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It’s liberating to read that there are bestiality sex other girls who have sex with their dog. For many years I have gone and felt that my sex life with Rolf, my lovely golden retriever, was something real bad thing as I was all alone with, and I’ve always been terribly bestiality sex stories embarrassed about it. Not in the sense that I now think it’s alright, but it’s good to talk about it, so I at least not all alone with my little peculiar sexual habits

First I tell that I am a great , not very pretty girl of 29 years, and have never had a real girlfriend. I work on a bestiality sex stories large farm, which is primarily a pig farm, but of course also cultivate the land. I work in the field as a machine operator. The owner has bought a part småejendomme in the neighborhood, and I live in the farmhouse on one of them. It is beautifully situated, ca. 1 km from the road down a dead end road, and the garden goes up against a forest. This is where I live undisturbed my “secret” life with Rolf.

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It all started when I was a young agricultural student very often had the farm dog in the field. It liked to run with beside bestiality sex stories the tractor. A nice spring day, I had put me in a fence to urinate. The dog had apparently slipped behind me, for when I got up a bit to dry myself, I felt its cool nose in the crotch. I pushed it away, made me finish, pulled coveralls on and continued the work. But in the evening, as I lay in my bed, I was hot between the legs by thinking about the feel of the dogs nose right there, and it was a long time the imagination I used when I finger gave myself an orgasm.

When I was in the field far away from the farm, I bestiality sex stories had strangely urinate very often, and it was almost not intentionally, the dog got a little too easy access to my pussy and ass. He was allowed a few quick candy before I dried myself with the paper from his breast pocket. But these almost everyday experiences did my fantasies even more content-rich, and my orgasms reached new heights.

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A summer Sunday, it was real. Late in the morning I went down the dirt road to see if there was enough water for the cattle that went into a meadow right out in the remotest part of the farm lands. As always ran the dog. When we were well hidden from everyone and everything, I made ready to pee. I pulled the pants and panties completely and sat squatting.

Bestiality Sex With My Dog

The dog was immediate and when I had urinated, I moved a little away from the wet spot and sat in the grass. The dog sniffed at my pee, but quickly came over and pressed his nose between my thighs. I let your knees fall to the sides and the dog licking was even more beautiful than I had imagined in my nocturnal fantasies.

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Shortly after I started at agricultural college, and in that time it was not more than fantasies. After school I got the job I have now. Shortly after I had moved in on the small property, I bought Rolf, a lovely golden retriever puppy. The very first evening I took it to bed. Absolutely no sexual intentions, just because it was so small and cute, and whined because it was sad to be alone. The first several weeks it was allowed to lie under the covers with me.

I clearly remember the chilling lovely feeling when your puppy first sniffed me between the legs under the covers, and gradually began to lick my crotch without natbukserne. Before long, I went to bed without pants, and I got some great orgasms by puppy licked me long and nice while I used the fingers down there. One of the best ways was when I was on the side with your knees drawn up to her breasts. So could Rolf lie down and lick from behind while I finger playing with dune.

Rolf was probably barely a year old, I was for the first time really aware that it was not only his tongue, which could give me joy. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, when we had been out on a good hike through the woods. He was dirty, and I gave him a bath. When I was starting to dry him, I saw that his red hundepik peeped out of the hairy sleeve. I could not help but grasp the sleeve and gently let the hand run back and forth. He looked up in surprise at me, fidgeted bestiality rape sex stories nervously first, but stiffened so and stood still. I let him, let him out of the bathroom and went into the bath.

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When I sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee, just wearing my bathrobe, came Rolf and sat down in front of me. He put his head on my thigh, and I scratched his neck while I was on television looked at a forgettable fight there. Without that I really noticed how it happened, he got his nose under the robe, and was in the process of crushing his head down between your thighs. Slowly I was hot down there.

I let him shove my legs apart and pushed me forward on the edge of the couch, then with his tongue could reach both pussy and bum. He fidgeted nervously around while he snout and tongue worked my steps and I saw again his red cock sticking out of the holster. Cautiously I stuck one foot under his belly and toes I touched his smooth limb. He forgot now all about licking.

He raised his head, jumped up and held with the forelegs on my thigh, and cut the abdomen in an attempt to fuck my leg. His penis was growing and it was dripping on me and on the carpet. He was very anxious now, and I sat down and took the hand of his slimy hundepik. Rolf cut loose and came further and further over me and was teen bestiality sex stories  repeatedly pushing through my head back on the couch.

I pushed him away, got up and fetched a towel, which I spread out on the sofa. Here I was with some difficulty Rolf to lie on its side and hand rubbed me his dick until it splashed some long rays out of my arm and the towel. When it was over, jumped Rolf down on the floor, went on his blanket, lay down and began to lick his dick bestiality rape sex stories clean. Red cheeks gave myself to clean up, and went out in the shower to wash away the sperm of me. With the water jet and my fingers, I gave myself a long nice release.

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I was still warm and quivering when I in a jogging bestiality rape sex stories went and made dinner. Did not really know how this experience would develop. I opened a bottle of red wine, drank part of it while I made dinner, and after dinner I took the hole on another bottle.

Rolf lay on the floor under the coffee table, and teen bestiality sex stories  slightly drunk, I lay down on the floor and scratched him. First, behind the ears, then down the side and into the stomach. He came out on the floor and we stumbled around a bit. I let him sniff at me while I hand grabbed his pikhylster and he was again very keen. Attempts Shown I put me on all fours, and Rolf jumped up at me from the side, but quickly got fat around my body with the front legs, and went immediately started to encounter its hundepik against my buttocks outside of his pants.

I got pushed pants and panties down around her knees. My pussy was wet with lust. Rolf came and came, but even though I tried to control him in place with one hand, failed to get him into me.

Intoxicated by wine and lust I got up, kicked teen bestiality sex stories  the pants completely and almost ran into the bedroom with Rolf heels. Here I sat right on the edge of the bed with wide spread knees, and after a few large candy I got him to stand with the hind legs down on the floor and legs up on the bed on either side of me. I grabbed the large tuber on his cock and got me pushed into a position so I could control him inside me.

Rolf felt the wet heat in my pussy and began immediately to encounter. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I bestiality rape sex stories dared not get a dick because I was afraid of the big tuber. It grew and grew. How it felt anyway. Rolf just cut loose. I felt him hit the bottom of my pussy. The orgasm rolled over me, and I could hardly stand it. when I tried to teen bestiality sex stories  push him down he growled cards and fortatte. Shortly after he froze, and I noticed how he pumped his hundesæd into me. A few seconds later he turned around, jumped and walked leisurely in and lay down on his blanket.

I stumbled into the bathroom, washed me clean, took the pajamas and went to bed. Dazed. Confused. And nice satiated.

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Interracial Sex Stories Inside My House

My great experience occurred when I was 15years. As a interracial sex stories teenager dangers hormones around the body, and not least in the dick. Every day I came home from school, I rushed to my room to play cock. Then one day when I was all alone at home, I crept into my parents’ bedroom, so I do not quite right. I fumbled interracial sex stories around in cupboards and drawers, and found, among other things my dad’s porn magazines as I sat down to look in. After a while I was well horny, and sat and rummaged in my mother’s drawer with underwear and stockings.
I wonder how it will feel and wear I thought. I took only a pair of black panties on, then garter belt and black stockings. It felt crazy, dick stood horizontally and was about to blow the substance in the thin panties. Then I found a pair of high-heeled shoes, and got pinched me into them. Whaaauu it was good enough new and become so horny by having women’s clothing on. So I lay on the bed, pulled the briefs slightly to the side and slipped my total cock out and masturbated at full pressure.
Suddenly the door opened and my mother came into the bedroom, what are you doing she asked surprised. I was obviously ecstatic shy and embarrassed. I could not get a word of my lips. She just stood there and looked, and I was with my by now half-cock in interracial sex stories his hand. She broke the ice with a little smile and said that it did not do anything that I explored my sexuality by trying her lingerie. I sat still with his heart in his throat and did not know what to say or do.
Then she asked if it was something I had experimented with for a long time, that is, to go with her lingerie. No I stammer, this is the first time I try it. Okay but it looks as little naughty out when you, clothe you mother’s lingerie, she says with a cheeky wink. Is that something you tell Dad, I ask hesitantly?No, he does not need interracial sex stories to know it’s our little secret. Mother asks as I have tried to be with a girl, or whether I am for boys now when I kind of go and get dressed in lingerie. I must admit that I still have my debut for good with the girls, and in terms of boys then it is not my interest. Yes, yes it is for you to say, but then you have to prove it. How do I say questioning?
Mother smiling sweet and slightly seductive, she starts quietly and take her clothes off. When she is only wearing a bra and panties, she just so slow to me. She pushes me gently down on the bed and whispers “Now I will make you a real man”. Well do I stammer, more do not I said before her big breasts being pressed against my mouth. Isn’t interracial sex stories so much talk, candy my breasts groans she said. I thought it was a total game and lie here in bed with mom, that was incest. But huh fuck it, I could feel my cock was starting to stir again.
Now I will give you a real blowjob Mom said, and then she quietly began and suck and lick my gradually cock. Nåå it’s probably something you like she whispers hoarsely, and then she true interracial sex stories licks balls and perineum into the anus. I was wildly excited by the treatment, and asked her to stop for a bit. But no, instead she pressed a finger into the anus took g point and sucked on my cock. The treatment I could not resist, so I came in a huge orgasm and sprayed my cum far down her throat and over her face and big breasts. Was it nice whispered mother, and I could promise her that it was.

I Aam Surprised By Mom

interracial sex stories
interracial sex stories

Now it’s your turn to lick me, she true interracial sex stories said as she quietly led my head down to her pussy. I licked the best I could and fondling her pussy. The more she moaned the more certain I was that I did it right. When she eventually was well excited she asked me to stop for a moment. What, I asked, she leaned over to the nightstand, opened the drawer and found a tube of lube and a large true interracial sex stories dildo. Then she asked me to take some lube on my fingers. Now I will teach you what fist fucking is, she whispered. First I had quietly manipulate kitty with middle fingers on the man. Gradually I should also use the ring finger and finally the little finger. Now she was by now really horny and the juices run down her thighs. You may try to also get your thumb with in, she moaned.
I tried quietly if I could, and suddenly slipped my whole hand into her soaking wet pussy. And most definitely if there true interracial sex stories was not space now must be as straight inserted she has given birth to three children through time, so her pussy was slightly larger with time. She moaned and writhed on the sheet while I quietly masturbated her with my whole hand up in her pussy.
“Take the dildo and fuck me in the ass” she whispered hoarsely. I pressed quietly dildo against mom’s anus and then slid true interracial sex stories into. It was a strange feeling and having one hand buried deep in her pussy and then felt a spinning dildo through the thin piece of meat into the anus. In a short time Mum came in a huge orgasm where the juices even splashed out of her. Thank she whispered, you’re good enough teachable. Then we lay and caressed a little with each other, and my cock began and stir again. “Your little hottie, is you and gets horny on your old mother” she smiled. I still had her underwear true interracial sex stories on and was getting good warm. She got up quietly, and climbed on top of me, spread the buttocks slightly and brought my cock into her pussy. Then she began quietly and raise and lower it. My cock drove in and out in an increasingly accelerated pace, while moaning mother more and more. While we fucked she lay quietly backwards so I could get up, I took her legs up on my shoulder and humping on as one occupied. Suddenly I felt a strange tingling sensation in his cock, it was the mother who had taken the dildo and stopped it up her ass. So now she double udblokket, which also had its effect on me, I came into an orgasm so I both saw the sun and stars.
When I came to myself again lay mother and smiled blissfully and asked if it was good. I could of course say yes to. So you’d sex stories interracial better get my underwear again, she said with a smile. Huh with dad I asked nervously, he gets something and know about this? No, of course he will not do it, you have no desire another time? I could only nod yes to. At that moment we could hear a car come into the driveway, it was the father who came home from work. “Smut you’d better into your sex stories interracial room” Mom said as she stroked me gently over his cock.
In the evening when we sat and ate, I thought that was a little different atmosphere at the table. My mother was quite different, she sat and smiled boldly to the father and once in a while when she thought we saw it, she took him on his cock. Father pretended not to notice, but I’m sure he was pretty excited for when we were finished eating and he rose from the table, he could not quite hide his Stivert.
When I had gone to bed to sleep, drove all the day’s experience as a movie in my mind again and again.

interracial sex stories
interracial sex stories

Of course not without effect, my cock was again woken sex stories interracial up stiff and ready. While I quietly lay masturbated, I heard Mom and Dad coming up the stairs. While they tiptoed past my room I could hear the whispered and giggled as a couple honeymoon period. After a while I could not control my curiosity anymore, I simply had to see if they were doing something. I snuck out of my room and into the hallway. When I came to their door was closed but sex stories interracial there was no doubt what was happening on the other side. I went very gently on the door handle and got the door ajar, and what a sight. Father was lying on backs with his big cock straight up in the air, Mom teen interracial sex stories was and climb up and position themselves so he could lick her pussy as she arranged his cock.
While she lay there and licked sucked I could just dream about it was me, but I just stood there with my cock in his hand and masturbated quietly. How long I had been there I do not know, but father and mother fucked like mad for a very long time and it was wildly exciting and stand there and lurk. The effect did not materialize because sex stories interracial even when I could not hold me anymore, I had to push my cock up by the stomach while the sperm spurted out. Just before I crept back, I could hear father and mother came in a huge common orgasm. Now forced interracial sex I had to simply sleep, I was flat.
The next morning I woke up by the outer door slammed, it was the father who had to work, the time was only 5 so there were still three hours until I had to get up. I lay and tossed and turned but could not fall asleep again. So I stood up tiptoed past my little sibling rooms, slept like a stone, I knew. When I came to mother’s room the door was ajar, and I tiptoed in.
I slowly lifted the covers and climbed into bed. Mother was still with his back to, and slept so I put myself quietly to her. My cock began and stir as it could feel the warmth of mother’s lovely røvbalder. Then she began quietly and push your butt up against me while she was half asleep whispered I could not get enough, and I teen interracial sex stories was not going to work. Okay she thought therefore it was the father who was here with stiff cock and wanted to fuck again. Hmmm I muttered, and let my hand gently glide into her large breasts and massaging them.

interracial sex stories
interracial sex stories

While she was there, she muttered on about that it was more than most, a half hour since we last had fucked. Mmmm I replied and continued, while I ran his hand down to her hot steamy pussy. When my fingers came down scattered she quietly legs and let me get to. And what a surprise, she was a total shaved. When my fingers had been toying with her labia drive the juice almost out of her. At that moment she turned around to kiss me, and then she discovered course, it was not father. Your little hottie, what do you think you you have time in she said in a very teen interracial sex stories particular tone.
Ummm Ummm I got I stammer, I did not think you’d mind it. You then said yesterday that if I wanted again … Stop stop she interrupted me with a smile in her voice, of course I have nothing against it, and now you have already received gejlet me up again, although I first thought it was your sheep. Yes you heard right after last night we forced interracial sex got back in time in our sex life so he had suffered he should have obtained. Okay I replied, but can not we enjoy ourselves together more. Enjoy ourselves together, the more we can do that and we can also fuck if you like, she replied. But you’d better see and get started forced interracial sex before we go to and up, your siblings sleep do not all day. She should not say twice, so I threw myself on her and began and caress her big forced interracial sex plump breasts. The result did not materialize as not, she teen interracial sex stories started and snorting and panting as another horny horse. As I had worked myself down to her shaved pussy I could sense a different scent. I was a little unsure, so fragrant it not yesterday. Well, I forced interracial sexstarted quietly forced interracial sex and lick around the kitty, it was great with such a shaved pussy. As I worked my way into the outer labia, and then came the surprise. When I sign labia completely and would lick vagina came quietly trickling out. I whispered hoarsely to the mother what it was. And teen interracial sex stories she moaned back that it was sperm, your father’s sperm from when he fucked me in the morning. You may thus take when the now two on and fuck me, she answered.
It was a little strange feeling and lick pussy while that drives sperm from another. But the excitement caused me to continue, I licked for dear life and finally I could not taste the old sperm, but only the juices from the pussy. With a beat mom legs on my head and held forced interracial sex it firmly as in a vice, her abdomen was trembling and there was a little shriek and a deep sigh, and then she fell total together. A moment later she opened her smiling eyes and said it was a fantastic orgasm I had just given her. In fact, she could not remember she had so much sex in a day ever, and as varied simultaneously. Thank you, I could proudly say, but we have also been two on and fuck you. Yes it has, but it’s only two of us who know that, Dad may never know what we two are doing. As long as we two can work it out, and none of us feel any compulsion so I thought it’s okay, Mom said. I could only give her right.

interracial sex stories
interracial sex stories

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Erotic Sex Stories Of Father And Young Daughter Incest Stories

My First Erotic Young Incest Stories

When my daughter Amanda went out of high young incest stories school was her body very well developed, especially if you only looked at her breasts. In the last 3 years, they were just grown and grown and the rest of her young body had trouble keeping up with. When she turned 18, she was certainly the most beautiful teenager for the big party. One could not help but see her breasts in the beautiful dress her mother had chosen for the big day.

The breasts had grown from a modest B-cup to young incest stories a very rich F-cup in just 3 years. When her body still looked like a little girl of maybe 15 years it was visible to everyone that this girl had something others had not. In addition, it was as if her butt was the first place her body developed. To make matters worse, she had a look of a movie star glamour. Do not ask me where she gets it from, it can not be from her mother.

Not that my wife is ugly or anything. Get me right. My daughter’s development was obviously not gone past my nose. Or should I be honest to say my dick past? Again and again, I young incest sex stories was young incest stories trapped by my own fantasy about her body. But I did not look or discomfort at the thought because I loved my daughter, and I just wish one day I could show her how much.

When I stood in the shower or sat sked ended often with that I had an erection. So it was that my little fantasy about Amanda again got the new impetus. While I stood there, or for that matter sitting, I played with my cock; I could not help myself. In my head, there is nothing better than seeing a couple of large breasts squeezed together young incest stories on a horny cock. I fuck also my lovely wife on the way; her breasts are not as rich as our daughter. And here I would like to young incest sex stories mention that we do not have problems concerning sex. My wife and I have sex in time and especially premature and nothing is sacred.

Daddy’s Young Incest Stories Of Daughter

My wife and I have always had a relaxed attitude towards wearing clothes at home. Not that we run around naked all the time, but I do not go around with suits all the time. It was, of course, another young incest sex stories matter before we had a child. As we walked around in next to nothing and had sex the most incredible places. But mostly we just went around in underwear and felt relaxed. It gave me also some problems when Amanda went around in shirts so thin that you could see her dark rings on nipples. These were usually too hard and bristled through the fabric. Often young incest stories I wondered if she did this on purpose. Why my wife never said anything, I can only rejoice.

It gave me more often worse stiff cock and a pair of pants could not hide the fact. So I went often to the bathroom and used the cold shower directly on the rigid case. I had stopped taking pressure for my wife had to “weigh” my balls when she licked cock in me. It was young incest sex stories as if she kept an eye on how much sperm I had the balls from one day to the next. I love fucking my wife, I do, but checking how much my balls weighing every time she licks dick is damn too much.

Although we had a relaxed attitude to clothes when we were home, we had virtually banned our daughter from going with the bikini when we were at the beach. There was no reason to all boys and men for that matter, should be exposed to the temptation of seeing her ample bosom. We knew how horny so no beach visitors can stay. To begin with, it young incest sex stories went Amanda that she free young incest stories could or might have the same at which her other girlfriends. She looked like a plump seal in her swimsuit, but slowly it dawned on her that she still got a lot of attention.

young incest stories
young incest stories

Although we all prefer to go to the beach to swim, we have also fun when we get home and use our pool. It is not the largest of its kind and maybe a bit unoriginal, but in return, we determine even who we invite to use it. A week after her 18th birthday, she had been in the city along with a few good friends to buy a bikini. Her mother and I had given her to buy one, but only for use at home.
I stood in the kitchen and was about to cut a large watermelon in both when I heard my daughter plop down the stairs from her room. Out by the pool, her two friends Anja and Tine. They both had their swimsuits on and was a sight for the gods. Anja is a chubby girl with great tits and very abundant hair. Tine is a little low stature with a nice butt. Both have a good mood as we highly value in our family. When I turned around to greet my daughter I was about to cut my one finger.

It would then be the smallest bikini in the world, I was quite convinced. My throat constricted completely and everything saliva disappeared. The top was no more than a small string that could barely hide her round rings on the breasts. And the base was almost just a line that should cover her sex. One could immediately see that she was shaved and the thought that she had been sitting out on the toilet with foam and razor was almost too much for my primitive brain. Imagine if it was with my razor?

Amanda smiled at me and I could see her lips form words, but my ears could hear nothing. She was already well brown and smeared with cream and glistened wonderfully. Her cleavage free young incest stories was just so incredibly beautiful. It was as if she was not aware that I was standing there with a huge knife and was totally speechless. My cock drew attention to himself and made a big bulge in my pants. The word embarrassment is not in its vocabulary. She smiled at me and I got stammer that I probably would not come out to them in a minute. Then she slipped out, but only after having looked at my bulge. It was also mighty hard to save.

I looked out the window and saw how she facilitate the springs ran to her friends, who almost squealed with delight over the small bikini. Her ample bosom jumped and danced and made a valiant attempt to escape. I wonder what her friends thought when they saw my daughter with the very plump breasts and the nice ass? They bustled around her to look the new bikini out. When Valentine put his hand on the side of my daughter’s chest I was about to go to. My warped brain played “film” on and I “saw” Tine use both hands on one breast and heave it over to suck on the stiff nipple. Suddenly flickered “movie” and I was breathing jerkily into the lungs.

They jumped all three in the pool and the sound of free young incest stories the big splashy called me back to Earth. I got to cut the last watermelon and put it all into the refrigerator and let my mess to be in the kitchen sink. In full gallop, I ran upstairs to switch to swimming trunks. As parents, we have always insisted that Amanda and her friends not to be alone at the pool. Although they sure everyone could swim now, I kept the tradition up to date. While I got naked grew my cock all the 20 cm and as I was pulling my trunks up my wife came into the room. She said something, but I was elsewhere and did not hear a word. She did not notice that I had an erection and before she was finished talking, though, it was nothing but a soft penis.

That she was trying to say was that she had one of her days. It was something she had fought with the past few years and especially when the sun was most in the sky, she could not stand it. So she had to sneak a nap a few hours. Exactly the day did not affect me because I would just relax down by the pool with my new book. It was free young incest stories certainly what I said to her and she smiled at me. She gave me a kiss on the mouth and when I went, she lay on our bed after having drawn the curtains.

For good measure, I asked if I should get the girls to go so she could sleep in peace. Already when I said it I was a bit sad. I had looked forward to a little smooching in the air, but I’m also worried about my wife’s health. But to my great relief, she smiled and said it was not so bad. She just needed to sleep a few hours. She had taken a pill and would be “away” at least three hours. I just had to let the girls enjoy themselves as best they could.

young incest stories
young incest stories

I went out to the pool and threw me in one of the chairs free young incest stories while Amanda and the girls splashed with water. I wondered if I should say to the girls they should be a little quieter, but let them fool. I took my book with the intention to read some more. I had come to a very exciting place where history completely discovered that his twin brother had not died in a traffic accident in Austria. But the girls’ game took me so much. Anja had a very contagious laugh and when her bikini top suddenly gave up, it was right that I lost the book. The girls giggled to hell and enjoyed on.

A small hour later both girls now go. They said something to my daughter, but I did not listen. Now I finally had some time with my daughter before my wife again stood up. Amanda followed her friends to the blue garden door and came back with a big smile. She young incest porn stories was apparently not so upset that they had to go. While the girls gathered their things I looked carefully at Tines’ buttocks. The stuffed so much fabric and was a gift sent by a particularly happy god. When they were ready went my daughter at the back and it was as if she cradled a bit more than usual as she went. As she turned to go back to me, I sensed a little smile when she saw that I looked at her. Her ample bosom rocked all the way. She knew I looked up and let me do it.

She sat in the chair opposite mine and bent down to take the solo lien. I had a clear view of her admirable breasts, showing an impressive cleavage. My relax penis was suddenly very busy with standing legislation. She said nothing as she opened the bottle and began to smear his flat stomach. In the light of the sun, it was a beautiful sight. She young incest porn stories took a splash more and began to lubricate the top of her ample bosom. I let the book be the book and did not care whether I remembered to put my bookmark the right place. This was much more fun.

The sound of her hand that smeared her body with oil went right into the dick. It was just as stiff now and I was fucking care if she saw it. My thoughts flew straight to her breasts and the idea of letting a cock disappear between them was irresistible, and preferably it should be my cock. I kept seeing images of my inner eye and perceived not to Amanda asked me about anything.


“Are you okay, Dad? You staring at my breasts.”

“Sore, the uh – ie tax – uh, that you must apologise,” I stammer.

“It’s okay, Dad. I know guys are looking at them. In fact, I like it,” she said.

“Well, I’m your father, damn it. I should not do that kind, it is wrong.”

“I do not think it’s wrong. I like looking at me. I’ve young incest porn stories seen you running around with a Stivers pants from time to time. Just like now,” she said, pointing at my bulge. “Do you often fantasise about me, Dad? Will not you tell me? I do not think it is wrong or ugly.”

“Well, I often think about your breasts. They are the nicest I’ve ever seen.”

“Do you really? Thanks, Dad, it means a lot to me. Would you like to see more of them?”

“We’d better leave it. Your mother is up upstairs and maybe she sees us.”

But it did not seem to stop Amanda. With a big smile, she young incest porn stories pulled both of his big globes back and sat and showed off her large breasts. They were even more amazing than I had imagined. Although I actually had seen 98% of them it was to see them 100% so much better! The density was incredible and their resilience was so lovely youthful. She lifted up under them and let the sun shine in during the big pillows. My cock shafted as hell and a small wet spot in front were made larger.

“What are you thinking when you’re looking at my boobs?” she wanted to know.

“I think at most to fuck them from the rooftops and slap them with sperm!”

young incest stories
young incest stories

Think that I had just said it. Thinking it inside his head had perhaps been bad, but to say it out loud was perhaps too silly. But it was her own fault. She had both hands full of their own huge chest and with a sweet smile, she had called them for tests. I love that word. Patter. Patter. Patter.

“So you would like to fuck me in Spanish?” She smiled. Before I could get a word out of her mouth she told me that she also knew that Greek was the asshole that Sweden was a lovely hand-troll and that Danish was an ordinary intercourse. Now did it damn seriously hurt in the dick? I wanted to know if she had tried Greek and I could not decipher the look she sent me. had my daughter tried anal or did not she? goddamn it!

“I would really like to do it in Spanish with you, my girl! “to hope to make it in Greek with her was probably too much to hope for, but the thoughts lay never. they kept popping up in impossible ways.

” Well, come on over here and put it between my tits. Do well! “The invitation was her, and you would be immensely foolish not to say yes. But I was still a bit reluctant.

” Honey, I do not think it’s a good idea. Although we both want. ”

Amanda smiled at me and squirted a little more oil on her breasts and as she rubbed them in, she said:

“Come on, Dad. I want so badly. I want to see your big cock and feel all your sperm on my tits.”

She put her face in her little-girl folds and so little pouting out. I could not resist. She almost begged and as the good parent you are well, we must make every child happy. I got up and came over to her with a dick first. It was just out of her face and she got better right and started to pull down my swimming trunks. When she did let it finally free and stiff as it was slapped on her directly on the cheek and left a wet mark. She grinned and I could look straight down her throat.

“Wow, Dad, your dick’s big and thick and your balls are just so great. Can not I lick dick on you?”

Before I could nod yes, she had almost half of my 20 cm in the mouth. There was so hot and wet in the mouth and it was great. I looked over towards the neighbour and thanked for that they were taken in the cottage. I would not be disturbed now. My daughter licked cock in me. It was obvious that she had tried it before and it was good. You get far with a good technique regarding pikliz. She made almost a vacuum around my cock head before she let it out of his mouth and began licking up and down the dick. Her tongue was crazy and I enjoyed it.

When she was happy with her performance she left again Pik hove DET disappear into the mouth. I sensed that she would try to swallow the entire cock, but could not be sure. It was not an admission test for a porn film. But it was exactly what she wanted and I let her do it. Her mother can barely make it, but only when she is extra keen or a bit drunk. It started tickling in my balls.

To keep just a bit longer, I took her head with both hands and almost forced his cock down her throat. I would do no harm her or anything, but damn I was horny. She began to make vomit sounds and pulled slightly away and let his horny tongue dance on his cock head. It was wild to see the long tongue do that it did and my balls were about to give her his charge. There was full bag because I had not had sex with his wife in a week’s time.

young incest stories
young incest stories

She pushed his cock against my stomach and started licking wildly at my balls. Soon, they were covered in saliva and saliva and in a way I was glad that I had taken the time to keep their hair down in the region. So she gave the underside of his cock a particularly wet ride. Fuck it was naughty. When she was sure that my cock was completely wet, she opened again his beautiful mouth and tried in earnest to go down. With big anxious eyes so I now all my 20 cm disappear down her throat. What a sight. Now I took again addressed her lovely head and began to fuck her throat and let her not until my balls began to overheat.

She released his cock out of his mouth and gasped for breath and looked up at me with tears in her blue eyes. When she smiled, I knew that everything was in order. So she placed her right hand on his cock and began to rub back and forth at a furious pace and it was just too wild. Again she pushed my cock up the stomach and began to lick my balls. I’ve always loved that kind if made wet if you know what I mean. She continued for quite a while before she left my heavy balls out of his mouth and said:

“How, Daddy. Now you fucking fuck my tits!”

She put a bit better in his chair while I got the subject in the lying position and I asked myself the way. Now I was really glad we chose this particular model of chairs. They could keep a bit of everything. Originally, they were intended as a chair we knew in-law could be because she is not of the slim. She weighs arguably 100 kg or so, and no, I just can not stand her, despite the fact that she has a pair of mega boobs. I love big boobs, I do and I admit that I have a few hundred times have wondered if we would be better off together, I was allowed to see them in free dressage. But all her charisma me so much against. Enough about that.

But before my cock were in action, I could not help but first lick and suck and bite the amazing nipples. They tasted of suntan oil, but I was fucking horny. My daughter sighed loudly and groaned me in the head by lust. My one hand went exploring down toward her lap, and when she felt my intention signs she willingly her thighs. My fingers found her opening and there was so wet and hot that it was a delight. With a practised finger, I found her clitoris and played around with it. While my tongue and mouth tasted her admirable boobs and my fingers played with her smooth pussy, she managed to get. She moaned glorious in my one ear and I moved a little on me and planted my mouth over her to dim slightly at her outburst.

It was actually the best kiss I have long had. My wife is even a good kiss, but this was almost indescribable. But now I just could not even more. I might have what I have. I let her wet mouth and out of her pussy got all my fingers and with both hands on her tits, I put the dick depends on ones. But Amanda got them pushed away and even took care of her soft globes. What a sight.

Initially had my back a little difficult at this position, but I was fucking care about the pain that would be the day after. Amanda smiled up at me and I started making back and forth movements and before long I had found a rhythm. Her breasts were so big that my dick barely appeared for each shot. And the were great smooth thanks to suntan oil and saliva and saliva from my dear daughter’s mouth. I fucked and groaned and moaned and fucked. I was in heaven.

So began Amanda sticking his eager tongue out and when she first hit my attacking dickhead I was about to come. I wanted to spray my sperm on the tongue. But I would just hold me a little longer. But the dear little girl felt differently.

“Fuck me, Dad. Fuck my tits, dammit, Dad. Come with sperm. Make your fat sperm. I want to see your sperm. I want to feel your sperm. I want to taste your sperm, father!”

I do not know about others and not give a fuck; I could not hold me anymore and to those with stopwatch, I can only say go to hell! They would even try it I was doing! Amanda turns to low pressure on her tits and pressed my cock went up and down. I put a final sprint in and held his breath in an attempt to set a new record. But my back dammit, it had not fucking good of all the exercise in the position. My wife would probably have to give me a little massage, but it kind of ended always with sex, so it was certainly a win-win situation.

Then came the. Then came the sperm. Holy shit that came sperm. I was hard on the root and the first three shots hit the spot on her eager tongue hanging out of his mouth like a stupid dog who played ball in the park. So she closed her mouth and did swallow everything while the next squirt hit across her mouth and nose. The subsequent spray directed me towards her big boobs and I had never shot so much sperm of. It was exactly right now I wish that there was a photographer who either took photos or filmed it all. I was so horny.

young incest stories
young incest stories

Some of the sperm ran down between the heavy teats and another down the sides of them. There was just so much and I was so proud of the seconds it lasted. I tried to get up, but my how my back gave out. It was easier when my daughter smiled up at me.

“Wow a lot of sperm, Dad! It tastes good too. Actually, it was the first time I try Spanish. I hope it was good for you. Can we try again another day?” “How about Greek, my girl?” I was about to say, but I was saturated in a way that made me a bit dull.

While my back found its natural I smiled back to my beautiful girl and assured her that we could easily do it again. And with that she got up and gave me a quick kiss and said she loved me. Before I could answer her back she jumped on his head in the pool. Perhaps to keep cool, but maybe also to get washed sperm away. Although I followed the best style.

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It was strange, so different snow xnxx sex stories affected us. As we walked home, I focused most of the time to place my feet properly, so I would not slip on the icy pavement. In contrast, preferred my sister to dance lightly and cheerfully over the cobbles as she tried to grab the snowflakes with her hands so she could see them melt between his fingers.

The way in which Sofie behaved, made it sometimes hard to believe that she was seventeen years old, and not just an abnormally high five. On the other hand, she could also behave so nicely and adult, that sometimes you could be in doubt about which of us was the oldest. It was odd, as it could change, as the wind blew.

“Why do you look so pissed?” asked Sofie suddenly out of the blue.

I did not look up free xnxx sex stories from the sidewalk. “I’m not mad,” I replied cards. “I see myself just.”

“But you miss the beautiful winter landscape!”

“It’s just snow. It’s over. I’ve seen snow before.”

“But what about the Christmas lights? And there are snowflakes. And icicles. And sometimes there are snowmen.”

I just stared at her and rolled his eyes. It is ignored, however, she completely and just kept waving his arms and pointed to all the Christmassy plastic things that she wanted that I should pay attention to. I let her keep it for a few minutes before it dawned on me that she had no intention of quitting.

As we walked past a relatively large snowdrift, I placed his hand on Sophie’s shoulder before I pushed hard for. She was just about to fall into it head first, but she did manage just managed to turn around so she landed on her back.

“You bastard!” she shouted after me.

Grinning trudged I pass. I looked back over my shoulder a few times as she fought back on foot. I did, however, go back to help her. The fact that I saw her climb strayed around in the snow, encouraged me a bit more than her’flotte landskab’ did. The snow was apparently not thick enough that she could just come up, and that meant she had to roll themselves out of the snow drift. If she had been any person other than my little sister, I may have had it bad to laugh as loud as I did.

When Sofie finally escaped from the snow drift, she sought me quickly. I was preparing to be verbally overwhelmed with feedback and comments on why I was such a terrible brother, but it was too late to me that the rapid footsteps behind me free xnxx sex stories slowed down. I was just about to turn me around when she at full speed crashed into me. I got the air knocked out of the lungs. She was possibly somewhat smaller than me, but she still reached up to a sufficiently high speed that she managed to topple me over. Since I had been about to turn around, I landed turn on the back, so I could stare straight up into the foam ring cold evening sky and my sister’s smug smile.

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“It’s not so funny when it’s yourself who gets pushed down, is it?” she asked.

She began quietly to brush snow from his winter jacket, while I desperately felt after the snow to find out if I had a chance to get away with a bit of dignity intact. My chances did not look good.

“And here I had thought that you would try to get away before I have raised me up,” I threatened dramatically.

“Well, maybe some of us just not evil enough to let people lie in the snow. And certainly not our family.”

xnxx sex stories
xnxx sex stories

Sofie held out his hand to help me up. It was a nice gesture, since it was I who had started it all. I probably should have just accepted her request for a ceasefire, but I did not, of course.

Instead, I took hold of my sister’s hand and pulled to. Her eyes udspiledes in a split second, before she with a high-pitched squeal fell down in the snow. When I think back, so I should have tried to push her away, so she landed directly on top of me, but although I got an elbow right in the ribs, it was still worth it.

“I do not know why I ever trusted you,” was the contrary from Sophie, who was halvforvredet me.

“Me neither. It was not very smart.”

She had to get up, but I turned my body well enough that she fell on top of my winter jacket again. She tried again, and again I got her to collapse.

“Okay, stupid, you are well aware that as long as I can not get up, you are also just lying here and freezer in the ass, right?”

“So it will be interesting to see how long I can hold out, huh?”

Sofie did not answer. Instead, she put both his hands on my shoulders and tried to push himself up into a kneeling position. But I grabbed her quickly on armledne and pulled, so she fell down again. She tried to get free, but I was too strong. All she got was moving around so much that we were mastering deeper into the snow.

Unfortunately, my sister kept rubbing his butt back and forth over my steps. I first did not really notice it before I could feel that it had a certain effect on me. Repulsed, I thought that I had to get her away before my cock was stiff. Imagine if it was, and she discovered it. It would have been too awkward and weird to even free xnxx sex stories be able to imagine.

I gave go of Sophie’s wrist and did not do more to keep her fast. She pulled herself free and came up on her knees, as she sat astride me and grinned mischievously.

“You’re letting me go already?” she asked. “I knew you would up because you are cold in the back. I told you!”

“Whatever. Can you move you or what?”


She was where she was and forced me to get her to hurry. I just have to get her away before she noticed the erection in my pants. She was sitting practically on top of my growing cock. I tried to push her away, but this time she jumped even on the feet before I could reach her. I crawled themselves out of the snow drift and could not think of anything other than to make sure that my pants did not look like a pitched tent.

“Haha! You were not just cold in the ass! You were also soaked!” lo Sofie.

She laughed at the back of my pants, which had a large wet spot while I brushed the snow out of my hair and my clothes. I was quite happy with that, she teased me that I was soaked. It was far better than the alternative at the front of my pants. I was pretty sure that it irritated her that I did not react the way she had hoped.

“Okay, we’re going to get home?” I replied simply. “It’s getting pretty dark.”

“D’okay. Street lights are still lit soon.”

“They should really already be …” I looked around and wondered if it was late enough that the lights used free xnxx sex stories to be lighted. “Never mind. Let’s Daffe.”

“Why? Are you going home and warm yourself or what? Are you afraid of getting frostbite in the ass?”

I pretended that I would beat her, but she danced elegantly to the side. I continued ahead and did my best to ignore her attempts to tease me. She had actually right: my pants were soaked and icy cold. It did not help that the wind slowly began to increase.

“Hey, what happened to all the Christmas lights?” asked Sofie suddenly and looked around.

xnxx sex stories
xnxx sex stories

I saw in my sister’s direction, and it dawned on me that all the oversized strings of lights, which we had passed loads of on the way home, suddenly seemed to have disappeared.

“Maybe people have them just not lit right now,” I suggested.

“It seems a little odd. I know that some of these houses usually have them hung up, and it makes no sense that there is not at some that are lighted.”

“Hmm … It seems that you just will have to do without Christmas spirit in a few minutes. Do you think you can handle it?”

Sofie struck me on the shoulder. It was not hard enough that I would fight back.

Shortly after we arrived in front of our front door. Here there was also no light nor inside, so Mom and Dad were thus not home yet. I thought it was a little weird, and when we came right up to the door, I noticed that there hung a little note on it. It was safe free xnxx sex stories from our parents who would inform us that they had gone to visit our grandfather or something. I locked up and went into the hallway to turn on the light switch, so I could read what was written.


I pressed the switch again, but nothing happened. Suddenly it makes sense that all the light was gone from our neighborhood.

“Are you turned on the lights or what?” Sofie asked impatiently behind me while she pulled her winter boots of.

“I can not.”

“What do you mean you can not?”

“The power is gone, you idiot.”

“Hey! You can be an idiot. How could I know that -”

I shook my head over the escalating argument. We threw the coats and boots and ventured further into the house. I found a flashlight and took it on. It was not yet completely dark that I actually needed it, but it would be soon. I swore softly when I finally came into my own room and could get my pants hung out to dry over a chair. I was really not in the mood for a power outage right now.

Sofie took me to my room a few minutes later, just when I was ready to change pants and was about to go downstairs. She snatched the torch from me and marched out the door again without so much as asking me if she could borrow it.

“Hey? Can not even find one?” I called while I followed her down the stairs.

“No, but if you can find one, so I’ll swap it back here,” she replied peevishly.

“Hey, it’s you, that sounds angry. Why should you, when I should not?”

She stopped and turned to me.

“I’m not mad. Did you read not slip, as free xnxx sex stories Mother and Father wrote to us?”

“No why?”

“Because they do not arrive home until tomorrow morning. In the middle of a fucking power failure!”

“Nårh …”

“Yep. And it’s like minus five degrees below zero outside already, and we have no heat in the house. How long do you think it takes before we freeze to death?”

“Relax now, so bad it’s damn either. We can like just … turn something on fire or something. And power is safely back soon anyway.”

Sophie sighed resignedly and kept walking. “Yes, clearly, of course. It’s that easy after all.”


My sister and I were perhaps not as separate and independent of our parents that we had hoped for. We had not experienced that power had gone before, but there had always been at least one of our parents at home to know what to do. It is a sad thing to admit for two large teenagers who slowly approached twenties, but we were fortunately both so preoccupied with survival that we have not thought further about it.

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xnxx sex stories

Just to find a pack of matches was a challenge. It turned out that our parents stored them in a small drawer in the kitchen. I could not understand why they could not just lie next to the fireplace. The firewood was somewhat easier to find, as it stood neatly stacked in the basement, where it had always been. There were some newspapers in the blade curve that could help us get the fire.

I had lit in the fireplace before but only a few times, and never where my only source of light was my trembling, impatient sister, who kept a flashlight. It was a unique challenge in itself. It took some effort just to set fire to the newspaper and before I could get on fire småfugtige burn. Eventually I got However, the small flames to dance, and we finally had both warm and comfortable light.

Sofie and I sat on the sofa and stared into the fire for a few minutes. None of us said anything. We enjoyed just finally being able to warm us. I felt a strange sort of pride that I need on fire. It meant that I was a survivor. I had conquered nature. I was the proof that man was the superior species. I was –

“Okay, now what?” asked Sophie, and I was dragged out by my thoughts.

“I know damn ik’,” I replied. “So far, I had not thought ahead. We should probably just wait until the power comes back.”

“Yes, we must suppose.”

We stayed out for five more minutes before she began to get restless again. She kept looking over at me and I could feel that she hoped that I would suggest some kind of action plan before she had to admit that she was bored.

“You know what I really have much desire right now?” she asked finally.

“No what?”

“Hot cocoa.”

“Mm-hm. And why do you say that when you know that you can not do anything without power?”

Sophie smiled in his usual, self-satisfied way that she used when she thought she was crazy. I had clearly said what she had hoped that I would say.

“I can be as totally well make hot cocoa!” she assured enthusiastically. “If you ask nicely, do I perhaps something for you.”

She jumped from the couch and disappeared into the kitchen with flashlight in hand. I shrugged and turned back to stare into the mesmerizing flames. I heard the kitchen cupboards being opened and closed, but I had no real plans to investigate it. I was sure that I still would soon find out what she was doing.

When she came back, she had a small saucepan with water in both of his hands. She placed it gently on the small metal ridge on top of the fireplace before she went back into the kitchen. She came right back with some cocoa powder, a bag of marshmallows and two deep porcelain cups. You, as our parents used to drink coffee of the morning. She seemed even more smug when she sat down beside me.

“See?” she said. “Now we just wait for the water gets hot.”

“You’re probably a wise little girl,” I said, patting her kindly on the head.

“Do not be an asshole. You still have to ask nicely if you want something! And it only gets harder for you if you keep teasing me.”

I rolled his eyes. “And what if I do not want anything?”

“Then I must assume that you just become acidic again, and then I have to cheer you up. You know who’s saying no to hot cocoa? Nobody says no to cocoa.”

“Maybe stand I’m just out from the pack?”

“Maybe you’re just a spoilsport.”

Sofie stuck his tongue out at me and I rolled back his eyes. I hated when she discussed in this way. If I was playing with, it would just encourage her to continue, and if I did, she would accuse me of being angry and boring, and then I would still not be right.

Luckily she had far too busy keeping an eye on his saucepan with water to also simultaneously to annoy me. She became more and more restless and kept getting up to check whether the water was getting hot before she sat down again. It was pretty funny the second or third time, she did it.

“Oh, why is it so long to come to a boil?” she asked impatiently.

“Maybe because the fireplace is not really created to heat things.”

“Well, it’s hot enough that you should be able to heat just a little water.” She looked into the saucepan again. “Maybe it’s okay if it does not boil. It should just be warm enough now, right?”

I could not see what she was doing because she stood in the way, but after a few seconds she jumped up with a yelp. When she turned to me, she had stuck his finger in his mouth.

“What are you doing? Burnt do you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied whining and pulled the finger out of the mouth for a long enough time that she could not answer. “Find something cold!”

“Uh, like what?” I replied and knew I had to think fast. I was not used to having to take something special responsibility when I was with Sofie, but this was an emergency. “I mean, uh, I think we have some ice cubes out of the freezer. Or maybe -”

“Fuck it!”

She ran out of the room, and I followed her with the flashlight. She reached the front door, and I found her standing with the finger down in the snow.

“Sorry,” I said finally. I had been too slow.

It was cold outside, but not so bad that I could not stand here in a few minutes without a winter jacket. I put in my sneakers and closed the door behind us, so the heat in the house should not escape. We had, after all, only the fire from the fireplace to keep us warm.

“It’s okay,” said Sofie. “I guess that my finger is doing it. It actually does not hurt anymore. And it’s no thanks to you.”

“Hey, I had to focus on not to panic,” I replied very seriously.

She looked at me for a moment before she giggled.

“Yes, it was a fairly intense experience.”

“It was a matter of life or death, you just know it. It was not easy.”

“So I’m just glad that you did not choose to become a doctor.”

“You too, Miss saying ‘I can not boil water without burning me’.”

“Shut up, loser.”

Our quarrel was most of all just a formality. None of us tried in earnest to get under the skin on the other.

I noticed that Sofie was trembling and looked back through the dørvinduet. I also began to miss the warm room and the warm, crackling fire. But I would not be the first to say something.

“Okay, I think I’ve got cold enough,” said Sofie final.

She pulled finger up the snow and walked past me into the house again. I followed and closed the door behind us. When I finally had my shoes kicked off, she was already set in the spring against the fireplace. She crouched in front of it and pulled his woolen socks of which had been soaked by the snow, she had been in. She looked pitifully up at me.

“Can not retrieve some blankets or something?” she asked. “I freeze seriously much.”

“Who would have thought that it would be a bad idea to stand out in the snow without a coat on?”

“Can not you just two seconds to stop being such a fucking narrowed and find something that I can warm me?”

I gave up with a sigh. “Fine.”

I walked away with the flashlight, as it dawned on me that I had no idea where Mother kept the extra blankets. I knew we had some, but I just did not know where. There was some in the closet in the hallway. Only sheets, towels and stuff. Finally, I chose the easy option and pulled the duvet and the bed blankets of my bed and Sofie. I did, however, touch the quilts in our parents’ bedroom.

When I came back, was my sister, where I had left her, except that she sipped from a cup of hot cocoa. It had appeared to have succeeded for her this time. She turned her head towards me as she could hear that I approached.

“Is it my quilt?” she asked.

“Yes, and also my own. If you would have had some others, you have to find them.”

“No, no, it’s fine. Thank you.”

She put the cup down and took the quilts and blankets from me. She spread my out on the floor in front of the fireplace and wrapped himself into his own.

“I also did something for you,” she said, and sat up and took another porcelain cup forward.

I hesitated and thought about whether I should put myself back on the sofa or not. A moment later I pulled his shoulders and sat down next to Sophie and accepted the cup which she held extended toward me. Marshmallow and having floated on top was almost starting to melt.

We drank in silence. My sister had actually made a pretty good cocoa, even though it was a little too hot in the beginning, so I could not do otherwise than to sip it. I was a little surprised when she leaned against me, but since we both sat with hot drinks, did not seem like a good time to start an argument. Since there was nothing else to lean on, it was actually not a bad idea.

“One would think that the power would be returned now,” I said. “It’s not because the storm violently outside or something.”

“Yes, but who knows? Maybe someone drove into a utility pole and overturned it?”

“It would take a lot. I do not think I’ve seen a fallen electricity pole.”

“Me neither. But I am afraid that there is so much we can do.”

“I know. All we can do is just wait.”


We waited and waited, but the power did not come back. Sofie and I sat in the dark living room and talked and looked at the fire while we slowly began to bore us to death. Without power to our computers or phones was our only option for entertainment to go into the kitchen and smear us some sandwiches when we were hungry. There was no other food when the microwave oven, stove or oven did not work. It was one of the few times in my life where making proper food actually would have been a nice change, but we just did not have the opportunity.

Sofie lay eventually down in the direction of the fire complex a multi-colored knit blanket that our grandmother had knitted. I did not know if it was because she was tired, or if it was just to be better. The floor was not very comfortable to lie on. Even with a blanket to bleed it.

“Do you imagine that you have to sleep here or something?” I asked.

“Hopefully not,” she replied. “… But I will probably really have to. You should really also do it when you have neither heat or a blanket in your room.”

“I …” I stalled. “… How would it work?”

Sophie smiled mischievously at me. “You’re not afraid to sleep next to your sister, are you?”

I was actually quite worried if I was going to sleep too close to her. I was almost come to hit her with my cock earlier today, and it should not happen again. Not when I was asleep and could not do anything about it.

“No, I just do not bother, if you steal all the carpets,” I lied.

“Well, you may well just steal them back if I do.”

“Clearly. Or we could also just sleep separately.”

She shrugged. “You must, though. You can sleep when you want. But you do not take some of my quilts or blankets.”

I sighed and fought again for the desire to see the need to see what time it was. All the clocks had stopped, but I kept forgetting. It was quite annoying not being able to see what time it was when dark had been the only proof that time actually went. At the same time I was also becoming concerned that I could not stay awake long enough that the power came back, and that I would have to sleep next to my annoying little sister. It was either that or trying to scrape as much clothes and sheets together that I could keep myself warm through my own insulated body heat. Neither seemed particularly inviting.

I wondered if I should try to convince Sofie that one blanket and one quilt was actually mine and that she had no right to them. On the other hand, I also knew that it would be useless.

“You know what?” asked Sophie.

“No what?”

“We should pick up some pillows down here.”

“Fine, but it was me who went last. It’s your turn now.”

“I made hot chocolate.”

“And I made sandwiches. You just kept the flashlight.”

Sophie turned around, so she eventually lay on his back. Firelight cast an eerie shadow over her face.

“Let’s make a deal,” she suggested.

“What kind of deal?”

“If you go up by pillows so you get to be the little spoon in the night.”

“Close the scar.”

I stood up but reeled a bit because I had sat down for so long.

“Or you may be extremely if you do want it. You decide. What do you say to that?” She laughed without knowing what a terrible idea it was.

I ignored my sister until I had left the room. She probably thought herself that she was tremendous fun. It would have been nice to have somewhere to sleep, but near the living room, as together we had heated, all the other rooms icy cold.

On the other hand, created Sofie also much that soon I was to be indifferent. It was not because I’d be the only one who would think that it was extremely awkward and uncomfortable if I got to hit her with my cock during the night. I considered a little frivolous, we did not have to spoon and then just pretend that I did not notice it if my cock was stiff. Unfortunately, it was a bit like playing chicken with destiny, and I was not sure if I could win that game.

I returned to the living room a few minutes later after taking the cushions off my sister’s bed. I threw one over to her and took the other and put it down on top of the lower quilt. Although I had been away for so long was the heat of the fire still a welcome change from the rest of the house’s cold room.

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Sophie put her pillow under his head and lay still for a moment. I was a little confused when she suddenly began to wiggle back and forth under the covers as she had over him. A moment later she pulled his jeans from the covers and threw them at the side of the couch.

“What are you doing now?” I asked.

“What does it look like? I ‘m just ready to go to bed.” She pauses briefly. “Or rather, I do get ready to sleep. This is not really a bed.”

Then it was her bra that landed on top of the pants. I shook my head and tried to hide how nervous situation suddenly made me now that she began to take most of his of.

“And here I thought you froze,” I replied.

“I also did, but the fire has warmed me up. Moreover, so I do not know about you, but I tend not to sleep with my ordinary clothes. You do not go to bed with all your coats on, do you?”

“Maybe I do. Is not it matter?”

Sofie was quiet for a moment. I could not really see her face, but I assumed that she had stopped the conversation. Maybe she was already asleep.

“Why are you always mad at me?” she asked, startled me almost with his direct questions.


“You just works … angry. Maybe it is not the right word, but there is something wrong.”

“No, I’m not angry. You annoy me sometimes, but I’m used to.”

“Wow, thank you …”

“Hey, do not take it personally. That’s just to be the younger siblings. There’s nothing you can do about it. So it is in all families.”

“Do you have to be angry and grumpy if one is the oldest? Is that your excuse?”

“I am not mad!”

“If you say so.” She shrugged.

I sighed and irked me again about the lack of beds. This seemed to be a long night.

Despite my reluctance to take my clothes off, I pulled anyway my pants and shirt off before I lay down next to Sophie. I was now in underwear and a white t-shirt and staring at the ceiling. It could be that it would get her to stop talking about the subject, and it felt also be much more pleasant. Moreover, the fire and our shared body heat also could easily keep us warm.

I lay on my back in a certain distance to my sister and placed the pillow under my head. I grabbed the quilt that we were below and pulled it. I would have my half of it, but Sophie held.

“You will have to move closer to,” she said. “Otherwise it is not wide enough.”

I sighed even higher this time on purpose so she could hear it before I crept closer to my sister. Our bodies almost hit each other. The quilt could happily reach of both of us, but only just. It was not too late, I thought. I could still go in and lie to me in my parents’ bed if I wanted to. But the thought of having to go into that one of the house’s coldest, darkest rooms was still not very appealing. Not even the forced presence with my sister was motivation enough.

Just when I thought that everything was good, moved Sofie. She turned herself against me, which was just enough to her back hit my arm. Apparently, she had not come to terms with that we were close enough in advance.

“You do not die of some close encounters,” she said tiredly.

“But why take the chance?” I mumbled low enough that I was not sure if she heard it.

I did what I could to fall asleep. In fact, I tried probably too hard. I just wish that I could wake up, and then it was morning, and everything would be as it used to. It did not happen. I lay staring at the ceiling, in what seemed like several hours without moving me too much, so I did not disturb my sister.

It was hard to say when Sophie fell asleep, and she even was still awake. She had not moved since just before, and she still had her face turned away from me. It was impossible to say whether she was still awake. All I had to assume was swelling and lower the advent of her chest when she breathed. It seemed relaxed and calm, but it did not necessarily mean anything.

Eventually, I had to realise that I probably just did not get any sleep that night. Part of the problem was probably because the floor was really miserable to be on – even with my quilt as a base. If I would have no hope of sleep, I had to stop worrying so much overpower me up and just be myself as comfortable as possible.

I moved cautiously, hoping that Sophie was asleep when I rolled onto my side and stared into her neck. No matter how uncomfortable and strange it was to be in done with his sister, I still could not deny that it does not also have its bright sides. This meant that I could lie and look into the fire over her shoulder, which was mesmerising enough in itself, that it might be able to help. I also could not deny that her warmth and softness was comfortable to wear close.

When I put my arm around her, my heart began to beat a little faster. It probably led in the direction of what I was trying to avoid, but how else could I do with my arm? I was sure that it would probably go over. I was, however, not sure why I was so afraid of being discovered. It was she who had insisted that we should sleep here next to each other, and it was she who had settled close to me. It was not because I did something she would not have had.

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xnxx sex stories

A little time after I began to relax. My sister had not responded, and I began to feel more comfortable with the fact that we were so close to each other. So strange was of course not enough. Since we had been younger, we had always slept in the same bed when we visited our grandparents. Then I felt her hand moved and closed around my. I was instantly tense again, but she said nothing and was just lying. It seemed to be just to assure me that it was okay.

“Still awake?” I asked quietly.

“Yes,” she murmured. “I lay dozing, but I just can not fall asleep.”

“Same here.”

“It helps certainly does not mean that we have gone to great bed earlier than usual. I think. If only the stupid watches wondering work.”

“Yes, I know what you mean.”

Sofie squeezed my hand gently, but I was not sure what that meant. I was just lying.

“So bad it still has not been,” she said. “I mean, it’s been nice to be with you. We do not often anymore.”

“What are you talking about? We see each other every day.”

“Yes, but we just never together. You know, we never hang out together anymore. It’s just … nice. It’s just what I mean.”

“Well … there is probably far worse people who could have been imprisoned along with. You may be right.”

“Is that the cutest thing you can say?”

She pulled toward me and pressed his body a little closer toward min. It would not have done anything if it was because my cock was already on the verge of being stiff. The fact that her little butt wiggled gently against it, helped not at all.

I pulled my hips far enough away from Sofie to suffer a little bit of space between us. I tried to get it to work by chance and hoping that the lack of body contact at exactly the place would not be noticed. It was of course rapidly. She pushed his butt a little more violent towards me again. I could not possibly keep my growing erection secret unless she stopped.

“Could you … you know, move you a little?”

She did not answer at first. “Do not worry so much,” she said quietly.

“… What?”

“Just do not make this weird. I’m pretty sure I know why you have behaved so strangely, but you just help but think about it.”

“I … now it becomes insane strange. So, you know, if we think of the same thing.”

Sophie sighed and rolled then around so that she was lying on her back. She looked at me, shook his head and rolled so all the way, so she was turned toward me.

“Look,” she said, “if I was behind you, so my breasts hit you in the back, it would also go you on?”

“Uh … no, it would not ‘Go-in’ me just as much.”

“You would not think it was strange to feel your sister’s breasts against your back?”

“Well, no, but -”

“Look: it’s totally okay. Or should I seriously spell it for you?”

We stared at each other for a moment. I was pretty sure that I understood what she meant, but was not quite sure. It seemed unnatural.

“Okay, but then do not bitch if I’m going to hit you in the night,” I replied softly. “It is your own fault.”

“Appointment,” she replied with a faint smile, as I’m next could not see the fire fleeting glow.

She rolled back and I put my arm around her again. I hesitated a little, especially because my cock was already halfway stiff, but she seemed indeed to be indifferent. Perhaps it was really quite matter all together. Maybe it was just me, which made a big deal out of it. it was always hard to predict how people would react when they suddenly felt a stiff cock against their back. It was, after all, something that I tried to avoid came to happen so often.

It took me several minutes before I could relax properly again. I continued to expect that Sophie would change his mind and ask me to move me or something. but when I finally found me right, it felt actually okay, better than before, anyway. to have something pressed against my cock felt always good, but that it was a girl’s butt , only even better.

the problem was that I became more and more turned on. I did not mean, but it was not something that my body would let me steer. My concern gradually changed from my sister’s well-being to my own. Normally I could just masturbate and then be done, but it was probably not the best idea right now. The only thing I could do was to wait for my cock had to be limp and fall off by itself.

“Your dick is getting really stiff,” whispered Sophie almost inaudibly, without looking at me.

“Yes, well … what you had imagined?”

“I do not know. I was not thinking straight about it. Keeps it up?”

“Maybe. I do not know.”

That she seemed to come to terms with, though it was not really a proper answer. To be perfectly honest, I was not sure what I would do if I indeed was a need to relieve myself. So far it should hopefully not go.

Sofie wiggled a bit with his butt, and the unexpected stimulation of my cock made me let out a stifled gasp. It might have been to be better to correct, but in a moment it felt almost as if she encountered her butt against me intentionally. It was a sick idea, but it was actually not as unlikely as it should have been. It had after all been a really strange evening so far, and so only out to be stranger.

“Will you stop moving?” I said a little too strictly.

“Do you want me to lie completely still?”

“Well … yes.”

She looked at me over his shoulder before she deliberately wiggled his butt toward me. She did not even as if it had been an accident.

“So something like this, should I stop?”

“You know what I -”

I grabbed hard on her hips as she began to move again. I could not hold her perfectly still, but the limited certainly her reach. Sophie laughed hysterically when I tried to keep her calm.

“Sorry,” she said grinning. “I’m sorry.”

“No you are not.”

“You’re right. That I am not. But I just teasing. You know that, right?”

“Yes, I know. It’s just …”



Sofie lay still for several minutes. I held her still firm, but she had not moved in a while, I began gradually to allow more slip. My right arm had come to sit jammed between us as I had tried to create distance, and it began to poke it and do very evil. I straightened a bit on my sleeping position, so I could get my arm free, and unhappily to slide my cock in between my sister’s buttocks. Our underwear kept course still separated, but it was a really inappropriate position. I pulled away quickly, but Sofie grinning just stupid.

“Who is it that is strange?” she teased.

“Keep your mouth shut. You know as well as I do that it was not on purpose.”

“It did not work like that.”

“Keep your mouth shut,” I repeated.

She continued to giggle, but at least she did not say anything. The way she behaved, had begun to walk me so much that I plan a form of malicious revenge.

Sofie lay still for a moment but excluded so even a laugh, just as I thought she was finished. It was there that I gave up playing in defence, as they say in football. I had to switch to attack. I came hard my steps towards the crack between her buttocks. She gasped and stopped thank god laughing.

“Okay, it was definitely on purpose,” she said, surprised.

“Do you really?”

I did the same thing again and provoked even a gasp from my sister, although this was much softer. Since I was not stopped after the third or fourth shock, I forced myself to admit that it was not really to get her to shut up. It just felt really fucking good.

I should have been stopped. But when I had been unable it should Sofie have stopped me. But nothing happened. Neither of us said anything. I just kept bumping my steps toward my sister’s little butt. I would have been lying if I said that what we were doing was not sexual, for that was it. This was officially the strangest night of my life.

It was only stranger when I true sex stories xnxx heard Sofie groan low. It was not particularly high, and it was kind actually involuntarily, but it was there. I guess I was not the only one who enjoyed the illicit contact between us.

“Tell me to stop,” I asked.

Sofie did not answer.

“Come on, Sofie. Say … say that I should stop.”

“Do not worry so much,” she whispered.

It was not what I had hoped for. It true sex stories xnxx was actually the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear. I did not have as much control over the situation, which I should have had, and I evidently could not count on that Sophie would stop it. But my excitement choked my rationality.

“We’re going to regret this in the morning,” I muttered. It was mostly to myself.

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xnxx sex stories

I pulled my panties down and kicked them off my feet. Sophie still had her panties on, but they had been pushed up between her buttocks of my cock, and they did not cover as much of her butt as usual. I got my cock under one strap so I could rub my cock up and down in the crack between her buttocks.

It was hard not to imagine what would happen if I went even further. A part of me would rather pull out my sister’s panties and perhaps the rest of her clothes. Or at least see how far I could go before she stopped. I needed a little voice inside my head that could true sex stories xnxx say that this was obnoxious and wrong, but there was nothing. Perhaps Sofie say something, maybe I would just get an orgasm and then get my self-control back, or maybe there was a third possibility, which I had not yet discovered.

As Sophie said nothing, I reached my hands up to her upper body and laid Slowly my fingers over one of her breasts. She gasped surprised at the unexpected contact, as she felt my firm grip, but said nothing to it. I began seriously to believe that she had just given me free rein.

I switched between her breasts and squeezed them gently through her t-shirt. They fit perfectly in the palm of my hand, and they were soft to the touch. They were made for that I had to play with them. Again, I considered the possibilities to get her clothes off. I knew that her breasts would feel even better when the shirt was in the way.

Sofie had been fairly quiet until now, but that changed shortly after. She began to encounter his hips back against mine, and the movements gradually became more violent. I moaned into her shoulder as my cock just got even more sliding resistance.

She was clearly still unhappy with how far we had come, and she paused, who had just long enough for her to pull her panties down around her knees. My shaft that until now had rubbed between her ass, slid now into the gap between her inner thighs. I could feel my sister’s hot, drenched pussy against my cock, and her sticky pussy juice only made it easier slide my cock back and forth. A battle of what was morally right and wrong, was played out in my head, but I did not care. The only thing I could think of was that I spent my younger sister’s half-naked body to masturbate with. The details were as meaningless as a handful of sand in the Sahara desert.

“This is so fucked up,” I gasped breathlessly, but I could do nothing to hold myself back.

“Are you soon about to come?”

“Yes,” I grunted. “I’m so close …”

Sophie nodded. Her rhythm continued in stable shock, and she pushed conscious my dick together between his thighs. It was hopeless for me to resist. I grabbed tougher hold of her chest. She whined. All I could do was to continue. There was no turning back now.

I came with a roar and shot a big load of semen into the quilt, while some of it hit my sister’s stomach. I pulled away quickly, so I should not hog the entire quilt and came rather out of my sister’s small, tight ass. I held her close in to me but just kept spraying semen all over her back and buttocks. She proceeded to bump gently against me, even after I finished, and slowly we fell down.

“My butt feels quite sticky now,” she said finally.

“Yeah, no shit,” I said breathlessly. I tried desperately to breathe.

She slid his index finger over his one bale and through the sticky semen. “Fuck you came much.”

I did not answer. Sophie tried to remove it with his fingers. Since it did not work, she handed out by his pants and tried to wipe it off his stomach, his buttocks and his back. I looked disinterested for.

I was still waiting for that I would freak out or mark that would guilt come pouring over me every moment. Right now I felt reasonably relaxed, but who knew how long I would have it so.

“Do you think you’re going to regret this?” Sofie asked when she had finished mopping up. “Or was it just something that you said?”

I hesitated when it dawned on me that I could not just tell her that of course I regretted it, and that she ought to regret it. It would just be a lame excuse. To be honest I was not even sure how I wanted it tomorrow, in a week or just about five minutes.

More important was that a wrong choice of words could hurt Sofie. I had to be careful what I said, and may not speak totally truthful, but it depended on how the conversation developed.

“Right now … I regret it,” I said. “I should, but … I do not know. The blame is like just not there.”

“How about tomorrow?”

“It’s hard to say. Ask me again there. What about you?”

Sophie shook her head. “I do not regret it … And I do not think that I come to.”

“Well, it’s good … right?”

“Yes, presumably. Hopefully.”

My arm was still about her life. She moved her hand against mine and intertwined our fingers together and gave it a light squeeze. I squeezed it back and hoped that it reassured her.

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xnxx sex stories

The fire was beginning to go out, and it should probably soon need to put some more wood on. It was not super important right now, and I should really just do not move me, so I left it. It was somehow also more mesmerizing to pick out the smaller, more isolated flames that I could stare into. The mere fact of having something that I could focus on was enough fault that I had not yet gone panic about what we had just done. And then I had it also made just great right now after my orgasm. It surprised me, however, a little bit that I just felt the least bit of shame.

I was wondering how Sofie mon felt. She might even be in the process of reviewing a smaller inner conflict, I thought. I still had no idea what her motivation could have been to give my raging hormones safe passage.

“… Why?” I asked finally.

“Why what?”

“You know what. You know exactly what it is I’m talking about. I … I get it just is not.”

“You mean why I let you do all that to me?” she asked softly.

“Yes that.”

She shrugged without saying anything. I waited a moment, but there did not seem to get any explanation.

I sensed that something behind, so I pulled me a few centimetres and pulled gently on her shoulder. She bristled first opposed but did so after and rolled onto his back so I could see her face. Her facial expression was unreadable; neither happy or upset.

“Come on, Sophie. You know that I’m curious about something here. My excuse is that I was just horny. What’s yours?”

“You think I’m disgusting, do not you?”

“Not much. No more than I am.”

She smiled faintly. “I do not know why I did it. Not completely anyway. I mean, well okay, I guess I do, but … but …”

“But what?”

“You just think it’s stupid.”

“Maybe. But we do not know until you tell me.”

“Do you remember when I said it was nice to hang out with you here last night? I thought … I thought if I made it better for you, then you would be more with me.”

“… So you tried to bribe me? Is that what you say? You could just have said something.”

She looked away for a moment, but then back at me. The glow of the fire was caught in her eyes in such a way that it seemed as if they were boring into me.

“I practically had to beg and pester you to sleep here. You are always so strange when it comes to things like that. It’s like, you do not think I know what a penis is.”

“Well … I-I mean, it’s just a little strange to be talking about such things with his sister. On the other hand, it is probably still fairly irrelevant now, when you think about what we just did.”

“Yes, that was just what was intended. So you no longer have the excuse of not wanting to be with me.”

I was going to ask her what she meant by that, but then I went to a halt. I knew what she meant; it was actually not that hard to figure out. Apparently I’d been totally unaware that our sibling relationship was about to disintegrate, just because we had not talked so much together lately. She had been forced to resort to drastic measures to get my attention.

“I’ve been a terrible brother, have not I?” I thought back to earlier in the day when I mockingly had pushed her into the snow.

“Yes, a little. But to be honest, it was that I let you rub your cock between my buttocks, probably exaggerating a bit. On the other hand, one might also say that it worked. We have lying here, half naked, for several minutes now and you still have not pulled you away. ”

“It just does not seem so necessary now.”

“Well, it’s not.”

Without really thinking about it I pulled Sofie in to me and gave her a brotherly hug. She let herself be embraced, while I did my best to ignore her bare genitals were pressed against me. I was not really worried about my dick would become stiff, but that might just ruin the moment when I started to poke her with it.

“I wish that you had just waited a minute before you started to cuddle me.”

“Er, why?”

“Because of the fireplace needs more firewood, and one of us has to take care of it right soon.”

I looked over at the fire, even though I already knew that it was about to go out. She was right; it would be nice if we could just get it done before we began to cuddle with each other.

“Just do it,” I replied. “You’re almost right next to the fireplace, and it takes only two seconds.”

“Why should I do that? You just overblow me when I get the quilt of me.”

“I can neither confirm nor deny.”

Sophie rolled her eyes but did so to have changed his mind. She sent me a teasing smile.

“Admit that it’s just because you want to stare at my butt, and I’ll do it,” she said.

“What if it actually is?”

“So I am a bit disappointed. And besides, what other reason would there be?”

I gave up. My intention had originally been to “overbeglo her” as she called it, but I could not deny that it sounded quite exciting. This would certainly not completely lie.

“Okay, it’s just because I want to see your butt,” I said.

“Yep, that’s what I thought.”

Sophie rolled away from me and sat up. She took a few seconds to straighten her hair out before she pulled the covers off. I could not really see some interesting parts of her before she came on the feet and gave me a good view of her ass. Her T-shirt was not quite long enough to cover it, and I stared at it with a sudden fascination as she entered the individual steps toward the fireplace.

She looked over her shoulder to look at me and seemed to be amused by my reaction. She bent slowly forward and took his time to open the door and put the wood in. I got a good view of her pussy and pink labia. The show, which she gave me, confirmed like that she enjoyed the attention I gave her.

“I did not know you liked to show you how out,” I said.

“I can usually do not. This evening’s just … something special.”

“You may well say.”

“Yes. Who knows if this will ever happen again. I’d better use the time.”

“Well, I can promise that this view is not something that I forget time soon. It counts as something, does not it?”

“Yes, it does it anyway. It would be nice to think back and remember that you are just in a moment would actually give me a little attention.”

She pulled the covers over us again and snuggled up to me.

“Is it just what you want?” I asked as I held her.

“What? Attention? Does everybody have it?”

“Not from their brother. Not in the way you require it.”

“Most people want to know that they matter to their big brother. Or so I assume. I would certainly like to. I’m not going to argue that my methods are not … unconventional.”

I pressed her closer to me and rested my head against her.

“You mean a lot to me,” I said quietly. “Even though I could probably be better to show it every now and then.”

“Well, you’ve grown wiser now, are not you? Especially now that you know how delicious an ass I have,” she teased.

“Yes. The fact that I admire your ass is definitely a good foundation for our sibling relationship.”

“Shut up,” she laughed mildly. “It’s not a’fundament’, Brainiac. It’s just … it helps a little. It changes certainly things. Hopefully for the better.”

“Hopefully,” I nodded. So we agreed.

After Sophie’s small’show’ and the subsequent closeness between our bodies, threatened my cock again being stiff. We were in such a way that I thought she would notice it, and she did not at first. But then she turned, and her hip brushed against my growing cock.

“Mmm, you could display really like my bum,” she giggled fondly.

I did not say anything. Sophie waited for a moment before she moved his hand down to my legs and ran his fingers along my inner thighs. I knew where she was going, but it seemed too surreal if she actually –

I was torn out of my thoughts when I felt her cautious grip on my shaft. She looked into my eyes as if she wanted answers to a ustillet questions. It seemed so ridiculous that she had to ask permission when you thought about the situation, circumstances, but not ridiculous enough, I was not ready to give my own sister law.

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“It’s okay,” I whispered.

She nodded quietly and took a better hold on my rapidly growing cock. I let out a low, stifled pleasure moans, and her corner of his mouth rose in a boldly smile. Her small, slender hand slid up and down my shaft in slow motion accusation.

“It feels so different when I hold it,” she said with amazement.

“Is it good or bad?”

She shrugged. “I do not know. It’s just.”

“Okay then.”

Sophie’s grip became tighter as my cock had grown to its full size. In fact masturbated she’s still not my cock, or so I thought at least it was supposed. Whether she just explored my body or actually tried to give me a handjob, I was not aware. I was fine with just lie here and let her do what she wanted. No matter what it felt quite nice.

“How strange it is that I lie here and play with your dick?” she asked softly.

“Honestly? Not very strange. To be honest, I like it.”

She smiled at me and snuggled deeper into me, but made sure that she still had enough room for his little hand.

“This could be our thing, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think, therefore, this could be something that we just do sometimes. Just enjoy ourselves a little like this. It could be a reason to spend our time together.”

“You’re really desperate for a little søskendetid, huh?”

“Maybe. Are you telling me that you are not interested?”

I thought about it for a moment but knew what my answer would be as soon as Sophie had asked. The feel of her hand on my cock simplified in some way the decisions that I perhaps should have spent more time considering.

“I’m not saying that I’m not interested,” I smiled. “I think you’d know I was lying if I said it.”

“I would be quite confident,” she confirmed. “But seriously, do you think we’re going to do this again?”

“Yes, I think so determinedly.

It’s hard to imagine that we both just forget that this ever happened. ” Sophie’s head was leaning forward, so all I could see was her hair. But even though I could not see her reaction, I was right sure that she was happy for my answer. part of it was probably something to do with the realisation that the way in which she played with my cock, was actually turning into a real handjob. Her fingers circled around the shaft, and her movements were gentle and steady.

she turned at one point his face against me. Before I knew it, she pressed her lips against mine in a gentle, slightly uncoordinated way. I was surprised by her sudden action, but I was not exactly repelled by it. Lately, I had been pretty good to just let myself follow. she pulled away after a few seconds.

“Sorry,” she said, looking away. “it I should probably not have done. ”

” It’s okay, “I replied.

” are you sure? I’m not even sure why I did it. I – ”

I put my hand on her cheek and interrupted her by kissing her back. She made only a little resistance at first, but quickly corrected her his lip, so they matched mine. I kissed her long enough that she could feel that I did it before I let go.

“So I think that -” I began.

This time Sofie interrupted me by continuing the kiss, but more aggressively. She used both her hands to hold my head as close to her as possible and therefore let my dick be in a while. Things were possibly different than what they used to be that night, but my fraternal instincts were not entirely disappeared. I felt an ingrained, negative reaction by my sister both tried to take control of the situation, while she stopped to do something that I liked.

I tried to push her onto her back, but I could not get her to me, and I had to roll with. This manoeuvre resulted funny enough that I landed on top of her with my cock dangerously close to her pussy. I could feel the tip happen to accidentally brush her small true sex stories xnxx entrance, but she did not seem to take care of it. At least not enough that she would remove her hungry lips from my mouth and protest.

It had on one or another way worked when I rubbed my cock against her butt. It occurred to me too late that if then tried the same again, things would escalate all too easily. Random penetration was not something that I just would not risk. Perhaps she would go back to give me a handjob if I just asked her about it.

“Hey,” I said when we managed to get my mouth free. “Will you -”

Sofie was no longer in the mood to talk. She forced to face down again and tried to get me to be quiet by blocking my mouth with his tongue.

“Hey!” I tried again and struggled to get free of her grip.

“What is it?” she asked breathlessly. A thin thread of anointing bandaged our lower lips. “I think you said it was okay.”

“Yes, but … there’s something else that you will need to take care of.”

Sophie giggled and reached down for my cock. She closed her fingers around but did not begin to masturbate me right away.

“Sorry,” she said. “It was not my intention to just let you hang that way.”

“It’s not nice of you that you just makes me horny and then do something about it, you know.”

“I know.” She giggled again and bit her true sex stories xnxx so brazenly in the lower lip. “I have another idea, but it’s real, really bad.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Because, then, I do not know if you’ve noticed it, but I’m even right on.”

“Mm-hm, but what is your idea?”

Sofie did not answer right away, and I began to think that maybe she had changed your mind without saying anything. Then I felt something that touched my dick. At first, I assumed that it had been an accident and that she had come to hit me with his leg or something, but then it happened again. It dawned on me that she deliberately lifted his lower body up high enough that we could make contact. When I finally was in, it was obvious what she had in mind.

“Oh no, Sofie …”

“It’s a bad idea, is not it?”

“It is, but … I do not know if I can say no.”

“No, it lets you have problems.”

I pushed my hips down slightly and felt my dick press against her sticky labia. They felt sticky and hot against erotic xnxx sex stories my resin sensitive tip. Almost burning. I tried to distract myself from thinking about how good it would feel like, just to let myself be swallowed up by her. This was illegal, it was wrong, and it was banned. It was just before we were and fucked at our grandmother knit blanket. But it would be so insanely easy. My sister invited me practically into it.

“You do not say exactly no self,” I put in. “Actually, I’m pretty sure that you are doing the exact opposite.”

She shrugged. “I’m not even here yet, so I’m certainly more horny than you are. What did you expect that I would do?”

Her needy pussy pressed harder against my erotic xnxx sex stories cock but withdrew so away. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and tried to breathe normally, but it was impossible. I wanted to give in. None of us had given us yet, not quite anyway, but we were both rights on the edge.

I reached down and took my cock in his hand. I slid the tip back and forth over my sister’s sticky entrance and made her spin in surprised pleasure. All I needed to do was to push a little bit against and then I would be inside her. That was all it took.

“Last chance,” I warned.

Sofie nodded. “Do that.”

I leant forward and kissed her while I slowly slid down between her thighs. Her tight pussy did almost no resistance before it opened up for me and engulfed my dick. I moaned incoherently into her mouth and had to interrupt the kiss as I slowly sank true sex stories xnxx deeper into her. I would have thought that I knew what I could expect, but I was so unprepared for how tight she really felt about my shaft. It felt as if her inner muscles gripped me as if they would hold me and never let go. If she had not been so babbling wet, I do not think that I would have erotic xnxx sex stories been gone so deep.

xnxx sex stories
xnxx sex stories

“Fuuuck,” gasped Sofie and I thought the same.

I came harder and forced my cock deeper into her tight hole. She gasped loudly, and I was grateful that we were alone. Not even the chance of being discovered would have been enough to get me to stop, but it was better that we do not have to worry about it. It was just the two of us – surrounded by darkness and cold in our own secret bubble of hot and sex. There was no one who could disturb us.

We got into a gentle rhythm and I started moving in long, stable shock. My cock sank completely into her every time, and her pussy received throughout my shaft despite its tightness. She squeezed me even tighter together than before and pushed his hips against me, every time I pushed myself into.

“Go on,” she whispered. “Keep going.”

“I have not … going … to stop,” I assured her and noticed that I was getting out of breath from the effort.

I had no plans to quit before I had come. No matter how strange or fucked up it sounded, it was fucking my sister the best feeling I ever had in my life. It was all fantastic: the way her pussy tightened together on my cock, the way she looked at me with a true sex stories xnxx mixture of love and horny and the fact that really should not be doing what we were doing …

I had Sofie always loved the way that siblings should be, but there was something new now – something I had not marked before. It was as if our physical contact also have brought us closer together emotionally.

“I’m so close,” she moaned softly. “Do erotic xnxx sex stories not quit.”

My orgasm was on the way, but not as rapidly as she seemed to be. Her breathing became faster and less continuous, her fingers boring into my back and her moans grew stronger and stronger with every impact I went. I briefly considered making it slower for a few seconds just to tease her, but I quickly decided that there was no reason to spoil the moment.

It was not long before Sophie came. There was no doubt about when it happened; she continued to scream “I come!” again and again, and once again I was pleased that there were no other than to hear it. Her hoarse cries and enjoyment outbreak would have made it clear to everyone what was really going on under the covers.

I kept bumping into and pierced her small, tight pussy sister with a growing desperation. I was reaching the point where I could not think about anything other than my impending orgasm. My muscles contracted and threatened to give in, but I held out a little longer. With my last amount of energy, I encountered me so erotic xnxx sex stories long into her as possible before I started shooting big loads semen into my little sister banned inland.

My upper arms began to tremble, and I collapsed beside her. We were both extremely sweaty, but I could not think about anything other than getting air

“Now look what you’ve done,” smiled my sister out of breath as some of the fat sperm quietly flowed out of her and down duvet. Giggling end she wiped it up with his finger and stuck it in his mouth. “You have totally hog us.”

“Yes. I have. And I have not even gone to apologise.”

Sofie snuggled up to me and probably got smeared me into my own sperm when she did it. But I was pretty sure that both of us were nicely indifferent to the mess.

“Well,” she said finally. “It was not so bad one night anyway? I mean, with the power failure and all that.”

“No, it was not so bad. We should be together more often.”

She giggled again. “Totally. What about tomorrow night?”

“Hm, I know damn it’,” I replied and returned to tease my sister now that my hormones could take a break. “I think that I need something else.”

Sofie struck me gently on the shoulder.

“Yes, like. You do not need anything.”

“And how do you know that?”

“I do it just. But okay. I know where erotic xnxx sex stories you live.”

“Was that a threat?” I grinning.

She shrugged and laid his head on my arm. She looked as if she could fall asleep at any moment, it should be, and I could even feel that I had begun nearly failed his eyes. If there was more that needed to be said, it had to wait. We both agreed that what had happened, and I was sure that she knew I just had teased her. I knew in return not quite what my sister had in mind tomorrow night, but I looked forward to finding out.

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Free Erotic Stories of Incest Sex Stories with Family Sex Stories

Free Sex Stories & Erotic Stories

She woke up with sex stories a popping headache and a sex stories pronounced nausea. She tried to lift his head to look around, but it meant only that the bed began to turn dangerously around. She was actually not quite sure where she was or why she did what she did.

She tried to focus on a fixed point on the white sex stories ceiling, she stared up at, and gradually slowed the worst nausea. She slowly got so much control on the head that she could focus on the rest of the body. She was naked. Completely and utterly naked. If her head had knocked so violently she had searched frantically for her clothes. She was usually very modest and never slept naked. Even in her 15-year long, and now long since ended, marriage, she had always slept in minimum t-shirt. Of course, had she been naked or partially naked, during their sexual udføjelser, as if she thought back, had been relatively sparse. But she had almost always gone into the bathroom, where sex stories she after had washed themselves clean of various body fluids, always was drawn in panties and t-shirt again.

The day after the Christmas party we listen to sex stories

The feeling of lying completely naked in a bed – it was probably a bed she lay in? – Were therefore relatively unfamiliar. She strove to sense the surroundings, the more it reminded when on a bed. A little soft mattress, a pillow and half above it a soft blanket that neither covered her breasts or her exposed sex. She was embarrassed about how vulgar her bulging forms had to take out a spectator.

sex stories post
sex stories post

She was not fond of her forms, she was, what good is a nice expression, called erotic plump, but actually just covered that she was fat. She was convinced that it was her obese body that had taken the life of her ailing marriage to last. Ex-husband had otherwise stubbornly claimed that he loved her soft shapes, but as his cock no longer managed to substantiate his words, but instead more or less flaccid sex stories confirmed her own disgust at her body, she lost faith in him.

As the bed began to stand still, she got a greater sense of her body. Her breasts felt like always heavy, but also strangely sore. Her shot thumped sore and hot, and she sensed that something was seeping slowly out of her. She rocked a little restlessly back and forth on the soft ground, but the movement made her painfully aware of her little tight star. It felt sore and … ..brugt? She had never really done as much experience with anal sex. It was not something that appealed to her ex-husband. The few times they had approached the’forbudte’ hole, she had sensed a violent lust and just wished that he would continue. But it was as if something slowed him and she had been too modest to beg him to continue as it had been in her imagination.

She had occasionally allowed his finger or tongue brush his star and his otherwise limp dick had responded with a surprisingly tough and impressive erection, but she was always pushed away. As if he was frightened by his own reaction. A bit like a homophobic fears to turn on something forbidden. She had sometimes secretly looked anal porn movies and played a little finger on his own star, but just could not quite the same effect.
And now felt her ass used, and it felt like sperm that drives down her inner thighs. What on earth had happened yesterday? She would wipe the greasy liquid away, but when she tried, it dawned on her that she could not move her arms. She incest sex stories turned her face from side to side and discovered that her hands were tied with silk scarves. She tried to free himself, but the one that had bound her, had done its job well.

She went a little panic, she would scream, but free sex stories was also terribly conscious of how she lay, half-naked and bold, not a situation she wanted to be discovered before she was aware of what had happened.

She tried to move his legs. It went a little better, she could stretch them out completely, and she could pull them up against itself. She was relieved, but only for a moment, for it occurred to her that she could not pick them altogether. She was also tied on his feet, but in a way that gave her a little freedom of movement. But not enough that she could collect legs and hide his wet bare pussy.

She closed her eyes and tried to think back. What on earth had happened? Small glimpse of flashback hit her. She remembered she had made ready to party. The company’s Christmas party. She remembered that she had showered, shaved legs, pussy also had a walk – just in case. She had resisted the temptation to play with herself. She had been småliderlig already there, as incest sex stories she had made ready.

She tried to think ahead, but she was completely free sex stories blank. All she could remember was the increasing lust that had grown in her body. She discovered horrified that her sore bound body betrayed her. Despite her lack of movement and lack of memory, she felt a slight warmth spread from her lap and out of the body. Her pussy throbbed and she was sure that the humid heat not only caused the sperm someone had left in her. She was getting on.

sex stories post
sex stories post

If only her hands had been free, she would cover up and get away. She knew she was lying incest sex stories to herself. If her hands had been free, she would have been playing with his nipples. She would have let his hand slide down between the legs … ..Åh how she could be horny in this awkward situation?

She moaned slightly frustrated while new memory twinkle came to her. Celebration, Christmas buffet, more wine. A loud thumping music, loud laughter, more wine, dance. Strong arms that held her in the dance. A warm body against hers, one’s body so close to her that she could clearly feel his enthusiasm towards her thighs. She remembers blushing how his obvious big and hard cock had turned on her. How she had deliberately rubbed up and down his lower body, half drunk and horny. She was wet, she did not also thrown panties on the free sex stories toilet between two dance?

The memories made her nipples to become rigid, it trembled in her lap. She tried to remember his face, but it was quite impossible. She remembered a big rough hand between her legs right there on the dance floor. A thumb that insistently had piqued her clit while they danced close. Was she not come in a short intense orgasm right there in his arms?

Her bound body incest sex stories responded gay sex stories to the memories. She would be there again, she would tickle until she came back. But who was he and how did she end up here. She caught a glimpse of a pair of dark intense eyes that held her firmly. A strong look, a mesmerizing gaze. She remembered the question he asked her:’stoler you me? ‘She had nodded eagerly, she would have said anything to get him. Whoever he was.

Now came the flashes rushing in on her faster than she could almost handle them. A taxi ride, where she had been playing with a big cock into some gray linen pants. Hands on her body. Heating demanding kiss. The trip ended with a grinning driver, who wished them good pleasure. An elevator ride, more kisses. Clothes were torn off hot horny bodies. She remembered a blindfold, gently set for her eyes. She sensed more than remembered, hands and feet that gently bound. She remembered a tongue against her tight star. Tongue and fingers that free sex stories were playing and extended the sensitive hole. She remembered one spinning sensation of something that was gay sex stories brought up – a dildo?

sex stories post
sex stories post

She remembered the amazing feeling of being filled. While she had given it to the tingling incest sex stories sensation had tongue plunged over the rest of her body. Small bite her nipples. She remembered she had groaned, she had begged, she had begged him to give her dick. And she had cock. With the dildo tingling in her ass, he fucked her. Hard and deep in an ever more intense pace. And she had cried through multiple orgasms. Orgasms that felt like they just went on and on.

Had he come? She could not put a gay sex stories face to him, not remembering anything other than his own enjoyment, but the wet feeling against her thighs meant well, he eventually had filled her with his fat sperm. The memories had filled her up with a new lust. She felt empty in every hole, and she wanted only to be filled. But what had free sex stories happened on where he was, and not least, who was he?

She moaned now of frustration and desire, she felt powerless. But suddenly she could hear a rustling, her eyes followed the sound and she saw a closed door. She felt a little exposed and vulnerable, but most of all she felt ready for more. The hangover was swept away by her body’s needs. The door opened slowly and she stared fascinated into his big brown eyes that promised her redemption ….

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family sex stories|hot sister,mom,aunt family relations sex stories

Erotic Family Sex Stories

My Hot Niece

It’s summer, I’m in shorts and T-shirt and just took a cold beer in the fridge, found my book to sit out on the terrace and enjoy the good weather. My pretty niece of 16 is visiting, she has been here for 3 days on a little break and goes home tomorrow. She loves to be here for the house is very close to the beach and then there is a camp not far away, flirting and partying she and the boys in the evening.

I sit in a deck chair under an umbrella and looking at my niece. She is lying on a blanket on the grass and sleeping. She lies on her stomach only a few bright yellow bikini panties, legs slightly bent and I can see right up between her shapely thighs. It is clear that she is shaved. I enjoy the sight of her firm bales. “you had to be a pig if you did not want to play with them” I think and feel life in my shorts. She dreams I can see she gives some small twitch and mumble something unintelligible.
There begins to spread a dark spot in her bikini panties, it may be a hot dream. It’s hard not to go and fondle her pussy, which guaranteed is ready now.

family sex stories
family sex stories

She raises her abdomen slightly and leads one hand down under the belly and under the panties, on down to the crack and panties sliding to the side. I can see she leads two fingers up and slowly begins to masturbate. Shut it is sexy to look at. Can hardly equate, have so much desire to help her. But she is only 16 and I 42, that’s no good, and my sister would kill me if she discovered that I was fucking her daughter.
She rolls over onto his back and bends easily legs while travelling, on the fingers is now a blurry mess her clit increases. She starts moaning weakly and playing now with her bare breasts, squeezes the one wart and gasps. I have the full erection and will have to pull it out, I can not help it. Slowly I let his hand slide up and down my cock.
She moans more and more, swaying in the back, pushing back his head and get clear in an orgasm. Like falling my book down from my lap and she opens her eyes, staring wildly at me sitting with stiff lovemaking rod and masturbate. Turns one arm on the breasts and shouting: “Guuuud, I did just not there” she lies on the side on one elbow and blushes.
I collect quickly book up and put it over my cock.
“It does not matter, it was very sexy to look at, you must excuse me such a lurking, but I’ve actually been sitting here for a while” Lie I, “It must have been a pretty hot dream you had that”
“Yes, it was about Per down from the campsite, about something we did yesterday, but not only that, I am always so horny when I lie in the sun “her arm has slipped down the page and her firm and large breasts pointing straight toward me and she spread the pins slightly. “God knows whether she is playing up a bit to me,” I think. “What was it about?” I ask.
“Arhh it you will not know it’s a little embarrassing,” she says and smiles. “Yes, I actually like, I do not know much about you young people’s sexual habits”
She lies down on his back and closes his eyes. “OK, but do not laugh and do not tell mother about this!”
“No, of course not” I hasten to say to get her to go on.
“Well, you see, I’ve been a bit with him Per. He’s fucking great and he is 20. Maybe I’m the older men,” she says and smiles. “It was unbelievable, she flirts really with me” when I think before she goes further: “last night we were five down at the beach, we had made a fire, drank wine and bathed. A girl named Nanna asked if there was someone who did not mind she was bathing naked for she loved it. it was not, of course, and soon we were all in the water with no clothes on. it iS really nice and handy for quickly Per was very close to me and touch became more and more intimate. He stood behind me and held me and I could feel his cock grow up between my thighs and I spread her legs a little. It was wildly sexy standing there in the water with the other and do something so intimate. ”
I was about to explode and had to touch my ynglekæp. Away with the book, damn if she were to look, but I was wildly horny by her story. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.
“I could feel Per, and he began to lead his cock back and forth between my thighs when it slid forward massaged on my clit and I was wildly horny, I just had to have him. I got lifted one leg so much he could penetrate me and we stood and had sex while Nanna, Kristian and Jan were playing in the water. it was the hottest I’ve ever tried and come insanely fast. I had to bite my own lip not to scream. Per also came. ”
I opened my eyes a little bit and could see she again played with her clit and her breasts. Shut it was naughty.
“Later up by the fire, I sat up the Per, we still had no clothes on, and there was such an intense different in the air. Suddenly, Nanna and Kristian loving and kissing. Nanna quickly found Kristian’s cock and started playing it. It was also impudently to look at. Per started playing with my breasts and before long red Nanna, Kristian right there in the middle of the beach, so what the hell, I thought, and climbed up on Per and started to ride him too. ”
Now she had little trouble talking to her breathing became heavier and more violent, the more horny she was and the more she rubbed her clit and the more I rubbed my cock.

family sex stories
family sex stories

She continued: “Jan began to grumble, what about me, he said, while he played dick, I do not want some? Come here I said and took him in the mouth. I have never been with two fires at once before, it was the game. After a while asked Jan he had to take the second hole. But it would not ”
Here she came, she tensed her body up in a big bow and screamed his orgasm out with a roar I emptied my cock out of my book. I fell back in his chair and saw how she got another orgasm. She collapsed and blew out.
“You’re beautiful when you get,” I said. She giggled and said, “When there is stiff, sees it now, too. You are great, are not you?”
“Nooo, I do not think you are bigger than so many others. Why would not you be up in January in the rear hole on the beach?” I asked. I would like to have her thoughts back on track.
“I’ve never tried it, and think it hurts” she replied as she looked me straight in the eye. “Maybe you could teach me?”
Now I could not control myself more, there was nothing in the world I would rather be right now.
I got up and walked toward her, “Do you think this is wise?” I asked “No, but guaranteed great, I want cock NOW and I’m sure you can keep your mouth. See, so to get the shorts off!” she said as she pulled her bikini panties, spread her legs and started to cuddle her nipples.
Quickly, I came out of my T-shirt and short. I sat down on his knees between her legs. Bowed to me and let my tongue play with her clit. At the first hint, she sighed deeply. “Uhhh I am sensitive right now,” she said, pressing my head down towards her pussy. “candies hard, so I come now,” she said and once again stood her body like a bow. While she tried to gain control over his breathing sprinted I in after some oil, through the living room with the biggest erection I ever had. When I came out again she lay on her knees with the best looking ass pointing straight at me. I pushed myself up quickly in her pussy and began to encounter quietly back and forth. She lay face down in the carpet and whimpered for every shock.
I dripped some oil between her buttocks and I could feel how she shuddered. Slowly, very slowly I pushed thumb finger and into her tight anus and she screamed lust into tæppen. “Go on, go on, damn, Åååhh where it’s great, fuck me damn”
I extended her back hole with another finger and started finger fucking her lovely ass.

family sex stories
family sex stories

“When I pull me out, start to masturbate,” I said, and thrust a few times very hard in the bottom, pulled me out and rubbed my dick with oil. So I put the tip against her asshole and pressed lightly against. “Weak in the back and the pressure just as if you were in the toilet,” I said, “So relax your sphincter more of and I can easily get into”
She did as I said, all the while rubbing wildly on his dune. I pushed more and came in. She gave a scream from him and squeeze your butt backwards to get my way in. The pace was set up and I slammed my throbbing cock in and out of my little niece’s ass. It was so wild and I could feel I was on the way. “I come, I come” I could have recited every time I bumped into her. She screamed and I could feel how the orgasm pulled everything together with her also her otherwise so tight sphincter tightened even more and massaged, even more, my dick and I came to a crashing orgasm. It went black before my eyes and I could feel how one beam after another hot sperm splashed into her. She coincided with me on and we lay such a long time to catch my breath.
I slid down beside her, lit a cigarette and stood and patted her on the back as she turned her head looked me in the eye and said “Thank you, uncle. Now we have a very big secret”
Suddenly it hit me: “Tell me it did not rain last night, so can they not let the piercing bonfire on the beach, can you? ”
“No, uncle, it can not” …………… ..
The next two days I’ll never forget!

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My name Silja and is 15 years old. Zindy called my friend, and is also 15 years. We are both slim with nice breasts. Zindy with a fantastic ass, and both with beautiful, long legs. I am dark blond with long straight hair and Zindy is completely blonde with short curly hair. We are both very pretty and very popular amongst the boys.

teen sex stories
teen sex stories

The story begins one day when we are short of money. We need money for a trip with the school, and we have come to use the money we have received from our parents. So we sat in my room and talked about how we could make some money. Zindy suggested that we went around to people and helped them to mow grass, wash windows, or sweeping the driveway, or anything else that might give a little money. It was a hot summer day, and we were both wearing small shorts and a little top, sitting snugly over our little tense breasts. We tried several houses in the neighborhood, but no one would help with anything. When we were just about to give up, we stood in a small house on the outskirts of our town, and the doorbell rang. It said Harry Poulsen on the name plate, and soon after opened Harry door. He was an elderly man of about 60 years old, small and plump, and not much hair on his head. He thought about our proposal and said that we could cut his hedge, and weed his terrace, he would give us 100 kr. Each. I got a hoe and started on all fours to clean between the tiles on the terrace. Zindy got an electric hedge trimmer, and he showed her how she could use it. Then he sat on the terrace with a cold beer, and looked at that we worked. I looked over towards Zindy, and saw that she was sweating heavily in the heat. Her top glued to her infant’s body, and when she reached high up the mower, pressed her small firm breasts against the wet fabric. She looked damn good as she stood there. I knelt with ass facing Harry, and I could feel that he was staring at me. I wiggled easily with the ass in small shorts, to stir him up. It seemed obvious, because suddenly Harry said: “Hey girls, come over here and get something cold to drink.” We sat opposite him in all our chair, and asked for a cold beer. We sat and talked a little about what we were going to spend the money, and he came with a proposal: “If you want to earn more money a little faster, I have a suggestion. If you want to make it a little nice to me, I will give you 500 kr. “We looked at each other, and I asked:” What did you just thought you we should do? “He replied with a little hope in his voice:” just how to do something good for me and by me. “He smiled deviously. I asked: “Do you think we should give you a blowjob?” He obviously knew not what it was, so he said: “I will not fuck you, you just give me a good release, then the 500 yours.” We looked at each other, and Zindy smiled her sweetest faint smile, and replied: “Sweet Harry, we would like to suck dick on you for 500 kr. but then bother, we do not have work.” it was he, and immediately put Zindy themselves on his knees between his fat little legs, and ran a hand up the trouser leg of his shorts. He gave a gasp when her small hand reached the old cock. She unbuttoned his shorts up and flashed them down. So Harry raised his ass so she could pull them all by him. His little fat cock was stiff, but not quite long, so it was no problem for Zindy to take the whole dick in his mouth. She drove directly down the throat, and poor Harry moaned and gasped as she squeezed his balls and kneaded them with his small hands. When she had sucked heavily on his cock for a few minutes, she took hold of it with one hand, and started playing him while pikhovedet drove in and out between her soft lips. Harry gasped like a madman, and suddenly he came with a howl when the sperm began to spray out of his neglected cock. Zindy let the sperm hit in the face as it drives down her chin. Harry fell back in his chair, and dried Zindy face with his hand to get some of his sperm. She just smiled at him, stood up and gave him a smooch on the mouth: “500 bucks thanks.” She said cheerfully, and stood before him with legs. Harry came groaning to his feet and ambled into the room with the cock dangling between his thighs. He came out with a 500 kr. Note and gave it to Zindy. She stuck the note in shorts, and we went out of the garden holding hands. We went home to Zindy so she could wash her face.

teen sex stories
teen sex stories

When we got to her house, she went to the bathroom. and I went into the living room to watch TV. I had just sat down on the couch when her father came in. He is always a little småsjofel when I am there, and always ask for my sex life. He’s a great, somewhat coarse man of 45 years, with lots of hair on the chest and big coarse hands. He sat beside me on the sofa, and laid one of the big hands on my tanned thighs: “Oh Cille, you’ve got something today?” I looked blankly at him and said: “Do you get no pussy Bente, since you always have to talk sex with me? “He pulled back a little:” Hey you, you should damn not be cheeky. “I continued:” you might well like to fuck my little girl pussy, instead for her big pussy. It can we’ll find out. You can of course stab me in 1000 kr. I’ll give you a blowjob, and you can fuck my pussy. “At that moment Zindy into the room and asked what we were doing. I said, “That’s just your father would want me to do some gardening.” I grinned at her, and we went out of the house again. On the way she asked if her father had really geared to me. When I nodded, she asked if I wanted to fuck with him. I said that I would probably, if he gave me 1,000 kr. For it. She laughed surprised, but said that she would also fuck my father.
When we came home to me, my mother said that one of the neighbours, Grethe had called and said that she had a job to us. We went over to Grethe and figured that we had to cut the grass or something. But when we came over, she invited us into the living room where her husband Jens, sat on the sofa. They are a few of approximately 60, Grethe slim, with large hanging breasts, and Jens a small thin man almost bald. They looked at each other, and Gretel said: “We have spoken to Harry, and since I am a little sick, thought Jens that I could help him get some pressure, as they say.” It was damn fast the rumour had gone around the neighbourhood, but Zindy smiled and said: “We are doing blowjob to 500, and buns for 1000. If he wants us both, the double up.” “I get 2000, but I will also be looking at.” Grethe threw two pens on the table and Zindy picked them up. We asked Jens rise, and when he stood up in his tracksuit, we saw a huge bulge in his pants. We looked at each other and were a little nervous about the huge bulge. Zindy sat on his knees in front of him, and pulled jogging pants down. Then she rubbed on the big iron through his shorts and pulled them saw of him. I gasped at the sight of the huge cock that was not only very long, it was also huge thick. Zindy kept on with her small slender hands, and Jens gasped while it played with the big cock. She licked it while it rose between her small hands. When it was at full strength, she tried to get the whole cock head into his mouth, but it was not easy. My mouth is bigger than Zindys, so I sat down beside her, and turned his cock into my own mouth. It was unreal to have such a big cock in the mouth, but I sucked the best I had learned. Meanwhile pulled Zindy her top up over her breasts and pulled the little panties so smooth pussy was exposed during the ultra-short skirt.

teen sex stories
teen sex stories

She stood up, then Jens could reach her pussy. His coarse fingers rubbed her wet soft labia, and one thick finger slipped up a bit in her hot pussy. I squeezed his tongue hanging balls with one hand while I rubbed vigorously up and down his cock while I sucked and sucked the best I’ve learned. Jens finger fucked now heavily in Zindys pussy, he moaned quickly and pulled with the other hand my head all the way into the body, so the big cock disappeared down my throat. I was choking on the big cock as he got off me and I pulled my head a little bit. At that moment he emptied his huge balls of sperm. The sprayed into the long splashing. Into my mouth, over my face and into my hair. He leaned back and gasped as the last drops dripped down on the floor. I pulled my top off and wiped my face with it. So, traveled Grethe, and I noticed that she had taken her pants and panties, and now only had a bra on, covering the big hanging tits. Jens had pulled the finger out of Zindys pussy, so Grethe took immediately above. She rubbed vigorously on Zindys pussy while she snavede her deeply with his tongue, and squeezed her small breasts. Zindy immediately took hold of the big tuft of hair between Meg’s leg and shook it vigorously while she snavede back. It was very lewd seeing this older woman kissing game on a beautiful young girl.
I immediately pulled Jens my panties down and pulled me down on his lap. His cock was limp, but he sat down and reeled on my breasts, kissed and licked my ear as he said all sorts of obscene things: “You’re a little bitch pussy. I’ll fuck your little pussy to pieces. You have to get my big cock up in the womb. “So he continued, while his big cock again grew under me. When it was harder and bigger, grew up between my slender thighs, and suddenly towered it between my thighs with the violet blue dick glistening and ready to fuck my tight pussy. I got up and stood with legs apart in front of Jens. So I straddled over him and sat down on his cock. While my pussy was dripping wet, would the huge dickhead not up in my tight pussy. I rocked up and down on his feet, so I let myself almost falling off of his cock, and the large head slid up in my little pussy. It hurt, but also good to feel the fight club glide through my pussy. Jens began to mutter obscene as if to excite themselves more up: “Oh yes it is your little pussy. You are so tight, shut up when you’re tight. Oh, I fuck your pussy you little whore. You are a møgluder a whore pussy. “I was absolutely giddy with the big dick up in me, but also noticed how it stimulated my pussy, to be filled out completely. But I should have Jens to come so I could get, so I began to speak obscenely to him too: “Come on up to my little girl pussy with your big cock. Oh, your cock is so lovely, I love your big cock. Fuck me hard now, fuck me, your old bull. “It was as if his cock grew further in my pussy, while putting Grethe on his knees behind me and started licking my asshole. Oh how I was horny, and when she stuck a finger in my asshole, I came in a huge orgasm. I was shaking all over, while Jens’ huge cock drove deep in me. Zindy had come up behind Jens, as she stood facing me. I enjoyed the sight of her firm young body, and she leaned forward and kissed me. Our tongues played with each other while we snavede game. We had never kissed before, but it was wildly exciting to kiss a beautiful girl while I was rough fucked by an old man. Now shouted Jens aloud: “God damn slut, I’m coming now I fill your pussy with sperm now perms I you, you whore.” Grethe helped him: “Fuck her Jens, give her all your lovely cock. Fuck her to pieces the little whore. Spray your sperm into her pussy. “It was enough. Jens turned the whites of the eyes, and I felt his cock pump the hot semen into my poor fucked pussy. He pumped and pumped until he finally was empty and collapsed on the chair. I stood up, and his half-cock svuppede out of my pussy, and Grethe threw themselves immediately above it, and began to suck his cock.
Zindy and I took our clothes on, and Zindy stopped the two markers in the bra, then we left Grethe and Jens.

teen sex stories
teen sex stories

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My Hot Delicious Teenage Sister Sex Stories|Hot Cousin Sister Sex Stories

My delicious teenage sister sex stories

I am a perpetual student of 32 years, living in stable relationship with the child and all. After my girlfriend, Henriette and I’ve got the child, our sex life does not always run in top gear – but surely it is not entirely uncommon. Actually, I have a few times sought diversion in girls from the studio and my work – but it must hear of another time.
One weekend a few weeks ago I was with my girlfriend and our little daughter for a walk in Farum, to visit my father in law and his youngest daughter, who still lives at home. We live in an apartment on Østerbro and visit fairly often-laws in Farum on weekends to get away from the city – and my father in law, Svend and Sandra, Henriette’s little sister is pleasant people to be in the company of, so it suited me perfectly, and we enjoy ourselves always.
The day we arrived shortly before noon when we had agreed to have lunch with Svend and Sandra. The weather was really good, the sun was shining and it was warm, so we ate in the garden. After lunch would Henriette and I have a little sun on the body, while our daughter, Claudia, played in the garden and Svend went and put his vegetable garden. Henriette’s little sister, Sandra, sat down as usual into the living room and read. Sandra is a ca. 175 cm tall, slim, sex and shapely girl of 19 years with long dark hair, green eyes and plump breasts. I had long been interested in her, but it had become a disincentive for many reasons. There would, of course, always be a risk that Henriette or others in the family would detect any attempt on my part.
Sandra has, in the time I have known her, always had a strange habit of wrapping themselves in clothing from head to toe, even when it’s hot. She is a quiet girl, and I have always seen this behaviour as a sign that she is shown to have quite shy. I have never heard that she should have had a boyfriend. To tease her a little, I went into the house and asked her if she did not go out and have some sun on the body with us – but she would not.
In the afternoon should Svend over to his mother, who lives nearby. Henriette and our daughter took to get some afternoon tea and cake. I lay dozing in the garden and were back. After a while, I went into the house to get some drinks. When I thought I was alone, I was a bit surprised when I saw Sandra sit in the living room and watch television. “Well, sky ‘do not you over to Your grandmother?” I asked. Sandra said that she does not hate felt so obvious for it because she was sore in the back and shoulders after a long working day in advance. I had often given her siblings and other family members reflexology and massage and offered her a little reflexology: “Do I press you a little under your feet and see if it helps”? “Uh, yes, I would then like to have,” she said as her eyes evaded mine. I sat up to her on the sofa and began to work her feet. We got to talking and she asked which zones I pressed and bodies which they corresponded with. Our talk was soaked her up, and she was so small little more talkative than usual. After 10-15 min. I was a little turned on by touching her feet, and I decided to see if I could get something going with her and asked her a closed question: “Can you feel any improvement, or should try to press directly on the back and shoulders “? “It would be nice,” she said, “but I think you hit a little hard, you can not drill a little less?” I promised and asked her to lie on her stomach on the floor. I sat down on his knees beside her and started massaging the back and shoulders, but after a few minutes grumbled herself that her blouse chafed skin when I massaged on their sleeves. “Then take off your shirt,” I said hopefully. “Øhmm, yeah I can do that,” she said somewhat cautiously. She sat up and took his shirt. Under the blouse, her nude body, a white lace bra, and a stunning cleavage, which I saw for the first time appeared. She has probably noticed my gaze, and held the shirt up to the breasts and lay down on his stomach.

sister sex stories
sister sex stories

There has always existed a kind of undeclared sympathy between Sandra and me. She is a quiet and gifted girl who does not say much unless she feels that she really has no heart. I have often defence her when the family has complained about her withdrawn behaviour, because I could see similarities with her, with myself when I was her age. I now hoped that this mutual sympathy had created so much confidence in me that I could break Sandra wall of shyness and teenage insecurity without exceeding her limits to such a degree that it would end in a fiasco.
I began to massage her back and shoulders, she grumbled once again: “Do not use any cream? Your hands seem so rough on my back! There’s something on the shelf in the bathroom.” After having picked up the cream, I sat beside her, took some cream on her hands and began to massage. After a few minutes I sat astride on the lower back of her and massaged on, but during the few seconds I started to get iron from sitting and having her ass just below me. I could feel that it would not last many seconds before I would have full erection, and she could feel it. I decided to remain seated and wait for a reaction from her. I continued the massage, and now had a real Stivert on. But Sandra did not respond to it. I was a little braver, and sat a little further down with her buttocks just below my cock and massaged now the lower back. I slowly began to make small fuck movements against her ass as massage. Sandra gave some low moans from him, I was braver and pushed more to the abdomen against her ass. Then she interrupted me: “Stefan, I do not think I want this.” I was seated and asked if she did not like it. “I do it right, what if they come back – and what about Henriette”? Now was good advice expensive: I was very close to either failure or getting to fuck my delicious teenage sister – I had to think and react quickly and bet that she deep down wanted: “Do not you like it when I touching you “? I eased myself a little from her ass and pulled her up so she sat with her back to me. I placed myself on one knee, took her from behind and put his hands under her bra and pinched her nipples with his fingers and said, “Sandra, I really want you – I want you! Is it wonderful when I touch you or can you not like it? ” Sandra seemed like she liked the touch, but was simultaneously in doubt: “I do not know, I have not tried to be as close to a man.” “At my age”? I asked, and continued to cuddle her nipples while kissing her on the neck and shoulders. “Uh, yes, that is – I’ve never really been with a man or guy – just kissed and petted.” I was not surprised by this, but wondering if it was true that she at age 19 in 2001 had not tried to fuck. I asked her if she was a virgin, which she confirmed. I was now aware that I had to try to control the course of here when she apparently had had no experience with such a situation. I decided to take completely over and started to open her pants with one hand while I continued to cuddle a nipple with the other hand and said, “I know you are a little afraid of this – how it feels – what to do – if someone discovers us. But I think you will find that it’s great. ” I had now got his hand into her panties. I massaged her clit a little and put his finger in her pussy – she was soaking wet, and I thought, “YES!” I continued alternately to massage her clit and finger fuck her while I rubbed one nipple and massaged the chest with the other hand . She began to moan, and I continued my treatment I felt that she was about to come. So I got up, took her hands and pulled her up from the floor. I stood and kissed her while I put one hand down and continued to finger fuck her pussy and began to pull her pants and panties with the other hand. She was doing virtually nothing but stand and groan, and take my treatment. When she had got the pants and panties, I pulled her over to the couch and got her down on her back. I spread her legs and began to lick and suck her clit while I finger fucked her. She began to moan loudly with a delightfully light voice: “Oh – oh, Stefan keep” !! My cock was really stiff now and knocked, and was getting very eager for some action. I hurried to take my pants and the rest of the clothes in which I helped her off with her bra and lay down on her. I sucked and nipped her breasts while I drove his cock up and down her clit with fuck movements. She moaned: “Oh, it’s great – it’s great” !! And came very quickly in an orgasm, she moaned and said, “Oh, Oh no, I think I pee!” And then she came to a violent orgasm. I could not help but laugh a little of what she said. Some suggested that she apparently had not had as strong an orgasm before and therefore knew the feeling.

sister sex stories
sister sex stories

My cock was throbbing and almost screaming for action, so I felt it needed to be spoiled. I stood up and thrust his cock straight into Sandra’s mouth. She looked at it and said, “You want me to take it into his mouth”? “Yes, I’ve had you in the mouth, now it’s your turn,” I replied. She protested a little, “Is not it a bit creepy, I think that comes semen out of it and everything so in something”? “Some shall turn to what others may just enjoy it from the first time, but it’s something that really turns a man, if you can figure out how to do it right. Do not you want to turn me right”? I said and played a little on her lack of experience. “Yeah, but what should I do”? I cheered inside by these words – I could get it just as I wanted it. I thought I might as well teach her right from the start, though it may seem a little intimidating to some girls when they try for the first time: I will fuck her in the mouth and down the throat, so I replied, “It can might seem a little strange the first time you try it. you just take it into his mouth and licking the head – preferably with the underside of the tongue on the head and the upper side of the tongue up and down the shaft, and do not touch the teeth. And then you just do what I say. ” I sat down on the couch, spread her legs and said she would sit on his knees in front of me and take his cock in the mouth. She started licking his cock head, and I instructed her to switch between licking and take his cock as far as possible into the mouth. And she actually did it really well. After a few minutes I was getting – the whole situation to sit with my girlfriend’s naked, delicious youngest sister, get sucked cock and keep track of it all was overwhelming. There flashed a devil in me – now I would mouth fuck her! “Sandra, lie on the couch with your head back on the edge”. I stood up and supported with one knee and one hand on the edge of the couch and the other on the seat back, stuck his cock in her mouth and began to fuck. I was quite entrained and fucked just to and came after a 8-10 shock in her mouth. Sandra gave some gave some nasal and throat noises and swallowed most of my charge. This was just too much: I had just fucked and sprayed Sandra in the mouth – it was totally smooching, and I kept my erection. Sandra lay on the couch with my seed in and around the mouth. I sat over her, took some of the semen from her face and rubbed her breasts and nipples into sperm while I pinched and massaged them. So I took his cock up between the breasts and made fucking movements in time to the chest massage. Her breasts are truly wonderful: Fixed and large – a little more than a handful for each hand, and I was now so horny that I had to have pussy and said: >> Sandra, I want you now !! << I stack my cock into her pussy on her and began to fuck her with no consideration for her virginity. She asked me to be careful because she was afraid that it would hurt. I fucked her with alternating slow and fast short bursts to avoid penetration of the hymen instantly while I massaged her clit with your fingers. She was soon soaking wet of my treatment and moaned: “Stefan, fuck me – I want you right up to me.” I lifted her legs up on my shoulders and pushed his cock all the way down the long, hard shock. She gave some whining from him, and I continued to fuck her with long, slow shock. She was nice tight and I could feel that I would be coming soon, so I pulled myself out of her to postpone the release. I took hold of her hips, turned her over on her stomach and said she had to stand on all fours with your hands on the armrest, so I could take her from behind. I stuck my dick in her pussy and began to fuck her from behind while I held on to her hips – she could suffer! She moaning loudly: “Oh, Oh – Stefan makes it harder” !! I fucked like a wild and came to slip out of her. I grabbed dicks to poke it back but saw her asshole; I was really horny and wanted røvpule her and thought she had it in her mouth and pussy, so she might as well get used to taking it in the ass from the first time. So I did not try to persuade her later if we had to fuck another time – and on the other hand I would have done it all with her if she would not want to fuck again another time. I grabbed her buttocks, pushed her down on her stomach, buttocks scattered them and stuck his cock into her asshole, it was well lubricated by her vagina after, so it slid relatively lightly. She appeared a little surprised by this and groaned: “Ahhrr, ahhrr – huh do you do? You have the top of the butt at me.” Her asshole was really tight, and I was completely turned on while I replied as if it surprised me: “It does when not hurt, right?” And fucked on. “No, oh, uhh – it’s just a little, uhh – strange,” she moaned. I took one of my hands between the legs of her and alternately massaged me her clit and finger fucking her pussy while I pulled her in the ass. She moaned and whimpered during this treatment: “It’s so wonderful – oh, plug it in pee wife and make it hard.” I pulled his cock out of the asshole and stuck it up in her pussy on her. She stood on all fours as before; I fucked her wildly and hard while I held on to her breasts and pinched her nipples with your fingertips. It was a wonderful experience to fuck Sandra brutally from behind, while I had a good hold of her delicious breasts; and I began to pant heavily, “Åhhrr, åhhrr – Sandra, do you like getting cock, you little bolled yr”? She moaned and whimpered simply: “Oh, uhh, Stefan go on – oh, make it hard”! I decided to give her a proper orgasm, and moved one hand from her chest down to her clit, as I massaged with the fingers, while I had hold of her breast with the other hand and proceeded to fuck her from behind everything I could. It was just what was needed, she groaned aloud, and came suddenly very violently. She took on my hands and held them tightly against his chest and pussy and crept close together while her body was completely tense all your muscles. Her vaginal muscles tightened hard on my cock and I sprayed up in her.

sister sex stories
sister sex stories

I held her from behind while we lay on the sofa. I felt great and was constantly aroused by the whole situation: I had just fucked my girlfriend’s 19-year-old little sister on all over and taken her virginity. I could feel that I had to have more, and got just as quietly raising again by lying and hold her, with his cock up against her røvbalder. I started fiddling with her again while I kissed her back and shoulders and said, “Hold my cock”. She took the dick and started rubbing it, I got full erection and was combative again in a matter of seconds. Suddenly the phone rang. Sandra slap my cock and would get up to answer the phone. My I was horny and would not let go of her. “Stefan, let me ta ‘phone – it can be a father,” she protested. “Then you promise me that we love again,” I replied. She got hold of the handset and answered the phone. It turned out to be her father, who said that they were returning home down from his mother. He wanted to know if we wanted pizza for the evening so he and Henriette had to rent a movie and take pizzas on the way home.
After Sandra hung up the phone went there a little panic in her, “Are you crazy man, they come home soon! I would up in the shower and get dressed before they come.” I tried a few calm to lie about her: “Take it easy, they must first download pizza and rent a movie – the earliest home about half an hour – let us go up in the bath.” I followed her to the bathroom on the first floor with a HAL VSTi vert on. Inside the bathroom, I could not leave her, and asked me close behind her with a dick straight to her røvbalder while I grabbed her with one hand massaged her clit with the other. She immediately began to moan a little, “Oh no, Stefan, they’ll be here shortly.” I replied that I just wanted her quickly and pushed her upper body hunched over the sink while I stuck my dick in her pussy. I began to fuck her from behind and Sandra moaned and whimpered. I gave her fast and furious shock and could feel that I was getting. I pulled his cock out and ordered her to her knees in front of me: “Sandra, sit down on my knees – I’ll spray you in the face and on the teats.” I turned her, and she sat on his knees in front of me. I grabbed her hair at the nape of the neck with one hand and played his cock with the other. Then I came and put a dollop straight face her. I had the upper hand in the situation and took the opportunity for a little dominance and said: “Lick my cock clean. Sandra, licking his cock clean and swallow semen, as she was told. We took a shower and was fondling, kissing and talking a little while we bathed. Sandra told that it had been really nice and that she for some time had actually been a little smålun on me. we agreed that being together again – and next week we need a walk in drive-in cinema. I hope there will be something to write about!

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Read Hottest Dog Sex Stories And Other Animals Horse Sex

Dog Sex Stories|MY 1st Time With DOG

Bodil was now close to the 40, quite a bit overweight, and had realised that she hardly found a man who could live up to her demands. Her need for sex was violent, and as she could not get enough of the dildos she had in its vast collection.

One night she fell on the Internet over a page about sex with dogs. There was actually a nice little “manual”. She thought it was strange, but could not get the thought out of my head. She fantasised about a dog almost every time she masturbated and could only reach orgasm through such fantasies, or by watching video clips on the web. Especially one clip with a beautiful long-haired collies.

The apartment she lived in was in a housing association, and here it was not allowed to keep the dog. So she had come to terms with that she had to settle for fantasies.

But one day there was a letter in the mail. From a lawyer at the other end of the country. Her unmarried, childless aunt had died and had installed her as legatee. It turned out that there was a nice dollop of money when the estate was realised, enough for a good payout in a small house, if she would agree to stay a bit outside the city, and there was also money for a modest car.

She was busy the summer. First, she found a good used golf at Parrot plates, and after months of anxious seeking the real estate pages on the web and many trips out to look at houses, it ended up she found the perfect place. The house was surrounded by a large, wild garden with tall hedges and with plenty of fruit trees. It was easy to fit and very cozy.

When she and the bank made up the economy, it turned out that there was room to get made all the improvements on the house she wanted, and so would her total housing costs still be considerably cheaper than in her current apartment. In short, her salary as a teacher in elementary school would remain adequate, yes there would be plenty, even with the cost of the car.

The craftsmen were finished, and she could move in. During the summer, she had bought a lot of books about dogs, especially collies breed, and focused on the possibilities for guidance in it. She visited a lady who offered dog training. Charlotte was her name, and they drove together to the local animal shelter to see if there was a dog she would think about.

dog sex stories
dog sex stories

Bodil course said nothing about that it absolutely had to be a male, but she had mentioned to Charlotte that she liked collie breed. Charlotte was agreed with her that she could get much benefit from this type of dog, and believed that both the labrador and a golden retriever could also be a good choice. Especially if Bodil would enclose part of the garden to a fairly large exercise area.

Charlotte was with Bodil on animal shelter several times and that they found the right dog. At the shelter, they promised to contact Bodil if something really should appear. The time was used to plan to the fence of the garden, and at the end of the garage was decorated a roomy doghouse.

A few weeks before the autumn holidays they called from the animal shelter. A divorced family had to part with a golden retriever, a male of about 2 years. It was important for them to give it a good home, and they would like to even deliver to Bodil and see where it would live in the future. Before this could happen, it should at the shelter vet check and have the necessary vaccinations.

Bodil had no trouble persuading Charlotte to come this Saturday morning to greet the dog. As the clock neared 10 was Bodil and Charlotte ready with coffee and rolls. She was very excited. Certainly, she had seen the dog in the kennel at once, but now it was real.

Everything was ready for the reception. The dog house in the back of the garage was equipped with food and water, and the grass was cut in the big yard, where there was also plenty of trees. The owner of the dog arrived. In addition to the dog, he had basket and blanket, bowl, brush and toys, and a nearly full sack of feed with.

They went for a walk to see the dog exercise area and its house where it should reside when Bodil was at work. Everything was approved, and the coffee was Bodil all papers on the dog. In the stud book stood inscribed with the name Raja.

dog sex stories
dog sex stories

Dogs basket of carpet was placed in the kitchen with food bowl and water. The former owner hastened to say goodbye and drove away.

Bodil and Charlotte took a cup of coffee out and watched as Raja went exploring in his new pen. When they took him into the house and went outside and called to him, he quickly found out how to open the hatch. Everything worked fine.

Charlotte went home. Bodil gave Raja a leash and went for a long walk in the surrounding area. Down through the woods, along with the brook. Raja put “its brands” here and there along the way. The feeling apparently already at home in the area. It started to rain, and Bodil hurried back to the house.

She hurried to get it wet clothes and pulled in a bathrobe. She rubbed Raja with an old towel, and it seemed to Li + it. When she wiped it on my stomach bumped her hand “by chance” against the bullets and the shell around the penis. Nor does it protested against it.

Bodil went into the kitchen and sat down on a chair. Raja came with. It was almost too much. For over a year she had fantasised about how it would feel to touch a handspike. Now she could not wait any longer. She called the dog to him, scratched it behind the ears and stroked it along the back. Slowly she led his hand down along the sides of the dog, to finally scratch its stomach.

Gently she touched the sleeve, first just with two fingers, but eventually, she had the whole hand around the pelshylsteret and led it gently back and forth. Raja pulled abdomen up under you and Bodil could feel that something was growing in her hand. She went down on her knees and looked into the underdog. A red-purple cock grew out of the holster and got bigger and bigger. She released his grip, stood up, called cheeks and a warm feeling in her pussy. She ran into the bathroom, pulled the panties down sat on the toilet and began rubbing her wet pussy. Raja had followed. It stood in the doorway and looked at her, still with the red cock stinging a bit.

dog sex stories
dog sex stories

Bodil called him over to her and pushed forward on the toilet seat. She kicked the panties off and spread her legs. She grabbed his collar and pulled its nose down to her pussy. Raja sniffed cautiously in the mane, puffed a little with his nose and took a cautious probing candy. Then lifted his head and looked up at Bodil. It was obvious that it was uncertain about the situation.

Bodil remembered something she had read in “manual” on the Internet. It is important that the dog feels safe and understand what is happening. She scratched it behind the ears with both hands and spoke softly and praise for it. The previous owner had said that Raja had some training in obedience to the commands “sit” and “tires” and come when called on it. “Yeah, candy me. Good boy. Now you’re nice to mother.” It had to learn a new command, just as it learned “sit” and “deck”.

Gently she pressed Raja’s nose down to her pussy and gave the command “candy”. It is understood the dog, of course, but when it again gave her a tentative candy pussy she repeated the command, while she scratched the friendly behind the ears. “Clever dog,” she said kindly, and spread her legs, even more, so he felt that it was right he did.

Bodil said with a firm voice “sit”, and Raja sat down immediately on the tail in front of her. She stood up, praised and cuddled him. She sat down again, called him to him and steered his nose in between her thighs while she commanded “candy”. Raja was a bit confused, but she steered his nose down to her pussy and repeated the command. About Raja fully understand the relationship she did not know, but he licked tentatively in her crack and she gave it back praise. They practised “his” and “candy” several times, and after some time it seemed that the dog understood the meaning, and enjoyed the praise it received each time it performed an ever deeper sweets. In any case, it is no longer necessary to control the Bodil having its head in place.

Bodil had read online that it was important to let the dog see this game as something pleasant and got the reward when it followed a command. She leaned over the dog and fussed its coat on both sides of the body. She brought a hand down under its belly and got gently grasp the Rajas Pik halster. While she spoke soothingly to it, she drove carefully hand back and forth around his cock. It grasped immediately. Peck came forward a little, and he began tentatively to fuck her hand. “Clever dog” praised Bodil, and let him continue for a few minutes.

Bodil felt that they were well on their way, and chose to stop training with a “sit”, even if she wanted to continue. She brought her clothes in order, filled Raja’s food bowl and smeared a few sandwiches for himself.

She had a stack of styles that should be addressed, so she closed Raja out in the dog yard in order not to lose concentration.

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Juicy Lesbian Sex Stories That Will Make You Cum

Lesbian Sex Stories|The Executive Secretary

My name is Mette and has not been employed for more than 3 months; but I already feel well adjusted. I graduated as 3-bilingual secretary (English, German and Spanish) and I got high marks for the exam, so that was probably why I was lucky to get this job in the major international law firm.
I sit in an open office along with seven others, four girls and three men. They are either secretaries or correspondents like me.
I am 24 years old, slim with a well-proportioned body, 173 cm on bare feet and breasts that fill a c-bowl naturally. I have a half long hair and natural redhead. I am currently single and lives in a 1½ rooms in Christianshavn. An apartment my parents bought for me when I read.
My immediate superior is the Executive Secretary, a lady on a pair of forty, I guess. She now looks quite good, maybe a little too rich here and there; but all in all, a pleasant lady and a friendly boss and she called Miss. Mortensen, Alice first name; but we do not use.
One Friday afternoon, I was asked if I would mind to stay longer, as there were some very important documents to be translated into Spanish and sent the same evening. I said it was OK, there was no one waiting for me.
I got a CD that I put in voice recorder and when I saw how much it filled, I almost regretted I had said yes, it would appear well take most of the night. Well, I went at it hammer and tongs, it came also about to show that it was the right thing, they had hired. You will very well make a good figure.
Miss. Mortensen looked out to me several times during the evening and she was sweet to come with both coffee and sandwiches. I said she hoped was not because of me, for it was not necessary. She said, with a strange glint in his eye, that of course she was because of me and I should not think about. I wondered a little about the statement; but forgot it as quickly.
When the time was close to 23, I was finished and announced it to Miss. Mortensen that everything was ready for shipment. She came out and stood behind me and leaned over me as she looked at it, I had put ready. She smelled slightly stronger of her perfume (Giorgio) than she used to or maybe it was because I had never been so close to her before. I could feel her large breasts pressing my neck and went for a iling through me.
I was, quite involuntarily, hot face and my abdomen was slightly damp. How had I never got it near a woman, so it really caught me. Miss. Mortensen said it was a great gig, I had made and that she would invite me in late dinner in town if I wanted and if I had other plans.
Before I got going on, I said yes and that I had no plans for tonight. “Fine,” she said, “so we slip on my favorite restaurant where I know we can get a good steak, even at this time. It is just around the corner. I’ll call right and booking a table and ordering food, if it’s OK with you?” The last thing she said with a big smile and continued: “How would you like your steak?” “Medium rare” I said, “fine,” she said, “how can I best like it.”
She called and said that we would be there in 10 minutes and then we took our coats on and went. There were only a few hundred meters to the restaurant; but at the time we reached, on Miss. Mortensen’s bid to become familiar and as she said: “It must be the right way.” and before I could react, she had said her name was Alice and gave me a big, wet kiss right on the mouth.

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lesbian sex stories

I was completely flabbergasted; but just said that I’m Mette and guiltily I gave her a light kiss back. She laughed loudly and said that I was only a little shy girl; but that she would now probably get picked by me.
When we reached the restaurant arm in arm, we were welcomed by a nice waiter who apparently knew Alice mighty well, for that was with hugs and kisses – even for me, as he watched with a smile to Alice said: ” quaint, tidy, there you have been lucky. ” I understood at the time, not what he meant by it; but I came to later.
We were put at the table back of the room, which was almost full of noisy people. They had also a few hours head start with good food and wine. Without that was said a word to the waiter, was put a bottle of champagne on the table. I looked in amazement at Alice; but she smiled and just said that I had plenty deserved and that she hoped I liked champagne?
I said that I could and soon we were given glasses full and got toasted. Alice insisted that we repeated our dusseri and with a smiling glance at me she raised her glass and said, “Alice” and I did the same; but said the course “Mette”. We drank and got up and gave each other a kiss. I bet that I could feel Alice’s tongue press against my lips; but it was only a brief second, so I had enough labeled incorrectly.
The steaks came in and they were huge and delicious. Fried just as I like it. Dark pink velstegt inside and on the outside. There were delicious accompaniments and I was ravenous, so without much talk, we ate a while. We drank from the red wine that had been served with the steaks. A delicious Amarone, which was like velvet in your mouth. I wondered what the mon cost and that it was good, it was not me who had to pay.
When we were halfway through the large steaks, we relaxed a little. We were doing once small talk about this and that; but in some way, Alice was rotated conversation over me. How did I do? Who were circumventing went out I with? I had a girlfriend? Where did my parents? Etc, etc.
I was a bit full so inhibitions were gone. I was babbling, as we had been friends for life. Alice toasted whole time, so I became more and more full. Not that I lost control; but I got it just as nice as I can remember, I had had it before. We did not talk much about Alice, only that she lived in the East of a large luxury flat on the 2nd floor with 8 rooms. I was impressed and said that it might be nice to stay there. It was something other than my little 1½ rooms in Christianshavn, although the location was OK.
Alice said that yes, that’s a nice apartment; but she was a little lonely, alone in the apartment, which she also had inherited from her mother, who had died 2½ years ago. She looked long at me, she said, like little coincidence that I then could take her home and see the apartment and then I could stay for the next day, for it was now so late and there were not very much, at so, much shorter than home to me.
Afterwards I could see that it was nonsense. I could just have gotten into a taxi; but at the moment, in my easy intoxication, it seemed like the best option. We just got a cup of espresso, I with Bailey and Alice with a calvados and so we asked to have ordered a taxi.
The taxi came and Alice helped me into the back seat and followed even after. We sat very close and Alice had an arm around me. She started stroking my hair and I felt a hand on my thigh. I froze and gradually disappeared. It might have been an accidental contact, I thought; but then it gently again and this time I pretended nothing.
The hand squeezed a little thigh and Alice’s mouth was just my one ear and with a heavy voice, she whispered to me if I’d mind touch. I must confess that I was a little turned on, both of mood, dinner, wine and her light touch, so I responded with mushy voice that it was great and I felt easy.
I was acknowledged with a kiss in the ear that sent a burst through my body and I could feel that I was wet in the panty. Alice’s hand got pinched two fingers down between her thighs at me and touched my wet panties. I sank together and my body trembled. Unconsciously, I turned his head and our warm lips met in a wet, sucking tongue kiss. Alice’s mouth was demanding and I followed. Our tongues did wrestle and we sat in a fierce embrace.
Then stopped the taxi and I got a glimpse of the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. He had been followed, there was a big grin on his face; but I did not care, he did not recognize me.
Alice locked us into the staircase and with a creaking elevator, we drove up to the second floor and went into the apartment. Alice kicked the door behind us and quickly got his coat. She almost tore my by too and so she pulled me into a huge room where there was only switched on a single sconce above the sofa. She pulled me over to the couch and pulled me down to lie. She lay half on top of me and we began to kiss and cuddle.
Without a word, pulled Alice me off the couch for a while and took my hand and led me through a few large living rooms, into her bedroom. It was so big that my entire apartment could have been in it, and so there had even been room to spare. I was impressed; but before I had said anything or got released me from her grip on my arm, she began to undress. It went so deftly that I badly discovered that she removed one piece of cloth after another between the hugs and kisses she gave me.
Without own will I let her do it. I had it though and had also been very well fashioned horny of the whole situation. I tried half-heartedly to dress Alice the same time; but failed, so I just stood there with I was completely naked except for my panties. Before I got the sound I had Alice already got all her clothes off and then we stood there and looked at each other. She now had a nice body. Large, slightly drooping breasts, the nipples sat quite rigid and peeped out to the sides. Fairly flat belly, wide hips and it so I now, a completely shaved pussy that glistened with her juices.
Even I could feel the juices slowly leak into my panties and I went one step forward and hugged Alice as our breasts pressed against each other. We fell on the bed. A huge double bed with canopy. The soft duvets and thick mattress felt as if we floated in milk. We kissed and hugged and Alice pushed me down on my back and climbed even down so her head came to lie on my stomach.

lesbian sex stories
lesbian sex stories

She kissed my navel and let his tongue slip further down. With teeth she seized the panties and pulled them down slowly. I took off the end so that the briefs could slip with fully. With a free hand got Alice my panties pulled and her mouth found my venus mountain. It gave a big gib me and it was almost too much, as her tongue found in between my wet, engorged labia to my rock hard clitoris. She worked dune and my hands found her head and pressed it against my pussy,
I could hear myself lie and whine and moan and in record exploded my first orgasm in my brain and started spreading throughout the body down and grabbed her pussy. It felt as if a giant with 1,000 arms had hold of all my sensitive parts of the body. My orgasm was kept alive with Alice’s ferme slikkeri and without I had felt it as something individual, had her fingers fucked me simultaneously.
My body slackened and Alice pulled up and gave me a very wet kiss that tasted salt of my own juices. I returned the wet kisses and Alice rolled over on his back and so we lay a while, just with a free hand caressed, whatever it could find. I rolled onto his stomach and then Alice’s face. “Thanks” I said, “it was a wonderful treatment I got and now I want to return the favor.” She smiled and said that she had also counted on and I gave her a kiss and kissed me so way down her body.
The plump breasts got a game and I took turns stiff nipples in his mouth and nipped at them. The effect nor did not materialize. Alice groaned and twisted her body and her hands pushed my head, so I quickly took down to her glistening pussy. Labia sat wet and thick and screened for access to klitorissen; but I quickly found my tongue. I nibbled gently on the downs with the teeth and Alice gave a jolt to the body. I began to lick hard on the dune while my one hand found the room a few fingers in the pussy.
I licked and finger fucked Alice so demanding that it lasted only briefly before she, with a mighty roar, came in a surging orgasm. Her body quivered and stiffened slightly curved from the surface. Her thighs squeezed so hard on my head that I was nearly suffocated; but then loosened her muscles and she collapsed. I licked and finger fucked her slower and slower while her orgasms faded quietly out. I climbed up and stood over her. Our mouths met and will lay long and sucked hungrily at each other’s lips and tongues.
It was light when we finally found out on the large, marble-clad bathroom with large spa tub in the corner. Alice lit spa and we slipped along down in the warm, bubbling water. We joked and fondled and kissed as if we had been lovers for years. When we, after a long time in the spa stood up and wiped each other with large, soft frottébadelagener, gave Alice me a big hug and gently asked if I would like to move in and make her company?
It surprised me and I stood a long time and thought; but then pipe a devil in me and with a big grin I embraced her, gave her a kæmpekys and said that I would love to.
We spent the whole weekend to explore each other. We had many wonderful love tours both in bed and in the spa. We got hardly anything to eat. We had enough of each other. We agreed that we would keep up appearances at work. There was no reason to inaugurate colleagues in our little arrangement and during the week came, I ordered the relocation of my personal matters like Alice. My apartment was fortunately a young man who was studying at university at Amager that would rent.
A times it was just been about to go wrong at work. One night we thought everyone had gone home, we dropped in and had sparked kisses and cuddling the ladies’ room, as the door opened and one of the secretaries came in. We quickly got rid each other, but she looked at us with raised eyebrows, so she has probably seen anything yet. She has never said or done anything – yet anyway.

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