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As I write this story I’m just turned 17, so it is an unforgettable memory that took place about 1 year ago and should be documented.

My father had on one of his numerous Teen Babysitter Sex Stories business literotica trips. True, there was this time only a weekend, yet I had to be alone. I had just turned 16 and thought I could easily take care of myself. My mother lived far away, so I would not take the long way for a weekend.
He would not discuss it with me, and began instead to call around. Of frustration I ducked into my room and threw me on the bed. It was so unfair. Why could not I be allowed to be alone ??? It was only for a weekend.

I was awoken in the most comfortable way you Teen Babysitter Sex Stories can literotica imagine. A wonderful beautiful naked woman masturbating me quiet, I looked at her and she smiled back at me. She lowered her head and let the teasing tip of my now stiff cock slide into her hot mouth, I moaned satisfied.
I could feel an orgasm was during erection, but I would literotica have it in her first “lie down” I said to her, she obeyed and lay down beside me, I kissed gently her breasts and let my tongue play with her nipples, she moaned in pleasure. I now had only one thought in my head – to get my cock in her pussy – I put myself between her legs slightly spread apart, and she controlled my iron hard dick into her hot wet lap.

She said to me that I should be careful and not let it go to literotica her when she was not protected Damn it, I thought – the idea of shooting Teen Babysitter Sex Stories my sperm into her was a heady thought. I fucked her at a cautious pace, enjoyed her hot tight pussy on my stiff limb. After some time she pushed me gently away “now you take me from behind” she turned on all fours, and bristled willingly with her ass.

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My cock towered like a mountain between my legs. She literotica approached the target and with one blow she swallowed my cock. A severe Teen Babysitter Sex Stories energy farrowed through me. I was totally paralyzed. The warmth of her mouth spread throughout my body. She let her hands caress my chest. I could not move. My cock was even greater. It was as if it anytime could burst.
It had reached new heights. She let go and crawled over me. She lay lightly over me. Her breasts lay across my chest. I put my arms around her and kissed her. She got up and lay down on his back. Spread her legs and asked if I had tried Teen Babysitter Sex Stories to lick Pussy before.

I put my arms around her and kissed her. She got up and lay down on his back. Spread her legs and asked if I had tried to lick Pussy before.
When I still could not get fremstønnet a single word I shook my head. She put his elbows on the bed and began to show me where I should start. She showed me where the dune was and how it should be “treated”. She let my hand glide up and Teen Babysitter Sex Stories down it. It was wet. She was on. She then told me how I should use the tongue and leaned back again.
I leaned forward and began licking. It was clearly something that pleased her. I dared coat and stuck a finger in her pussy. It was hot. I could feel how she repeatedly pulled together. I led

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I came behind her quickly and were guided my dick back in her heat. She asked me to take her harder, and I obeyed – pulled me far back as only the tip rested in Teen Babysitter Sex Stories her, and pushed hard my length into her. She moaned with increasing intensity “oh, yes more, give me more – came” I continued as before but felt that I was close to putting “I .. coming soon” groaned I, – “Oh no, you must continue came more – I’m so close. ” I tried to pull it out, but my timing, passion and inexperience, it was impossible to avoid – then suddenly I felt that the first spray had gone to her – shit!

I thought – but happened was well done, and so I might as well continue, so I continued to bump into her and let my banked sperm plant deep in her – she was a very different place for her body trembled and I noticed how her pussy contracted around my cock as in spasm – it was fantastic and I enjoyed to spray my sperm into her.
The orgasm wound down and we fell breathless on the bed “sorry” I said, “I know that I should not, but it was not on purpose” – “it’s ok she said, it’s not so good, but I can get grab a pill in the morning, so there comes a pregnancy out of it “-

Whew, I thought. She rolled on her side and said to me “it also means that we have all day today where we do not have to think about contraception” what? I thought, what she could see in my face, she kissed me briefly and said with a smile “that means you all day today to be allowed to fuck me and if you feel like you may get Teen Babysitter Sex Stories me, – now damage the like happened “It sounded fantastic and completely incomprehensible. Let’s start with a little breakfast, she said – and then just enjoy the day together then.

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Out in the bathroom she turned on the water, messy little in the cupboards until she found some oil – that she poured over his chest “would you like to smear me a little into” – and who can say no to it, with a bottle of oil and a room that was more and more filled with steam from the water, I was allowed to explore all over her body. I massaged her breasts, buttocks and kissed her gently over her body. My fingers found their way into her wet sex, first I brought a finger up, followed by 2 and finally 3 – she moaned in pleasure as she held onto the sink. The legs started to quiver and I could feel her vagina squeezing my fingers.

When it subsided, we switched seats and now it was my literotica turn to get oil and attention. She sits on his knees and caress my engorged member, her hand slipping between my legs and up to my anus. With oil on the hands she leads now a finger in my anus, it felt only strange but also exciting, the effect could be clearly seen on my dick, despite two previous ejaculations was excited like a muscle and seemed to reach new heights with what she exposed me too. Still with a finger gently into my anus she let my penis slide into her dog, it was a new and wonderful experience – it forstsatte much time such until I could feel a release in the offing

“Wait,” I said to her “I will not come now” she paused and looked up at me “what would you do?” – “I’ll get you, I will shoot my seed in you” – she smiled and nodded, lay down on a bathroom mat, lying on his back she pulled her legs up and lay in an inviting position to be fucked “as came here and Gimme any pik “.

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I tied her hands gently to the headboard, began to kiss literotica her arms down to her chest where I caressed her breasts while I sucked greedily at them, this woman lit a greedy fire in me. I put myself between her legs, kissed me closer to her sex, which was trimmed. I started playing gently with a finger around her pussy, felt the warmth from her. My finger slipped effortlessly into her and a contented moan escaped her. was such a long time, let my fingers stimulate her clitoris, kissed and licked it. I need to feel her and have control.

She was completely in my power, I enjoyed to satisfy her, to literotica see her squirm in her tightly bound arms. Now and then she wailed unintelligible phrases, a language I was not quite sure – did not give it as much attention – I had my focus entirely elsewhere. I sat up in her head and kept my cock in his hand “pacifier” I commanded her. “as you command”, she obeyed and let the soft lips encircle my cock, I almost fucked her soft mouth, but at a cautious pace – I, however, had no intention to ejaculate in her mouth.

The charge had somewhere else to go. I took a seat and crouched down between her legs, signaled that she should light on the end so I could put a pillow under her, so that she was in a better position to get fucked – fucked by me. The idea was to me fantastic, she was to me a divine being and was this a dream so I wish I would never wake literotica again. This is very mush erotic story.

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We were together for a while, she said, “now it’s my turn.” She took the rope from before and started to tie me to the bed, but she was more careful job than when I tied her, even my legs were tethered so mobility was limited. There I lay strapped to the bed, with my cock standing up in the air. She sat down across my belly, “I have not been completely honest with you – but now that I’ve got you where I want to Ha ‘you think you deserve literotica the truth” she closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, I got a shock – they were changed. From having clear blue eyes, so she at me with a yellow iris, her pupil was black and cut like a cat. I was petrified, she continued “yes and the hair is not quite correctly” she shook her head, and my eyes it changed color from golden blond to shiny black.

I had no idea what to do, I thought you dream, it’s a dream it here. She smiled slightly diabolical to me “this is how I annually visit your world, and in two days I harvest sperm from young men” – I finally got stammer “who are you, what are you? … “. I have many names but if you have to spend one I prefer Lillith, I’m not a human being – but an extraterrestrial being who for centuries has been called a lot, but in your part of the world have called me succubus. “What should happen to me now? I asked – as I said earlier then the night young, and I’m not done with you yet – I am going to drain you empty – it’s not all survive, but who knows “- I tried to wring me out, but I was tied too well. She reached back and literotica took my still hard cock, lifted her buttocks and let it slide effortlessly into her pussy.

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She got up and walked towards the door, and my eyes she changed form. When she reached the bedroom door, she had the shape of a black cat. It was literotica long and looked at me before it flapped its tail, walked out and was gone. For a long time after I was weakened and ill, had high fever and dreams with yellow eyes. I hoped that it was a dream, but there were strong indications that it was not. My father returned home, and he used me – we never talked about what had happened and I have and will never forgive him. The success he had in his work, so money was missing we do not. At this writing there are only three days to Lillith might return and I’m at peace with my destiny. My strength has returned to my body, I’m not happy, but intend to live out my last time with the highest possible enjoyment.
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