilde sat ROM from him and started to laugh. “As you however can say it,” she replied with a laugh, “but I will rather say special …… in a good way.”

The eyes that always made my heart beat faster, looked searchingly at me. I could spend hours looking into them, but I could not allow myself.

I could dream, but no more. I forced my gaze over at my friend Friday. My cognac.
I did not know what to say, but took her remark as a compliment.

I grabbed my cognac. The I felt comfortable with. It was was like an old friend, one I knew. The taste of cognac, filled my taste buds as I took a sip of it.

As I looked into the glass, slid the cognac down the throat. It did well. There was something reassuring about this cognac. It had taken me several years to find this particular one. It was pricey, but I felt that it was worth every penny.

“You talked about a task you were stuck with,” I mature anal sex stories said as the taste of the brandy began to wane. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see she put cola bottle down and took her tablet.

After a few taps on the screen, she looked quickly at me before she again moved gaze down on it.

“The task is basically easy enough,” she began, “I just need to put some artwork on. That’s what I can find out. It’s all on my tablet.”

Mathilde took a sip of her rum before she continued: “I have asked some boys from the class, but for some reason, they think that it’s a date. Or they have some belief that it was what I meant. I do not want the boys “.

The way she said it, made me look twice at her. “Do not bother boys?”.

It came as a bit of a surprise. I thought for, I could not remember that she had ever come along with. Not in the time they lived next door to me. I would have noticed. She could well be a lesbian, no I showed it.

I could not say I was disappointed with my discovery, because in a sense made no difference. For I was so much older that it had no importance.

Yes, although I probably had the desire for a closer acquaintance, so it did not help if it only went one way. The kind you would really like to be two on.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

Anything but equally so was the likelihood she had, probably less than if I were to win the big lottery prize. So much mature anal sex stories  was I was as aware of, but ….

I had to admit that I loved captivated by her, except I could do nothing about any of it.

For a brief moment I swore my age far away, without me this really meant it. I had of course had my time.

While I was thinking, had Mathilde found the task ahead. I bowed slightly forward when I would read the small print that shone out of the screen.

“It is because Microsoft Word for Android you use,” I began, “so you should then be able to do it during insertion.” Mathilde looked at me. “So try,” she replied card and handed me her tablet.

“I have enough for thick fingers,” I replied, but took her anyway tablet.

“There nothing you can not see,” she replied, when I got it in your hand. I leaned back on the sofa while I looked at the small screen. Out of my eye I saw Mathilde again reached for her glass.

This time she took a mouthful. I moved my attention back to the small screen. “Okay, so are you even asking for it,” I replied teasingly and laughed easily.

I pressed a few times on the screen. The screen flickering a few times and suddenly there appeared a picture up. Not an image I had chosen, but a picture filled the whole screen.

I sat for a few seconds while I stared amazed. It looked like a selfie. A black and white picture of a naked woman. Her breasts were large and heavy. A few small nipples looked almost like a pair of eyes on me. I sank mouth water.

She was shaved and weak, I might suspect her labia. She was incredibly sexy. Without face and in black and white, she was difficult to judge the age, but I shot her to be in his mid-twenties.

I threw a quick glance at Mathilde. Had she discovered something?

I thought not. She sat still with her glass in her hand and looked like someone who had seen the spot myself a little earlier had seen.

I was suddenly glad for the spot. It gave me time. Again, I moved curious gaze down on the small screen. I wonder who she was? It struck me suddenly that it could be Mathilde’s girlfriend.

I got a bad conscience that I kind of sat down and looked at her private photos. I felt compelled to quickly possible, to remove the image from the screen again. I could not but be aware.

I pressed a few times on the screen. As expected, the image disappeared. I pressed again and a little surprising to me, there appeared a new image up.

This time in color, but it was the same woman. The picture was taken from a different angle and this time was the lower part of the face with. I looked searchingly at the picture. The snag?

I looked amazed at Mathilde, when it dawned on me that it was a picture of her. It had always been her eyes that had caught my attention.

Of course, I think she was sexy, but it was her eyes I saw. It was they who had always made me feel insecure and curse my age long gone.

That she was so sexy, so I only now. I moved his eyes to the screen.

Out of my eye I saw Mathilde put his head back, to empty the glass. I sat still and looked at the picture as Mathilde suddenly turned towards me.

Almost per. Automatic I turned the screen away so she could not see. “What are you looking at?” She asked, curious. “I ……” I began, but stopped when her gaze hit my. Those eyes.

I gulped suddenly came in the throat. After some time I got back control of my voice. “I’m afraid I have come to see some pictures I should not have seen,” I said and turned my hand.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

I did it because I was impressed with mature group sex stories how sexy she was. I expected nothing but how to say a man of 58 to a girl of 18 she is incredibly sexy, no she should feel some form anxiety, or disgust. Especially when we sat alone and I had just seen naked pictures of her.

Mathilde sat as stiff and looked at the picture. “Fuck, I thought I had deleted them,” I heard her say low. I looked again at the picture.

“I remove it,” I tried helpful and began tapping the screen. “No, you can not see the video,” for it out of Mathilde and hold out after her tablet.

Surprised by her reaction, I moved automatically hand backwards. A second later, was my face buried between her breasts.

She stiffened, but remained standing in the same position. They feel soft against my face. Even if I wanted to press my face even more against them, I pulled his head back a little to look up at her.

She looked down at me. Again met our eyes. “You’re lovely,” I whispered and smiling up at her. She smiled back. “Your bandit”, she whispered to me. I nodded, although I did not quite felt like one.

I put an arm fast about her life, for her to become.

“Am I really?” I asked low. Mathilde chuckled. Glanced over me and sat on top of my thighs. She blinked a few times with his eyes while she sat quietly and looked at me. “I believe it,” she whispered after a while.

I laughed low while I put her tablet on the couch. Mathilde looked briefly down to it, before she looked at me.

Her eyes had a different glow. Seemed mature group sex stories more dreamy. I leaned back against the backrest of the couch and let his hands slip up on her hips.

I was in no hurry, even though a wave of excitement began to run through my body. With a smile, shook Mathilde head slightly and began to unbutton her blouse.

I, who had enjoyed the moment, woke up. “Let me,” I said, eager and moved his hands to the buttons of the shirt and began to unbutton.

Mathilde put her hands behind my neck as she followed my fingers slowly unbuttoned one button after another. After the last button was buttoned up, I pulled the sweater down over her shoulders and bared her breasts.

I sat breathless and enjoy the sight of them. They seemed both larger and more inviting in reality.

Dick until now, had remained calm, began to stir. It began to press against my dressing gown, who kindly gave, the more it arose.

I put my hands over the breasts, they could not cover them, even though my hands were like a couple of shovels. I slowly began to massage them.

They feel soft and I felt how Mathilde’s nipples began to bristle inside the hand.

The cock that was about to be rigid, had moved dressing gown so much to the affected Mathilde crotch. A little surprised Mathilde looked down. “Oh, now,” she said with a smile, “It seems then that I have too many clothes on.”

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

I nodded, “You’ve shown,” I laughed sincerely mature group sex stories and eagerly. She got up and started to pull it. While piecemeal exposing her body, I sat and looked hungry up on her.

She was incredibly sexy. I løsende dressing gown, just before she sat down on top of me again. She pushed her shaven venus mountain up against my cock.

Her breasts that gently swayed in front of me seemed irresistible. I bowed my way while I alternately kissed one and then the other nipple.

Slowly, I began to spend more and more time on each of them. With lips I began to bite on them slightly. The warts were hard, as if to tell me that it was just the one I should concentrate on.

With one of the nipples in his mouth, pressed Mathilde suddenly my face against his chest. I lost my breath for a moment, but was glad her reaction.

I heard she moaned as I gently began to bite the nipple. It feels like a little raisin. I let his hands slide down on her buttocks and pulled her up a bit. Pik shaft slid up against her clitoris caused her to moan even louder.

With both of my hands on her buttocks, I began to knead them. The labeled nice solid. Mathilde, who began to sit incredible, pushed her abdomen upwards so that my cock slid up between her labia.

A short time prick on her clitoris before it drove up between her labia.

I could feel how my cock pressed against her vaginal opening and was a little surprised that she was already so on. The moisture almost drive from her pussy and down my cock.

Mathilde removed her hands from my neck and placed them on my wrists as she shot the ass backwards. The cock slipped up slightly in her.

I moaned loudly into her chest when I felt his cock head slid into her cave. Pussy was tight, warm and moist. Slowly, she began to tilt the abdomen backwards and forwards.

For each tilt, slipped more and more of his cock into her. Mathilde shot shoulders back and chest out. I took it as a further invitation and let the gentle lips bite at one of the nipples.

Trak head slightly back until her lips mature group sex stories lost their roofs. The chest fell slightly shaky back. Over to the other breast and I looked excitedly at it until it calmed down.

The nipples were long and hard. With mouth open and half-closed eyes, I saw how Mathilde came in my leg.

Mathilde was slowly pick up the pace. The abdomen rocked faster and faster. I noticed how she almost convulsive kept on my wrist while she moaned louder and louder.

Her breasts who danced in time with her mature anal sex stories movements made me give up my chest breeze.

I promise abdomen up enough I could topple her on her side, with one leg on each side of me. “Do not worry,” I whispered tenderly to her and kissed her nose.

Mathilde looked at me with surprise and crept into me. “Is quite calm,” she moaned softly and kissed my shoulder.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

I chuckled quietly. “I know,” I said, “but you find it easy to get me to come.” I said it because I wanted to praise her, but because I felt that this was how it was. I saw Mathilde smile.

I pulled his cock out of her, kissed her again on the nose before I slipped between her legs and onto the floor. Put her hands behind her buttocks and pulled the bum to the edge.

With a leg on each side of my head, I let his tongue run a trip up her labia. She tasted wonderful.

I stuck my tongue in between her labia and let it run up to her clit where I let it run in circles on it. Slow and soft movements, around and around and over it.

Mathilde moaned again loudly, while I worked her clit. Mathilde put both her hands behind my neck and pressed my face hard against her clitoris.

She began rocking the abdomen up and mature group sex stories down and with my whole mundtøj buried around her clitoris, I could create a slight vacuum around it.

I let his tongue play with it while I looked up at mature women sex stories Mathilde. She sat with closed eyes and groaned loudly in the living room.

Slowly I heard how her breathing changed. It was faster and deeper until I felt small and fast vibrations that came mature gay sex stories from her base.

Aware that she was close to her orgasm, I stood fast. Shrugging her legs out to each side and put his cock against her labia.

They almost sucked his cock head inside when I touched them. I looked excitedly down between her legs and saw how his cock disappeared cm cm up into her until it was completely down.

There I let it rest for a few seconds before I pulled the cock back slightly. Slowly, my moves further and further, until his cock running in and out to its full length.

In the beginning, long and slow movements mature anal sex stories while I was quiet and calm slowed up.

I looked down at Mathilde. She lay on her back with her eyes closed as she moaned louder and louder. Breasts lying and danced as my shock, stopped partly because I laid my hands on them.

I pushed them together so that they stood up as two small mountains. The spiky nipples, I took between my index finger and thumb and began squeezing them gently.

Mathilde grip again convulsively on my wrists, as mature gay sex stories to have something to hold onto.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

Her expression changed suddenly and with mature women sex stories one I felt how Mathilde orgasm came. It came a split second before she screamed her orgasm out in the living room mature group sex stories.

I, which was partially unprepared, so that it came like a tsunami over her. Her pussy suddenly began to make strong convulsions.

The feeling that started way down to the root of his cock continued up the shaft, over his cock head. They came fast one after the other and felt like waves that worked up by Peck.

It feels as if they came with centimeters. The cramps that feel like a gentle milking my cock was fierce and even though I mature anal sex stories felt that I was not close to my orgasm, so it came with a tremendous force.

I pushed his cock in the bottom when I shot my first load into her while I roared my orgasm out through the lungs. I had never experienced such a sudden release. It quivered throughout my abdomen and I snapped forward.

My orgasm spasm tried to force his cock further a few millimeters up to her.

Time after time I felt how I got shot my load into her.
Mathilde’s not quite had come over her orgasm continued to milking my cock for the last meager drops that was.

I was lying partly on top of her and blew out mature women sex stories while I noticed how her orgasm left her abdomen.

Slowly I got control of myself and turned his face up against her. Her eyes were closed as she lay panting. Her cheeks had a faint pinkish glow.

I let a thumb slide lovingly over her cheek. A little later I could see a little smile on her lips. “It was great,” I whispered. She mature gay sex stories nodded weakly, “Yes, very,” she replied, low back.

I was a little while I noticed how the cock began to shrink until it was so lax that it slipped out of her.

I crawled on my knees, away from her legs. Lifted them up and put them on the couch, and then I even climbed up and lay down beside her.

I looked at Mathilde. There were some locks of hair across her face as I gently removed.

Gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You’re a mature anal sex stories bit of a robber,” I whispered low, without I could help but smile.

Mathilde opened her eyes. “Why?” She whispered. “You know,” I replied softly and suddenly remembered about the video. “What is there on the video” I asked curious.

Mathilde looked teasingly at me. “There is no video,” she replied, smiling as she blinked one eye, “but something I had to do.” She closed smiling eyes again.

I looked at her in surprise when I began to mature women sex stories understand that she had partially planned it. “Now it’s all my turn to ask: Why?”. I said it lovingly and low.

Mathilde opened her eyes again. “Because you ARE a bandit,” she whispered low back and put her head against my chest. I put my arms around her while I laughed shaking his head at her response.

Shortly after she whispered, “Do you have a bed?”.
I pulled his head back and looked again at her. “I sleep’s not on the floor, so yes, I have as a bed. Actually, I have a few. Have you then no?” I asked teasingly.

“Uuugg”, said the Mathilde, as she with a clenched fist struck me affectionately on the chest. “You know what I mean” she continued, and pushed back his head against my chest.

mature sex stories
mature sex stories

I laughed low. “Of course I know it,” I replied mature women sex stories affectionately and kissed her on the mouth. I was in no hurry. I wanted to enjoy the moment where she snuggled up to me. It also gave me time. Time to understand …… ..

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