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It’s liberating to read that there are bestiality sex other girls who have sex with their dog. For many years I have gone and felt that my sex life with Rolf, my lovely golden retriever, was something real bad thing as I was all alone with, and I’ve always been terribly bestiality sex stories embarrassed about it. Not in the sense that I now think it’s alright, but it’s good to talk about it, so I at least not all alone with my little peculiar sexual habits

First I tell that I am a great , not very pretty girl of 29 years, and have never had a real girlfriend. I work on a bestiality sex stories large farm, which is primarily a pig farm, but of course also cultivate the land. I work in the field as a machine operator. The owner has bought a part småejendomme in the neighborhood, and I live in the farmhouse on one of them. It is beautifully situated, ca. 1 km from the road down a dead end road, and the garden goes up against a forest. This is where I live undisturbed my “secret” life with Rolf.

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It all started when I was a young agricultural student very often had the farm dog in the field. It liked to run with beside bestiality sex stories the tractor. A nice spring day, I had put me in a fence to urinate. The dog had apparently slipped behind me, for when I got up a bit to dry myself, I felt its cool nose in the crotch. I pushed it away, made me finish, pulled coveralls on and continued the work. But in the evening, as I lay in my bed, I was hot between the legs by thinking about the feel of the dogs nose right there, and it was a long time the imagination I used when I finger gave myself an orgasm.

When I was in the field far away from the farm, I bestiality sex stories had strangely urinate very often, and it was almost not intentionally, the dog got a little too easy access to my pussy and ass. He was allowed a few quick candy before I dried myself with the paper from his breast pocket. But these almost everyday experiences did my fantasies even more content-rich, and my orgasms reached new heights.

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A summer Sunday, it was real. Late in the morning I went down the dirt road to see if there was enough water for the cattle that went into a meadow right out in the remotest part of the farm lands. As always ran the dog. When we were well hidden from everyone and everything, I made ready to pee. I pulled the pants and panties completely and sat squatting.

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The dog was immediate and when I had urinated, I moved a little away from the wet spot and sat in the grass. The dog sniffed at my pee, but quickly came over and pressed his nose between my thighs. I let your knees fall to the sides and the dog licking was even more beautiful than I had imagined in my nocturnal fantasies.

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Shortly after I started at agricultural college, and in that time it was not more than fantasies. After school I got the job I have now. Shortly after I had moved in on the small property, I bought Rolf, a lovely golden retriever puppy. The very first evening I took it to bed. Absolutely no sexual intentions, just because it was so small and cute, and whined because it was sad to be alone. The first several weeks it was allowed to lie under the covers with me.

I clearly remember the chilling lovely feeling when your puppy first sniffed me between the legs under the covers, and gradually began to lick my crotch without natbukserne. Before long, I went to bed without pants, and I got some great orgasms by puppy licked me long and nice while I used the fingers down there. One of the best ways was when I was on the side with your knees drawn up to her breasts. So could Rolf lie down and lick from behind while I finger playing with dune.

Rolf was probably barely a year old, I was for the first time really aware that it was not only his tongue, which could give me joy. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, when we had been out on a good hike through the woods. He was dirty, and I gave him a bath. When I was starting to dry him, I saw that his red hundepik peeped out of the hairy sleeve. I could not help but grasp the sleeve and gently let the hand run back and forth. He looked up in surprise at me, fidgeted bestiality rape sex stories nervously first, but stiffened so and stood still. I let him, let him out of the bathroom and went into the bath.

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When I sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee, just wearing my bathrobe, came Rolf and sat down in front of me. He put his head on my thigh, and I scratched his neck while I was on television looked at a forgettable fight there. Without that I really noticed how it happened, he got his nose under the robe, and was in the process of crushing his head down between your thighs. Slowly I was hot down there.

I let him shove my legs apart and pushed me forward on the edge of the couch, then with his tongue could reach both pussy and bum. He fidgeted nervously around while he snout and tongue worked my steps and I saw again his red cock sticking out of the holster. Cautiously I stuck one foot under his belly and toes I touched his smooth limb. He forgot now all about licking.

He raised his head, jumped up and held with the forelegs on my thigh, and cut the abdomen in an attempt to fuck my leg. His penis was growing and it was dripping on me and on the carpet. He was very anxious now, and I sat down and took the hand of his slimy hundepik. Rolf cut loose and came further and further over me and was teen bestiality sex stories  repeatedly pushing through my head back on the couch.

I pushed him away, got up and fetched a towel, which I spread out on the sofa. Here I was with some difficulty Rolf to lie on its side and hand rubbed me his dick until it splashed some long rays out of my arm and the towel. When it was over, jumped Rolf down on the floor, went on his blanket, lay down and began to lick his dick bestiality rape sex stories clean. Red cheeks gave myself to clean up, and went out in the shower to wash away the sperm of me. With the water jet and my fingers, I gave myself a long nice release.

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I was still warm and quivering when I in a jogging bestiality rape sex stories went and made dinner. Did not really know how this experience would develop. I opened a bottle of red wine, drank part of it while I made dinner, and after dinner I took the hole on another bottle.

Rolf lay on the floor under the coffee table, and teen bestiality sex stories  slightly drunk, I lay down on the floor and scratched him. First, behind the ears, then down the side and into the stomach. He came out on the floor and we stumbled around a bit. I let him sniff at me while I hand grabbed his pikhylster and he was again very keen. Attempts Shown I put me on all fours, and Rolf jumped up at me from the side, but quickly got fat around my body with the front legs, and went immediately started to encounter its hundepik against my buttocks outside of his pants.

I got pushed pants and panties down around her knees. My pussy was wet with lust. Rolf came and came, but even though I tried to control him in place with one hand, failed to get him into me.

Intoxicated by wine and lust I got up, kicked teen bestiality sex stories  the pants completely and almost ran into the bedroom with Rolf heels. Here I sat right on the edge of the bed with wide spread knees, and after a few large candy I got him to stand with the hind legs down on the floor and legs up on the bed on either side of me. I grabbed the large tuber on his cock and got me pushed into a position so I could control him inside me.

Rolf felt the wet heat in my pussy and began immediately to encounter. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I bestiality rape sex stories dared not get a dick because I was afraid of the big tuber. It grew and grew. How it felt anyway. Rolf just cut loose. I felt him hit the bottom of my pussy. The orgasm rolled over me, and I could hardly stand it. when I tried to teen bestiality sex stories  push him down he growled cards and fortatte. Shortly after he froze, and I noticed how he pumped his hundesæd into me. A few seconds later he turned around, jumped and walked leisurely in and lay down on his blanket.

I stumbled into the bathroom, washed me clean, took the pajamas and went to bed. Dazed. Confused. And nice satiated.

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